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It was a while before the officer regained consciousness, but when he did his mind was immediately flooded with the events that had caused him to lose it. Takagi remained completely still, taking stock of his surroundings. His arms and legs were bound and duck tape covered his mouth, keeping him silent. He was on something thin yet comfortable, like a couch. Suddenly there was a large jerk, and he would've flown into the air had it not been for the strap keeping him in the seat. Okay, so not a couch, a car. He was very warm, a blanket covered him, probably to hide his bindings from people looking in the window. Squinting his eyes he confirmed that he wasn't blindfolded, then opened them completely when he realized there was nothing more to be gained by feigning sleep.

The detective's eyes quickly scanned the vehicle holding him. A small Japanese model, extremely nondescript with nothing personal on the inside. It almost looked as if he'd just drove off the lot without taking the car home yet. Takagi let go of the unlikely yet formerly present hope that the man would steal his car, which would make it so much easier for the others to find them. His eyes went to the driver. Itoumo hadn't notice his wakefulness, too concentrated on the road ahead. The cop's eyes continued until they saw the prone figure in the passenger seat. Takagi was laying with his head behind the seat, so he couldn't see much, but through the headrest he could see the small tuff of hair that marked Conan's cowlick. A quick glance to the floor showed that whoever was in the seat didn't have legs long enough to reach the ground. He let out a soft sigh of relief, confident that the genius-child was indeed the one in the chair. It didn't necessarily mean that either of them was safe, but he probably wasn't dead. The fact that both of them were alive was a good sign, it was a lot easier to escape after being kidnapped than being murdered.

They hit what Takagi guessed was another bump and he was once again jerked from his laying position. From his brief time in the air he was able to see more of the child accompanying him. Conan's eyes were closed and a germ mask covered his mouth. Takagi then realized that one covered his as well, he was sure that under Conan's mask there was duck tape similar to that which silenced him. The boy's hands were buried in the front pouch of the unfamiliar hoodie he wore. If the man's skill at camouflage was anything to go by, the cop felt confident in the assumption that Conan's hands were bound together as well inside the pocket. With a chill Takagi realized that to anyone looking in, they would simply look like two people who were sleeping off their colds in the car. The older one laying out along the back seats with a blanket while the child huddled in his sweater in the passenger seat.

Itoumo looked back at me, and noticed his captive was awake. A smug grin filled his countenance.

"Well, Well, seem our officer is finally awake. Guess you never figured it out did you? Hah, the police these days, completely helpless. They need a teenager or someone sleep talking to solve anything." He suddenly cursed, jerking the wheel as he struggled to get back into the lane he left while distracted. Under the duck tape Takagi yelped in surprised as his head met the door, sending more pain into an already tender spot. He quickly forced himself to focus though, worried Conan would be injured because he couldn't brace himself while unconscious. Yet when he was able to see the boy again the child wasn't slumped against the wall or falling out into the space between his seat and the driver. In fact he hadn't moved at all. That would only be possible if he braced himself when the car turned. He was awake. It didn't seem as if their captor knew this though, back in the correct lane, he'd resumed gloating.

"That's right, looks like I gave you cops too much credit. When you came back to talk to me, I was sure you'd figured it out that I killed him. I thought you'd come to arrest me, or at least to question me. Ha! Nope, you didn't even suspect me did you? I figured it out a second too late though. Really, I don't get why you were toting the kid around anyway, but to arrest a murderer? No way. Ha, one cop with only a toddler for back up. I really didn't think that one through. Ah well, not too much I can do about it now. They'll know its me now of course, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to drag you two along with me till I'm far enough away it won't matter. After that well, I guess it depends on how well you two behave. I guess I don't really need both of you to ensure my safety, but I'm sure you'll behave better knowing you're expendable. Especially you. It doesn't take a genius to figure out which of the two of you would make a easier to handle hostage."

You might be surprised about that, Takagi thought to himself.

"So you'd be the first to go. Also, I'd get so much farther with the little guy." At this time he reached over and mockingly pulled the cheek of said little guy, still thinking he was asleep. Immediately afterward he had to yank the wheel again to avoid a crash. As the prone officer slammed once again into the car door he grimaced. Couldn't the idiot drive more carefully? Wasn't he trying to avoid the cops?

"As I was saying, I'd get so much farther with this little guy. From what I understand he's basically the homicide divisions mascot. No one would dare do anything as long as I had him. You, on the other hand, you're probably just another cop. No one really important."

