Punch Drunk

-Ryley's POV-

I wasn't surprised that the minute I snuggled into Connor that I'd fall asleep. But soon I found myself trapped in a horrible nightmare about teeth. Yes, I said teeth. It was like I had an inside look into my mouth. Suddenly they were all cracking into millions of shards, and when I'd watch my tongue roll over them, the pieces would fall out and the mouth would spit them out in a painful, bloody mess. I'd watch a hand scrape the pieces off the tongue, but I could feel the pain in real time.

In no time, all my teeth were either gone, or small brown and black spots. And it hurt like a bitch so bad I wouldn't open my mouth. Soon I found myself walking into an oral surgeon's office and he laid me back in his consult chair. He kept asking me to open my mouth but I refused. Instead, he jabbed me with a needle full of a sedative. I jumped at the sudden prick but began to feel myself relax. Soon I was in a chair, and they were taking x-rays of my bloody broken mouth. Next I was in a chair, and there was a drill coming at me. The minute the drill made contact with my mouth I jolted awake.

"Where the hell are my teeth?" I asked, looking up at Connor. Suddenly Moira was in my view.

"Yer fine, Ry." She said softly. "Go back t' sleep." I sighed, taking a deep breath, nuzzling back into the warm body carrying me home. Soon, I was in a different dream. It was something I could relate to the zombie apocalypse, but with rapists. All fronted by my boss, Derek. I was armed with nothing more than a small pistol, and I began to run from the small crowd of attackers. Soon, I was lost within an unfamiliar place and came to a dead end. I began to shoot at the attackers, not missing a one. I watched the bodies drop one by one until I ran out of bullets. Soon they were coming at me full on, and I was taking them out in hand to hand combat, but I made one fatal flaw: I didn't watch my back. One of the attackers jumped on me and I felt myself jolt forward. I instinctively punched out at my attacker, unaware that I had woken up. I watched in horror as my fist collided with Connor's eye.

His arms fell out from under me as he went to grab his face and I landed on my feet. I could feel the tears coming. I did something unthinkable. I just punched the guy I like in the face. I ran away in horror and locked myself in my room. I threw myself onto my bed and just let the tears fall. I couldn't be more embarrassed or ashamed of myself than I was just now.