This story was co-written with my dear friend Shelby. The chapters in Ryley's POV were written by her, and Moira's POV was written by me.

IMPORTANT A/N: I'm debating on either separating the story into two, one in Ryley's P.O.V. and the other in Moira's P.O.V., or putting both P.O.V.'s in one chapter instead of separate like they are now. What do you think? Which way would the story be easier to read?

You're Finally Over What's-His-Face!

-Ryley's POV-

"She paints her fingers with a close precision; he starts to notice empty bottles of gin," I sang as I set up my little station at the kitchen table of the flat I shared with my twin sister, Moira. I put down some paper towel and nail polish remover with q-tips and my signature charcoal colored nail polish. "And takes a moment to assess the sins she's paid for. A lonely speaker in a conversation, her words are swimming through his ears again. There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for. Say what you meaannn, tell me I'm righttttt, and let the sta-" I was cut off by the door to the flat slamming open as I started painting my finger nails.

"I'm hooooommmmeeeeeeeeeee." Moira called as she burst in the door.

"Good, it's only—" I glanced at my cell phone. "10 pm. You're home early."

"Shut it," She teased lovingly. "So, you were singing. What gives? You haven't done that in about two months."

"Oh, come on Bev," I teased, using her nickname. "You, of all people, are smart enough to understand why I'm singing again." Bev's face was completely blank as she thought about the numerous reasons why I'd be singing at ten at night as she sat down and took off her high heels. My twin, Moira Bevin McCarthy, was a bartender at a strip club. As such, you can imagine she has to wear very tall heels and very slutty clothes… not that the clients complain much, but it's not our style. Suddenly her face brightened as she looked up at me, excited.

"You're finally over that dumbass asshole what's-his-face!" She cheered. "I'm so proud of you! Let's go out to celebrate!" She dragged me out of my chair as I was blowing on my nails to dry them. "I'll even do your hair and makeup. There's this new place I heard of that I've been dying to go to anyways. Please?" I smiled as I sighed.

"Sureeee. Let's go." Bev squealed with delight as she ran towards her room.

"You won't regret this, I promise!"