At this point Takagi was wondering if the guy had been making up this speech the whole time he was unconscious. He did have a point about Conan though. He was kind of seen as the divisions mascot by most of the officers. The boy was known by name by nearly all of the officers in Japan. From Osaka to Tokyo to Gunma, all of the officers knew the boy. He was even well known by the Kaitou Kid Task Force. Not to mention Kid himself, many of the best private detectives in Japan, teenage and otherwise, and some members of the FBI. At this point Takagi wouldn't be surprised to find out he knew a member of the CIA. The comment that he was a nobody kind of stung, but it probably was close to the truth. Now that he was with Satou, some of the officers might see this as a chance to get rid of some stiff competition. He knew they wouldn't directly endanger him, but its possible they wouldn't try as hard as they would to protect Conan or the two of them together. If he'd kidnapped Satou though, well, the entire force would be on him before he could blink.

Another vicious jerk of the steering wheel as the man corrected his course once again. This one was the worse yet, and Takagi would've yelled in pain as his throbbing head connected with the car door. He felt a small trickle of blood slide down his face, as if everything else hadn't been bad enough. Seriously, how did this guy even get a license?

"Oh, so you're awake now too, huh?" Itoumo asked.

Takagi looked at the seat in front of him. No one could have pretend to sleep through that. Without even being able to see the child Takagi could picture perfectly the fake expression he would be wearing. One of a child, confused and terrified. Perhaps he would struggle a tiny bit. Yes, he was doing that now. Maybe look around the seat at him. Yes, and there was Conan's bespectacled face peering back. The boy's eyes, already seemingly terrified, widened when he saw the bound officer. Takagi couldn't tell if it was part of the act, or if he was genuinely surprised to see him lying there with blood trickling down his face. He didn't have long to wonder though. Itoumo's hand shot out and grabbed the boy's shoulder, slamming it back against the seat.

"Face forward and don't move, brat."

Conan didn't look back again, but he scooted in his seat farther away from the scary man, just as any child would. Takagi could almost swear he heard some quiet sniffling.

"Shut up!" The captor yelled, having to jerk the wheel yet again. Really, Takagi was getting tired of that. This time though, it was in the other direction. Takagi found himself pulled closer to the center of the car, giving him a better view of Conan, especially at that moment. The tiny detective had been forced across the seat and was hanging half off, trying desperately to right himself with bound hands. Itoumo snorted and grabbed the same shoulder as earlier, forcing the boy roughly into a sitting position. Takagi was left in the same position though, and he now had a better view of both in the front seat. So it was from there he saw Conan worriedly look down at his clothes, noticing for the first time they weren't his own. Itoumo noticed as well and chuckled, though he paid better attention to the roads that time.

"Yeah, your old clothes are long gone. Both of yours'," he added looking back at the officer in back. "I didn't want anyone recognizing you. Plus who knows what tricky police stuff you had on you."

At that moment the elder detective's heart sank. If he replaced all their clothes, then Conan wouldn't have his belt, shoes or watch on him anymore. Yes, he knew of the gadgets. He really had no clue how the other officers were so oblivious to them. I mean, the kid used them in plain sight sometimes. Like the case with the cars where he hid in the car to dart the culprit. Come on, the culprit gets into the car, mysteriously is knocked unconscious, and Conan comes out of the car with a target visible on his watch. How had he not gotten questioned about that? That was only one time of many that the child had been careless with the inventions. So through careful observation and the fact that it wasn't really hidden that well, Takagi learned the boy's secret of his gadgets. It wasn't hard to figure out how he got them either, Agasa was always making the kids toys, he could easily make stuff like that. Not that any of that really mattered at that point. The only important thing was that they didn't have them any more.

Suddenly there was the low click of a gun being cocked. The two captives looked down to see Itoumo was steering with one hand. The other was wrapped around a pistol held low away from the window, pointed at Takagi's head.

"Not a sound or a move from either of you," He hissed. "Close your eyes, both of you! You're asleep and if I see one movement contrary to that, this one dies. Well, what are you waiting for? Close you eyes."

Takagi quickly obeyed, hoping Conan would do the same. He supposed he did, because there was no gun shot. The car slowed to a stop, but Takagi forced himself to keep his eyes closed. He felt a hand brush against his forehead as Itoumo hastily wiped at the blood covering it. He pulled his hand away shortly, and with a slight mechanic whirr a cool breeze entered the car. The detective realized that Itoumo had opened the window.

"Hello," Itoumo cried out. "What can I help you with." A crunch of gravel told the man feigning sleep that someone approached the car. The next moment he heard the no nonsense speech of an officer.

"That was some pretty reckless driving back there, care to explain?" Unfortunately the detective didn't recognize the voice, not that that meant much. He didn't know anyone in the traffic department well other than Yumi. He could only hope that they would somehow recognize either him or Conan from sight.

"Oh, sorry. My friend back there gets really bad dreams and hallucinations when he's sick. He suddenly cried out and it startled me."

"Okay, that would make sense," The person outside said, and Takagi's heart sank. "The first time at least, but I saw you swerve dangerously at least three times. You telling me he scared you all three."

"Ah, no. He started tossing in his sleep, and was making a lot of weird noises, I figured he was having a nightmare and was trying to wake him up. I kept getting distracted by that instead of watching the road. Sorry."

"Oh really? Then why isn't he doing anything now? Why are you traveling with two sick people anyway; shouldn't they be resting at home?"

"He's still now because the jerking of the car woke him up and I calmed him down before he fell back asleep. We're traveling because we were vacationing together when they both got sick. I figure they'll get better easier in their own beds than a hotel room."

The traffic officer was silent for a moment. A moment in which the two captives prayed he's figured something out. Finally he spoke. " Okay then, let me see you license and registration and you should be good to go."

"Of course officer. Sorry for the trouble." There was a slight shuffle of pages, a pause then another shuffle as the kidnapper handed over the documents and got them back.

"Be more careful." Came the cops leaving call.

"I will." The driver responded, getting back onto the road and driving a ways before he started laughing uproariously. The other two took that as the okay to open their eyes. "Idiot cops still haven't figured anything out! He didn't take one look at you. They probably don't even know you were kidnapped yet. No wonder people like Kid tell you their plans beforehand. Otherwise you'd be completely useless. Ha!"

This guy was really getting on Takagi's nerves. He had several other witnesses to interview before returning to the precinct. Glancing at the cars clock he decided he wouldn't really be late for another hour or so. No wonder they didn't know of his absence. Now if Satou had been with him half the force would be searching, unfortunately that wasn't the case. However, with Conan with him, their captor may soon have to face an angry group of first graders. Yeah, that would intimidate him. The only positive thing of the encounter, if you could even call it positive, was that now he knew the man was armed in opposed to guessing.

The ride went much more smoothly after that. Conan kept shooting the bound man behind him glances, but every time he tried Itoumo would let out a low growl. Eventually the boy gave up, but Takagi could see him still eying the mirror and looking back at him. Eventually the police detective realized that the child's legs were tied to the positioning bar under the seat. Even if they came across a red light or something and had to stop, the boy still had no way of escape. Takagi had to admit, Itoumo thought things through. Well, maybe not all things since he kidnapped them over a simple suspicion, but ever since then he'd been very thorough in ensuring they had little to no chance at escape. Which meant he probably wouldn't risk letting them see wherever he planned on hiding out. After all, he probably knew that the instant it's realized that a fleeing criminal had kidnapped an officer, any ways to escape would be swarmed with police.

The man would probably decide to lay low for a while. At least that was what Takagi hoped. It would give them more time to escape, and give Satou and the others more time to find them. Thinking about the earlier conversation, not that it was much of a conversation with one of the two people gagged, the police detective realized it kind of sounded like he was expecting to hold them for a long period of time. After all 'depends on how well you two behave' didn't sound like he'd have them for a few moments after they regained consciousness. To be fair, it didn't necessarily mean he was planning on hiding them forever either, but it was a possibility.

If he was going to some secret hideout to lay low, he would try to keep either of his captives from seeing it. He probably would ever try to keep them from knowing where it really was at all. The only problem was, how was he going to accomplish that? At that moment, the car stopped for a red light, and he detective got his answer. No longer having to concentrate on driving, Itoumo's gun wielding hand shot behind him and struck Takagi in nearly the same spot as earlier, once again knocking him out. Takagi had the time to think to himself I guess that works, before the darkness overtook him completely.

Just to let everyone know, no I do not sit around thinking about ways to tie someone up and then hide it. My friend had her hands in her hoodie and it suddenly occurred to me that her hands could be tied together and I'd have no Idea. This was right before a softball game and I always sat the bench so I had a lot of time to come up with the other ways... which I guess means I did sit around imagining how to hide someone being tied up... oh well it was fun.