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P.S The letter goes pretty quickly because I wasn't sure what else to write so that it wouldn't reveal much for the story, gomen!


Nakama – A 'Nakama' is a comrade or a family that you will always protect and to always live for them. They are what make you stronger and stronger. Even if you are far away from your family your Nakama will always be watching over you.

Nakama are people that you don't betray and leave them to be astray.







14th of January, X790

Dear Mother in Heaven,

How's up being in the clouds with Father? Is it nice? Do you feel free? Hopefully you do.

Lately, Natsu has been really distant ever since Lisanna came back from the dead a few weeks ago, and yes – I did say she had come back from the dead, apparently she was sucked something called 'Anima' which had transported her to a parallel world from our's called Edolas.

Any who, I miss Natsu he never come's by and crashes in my bed anymore. You might be thinking that I should be happy that he isn't, but lately it's been really cold in Magnolia and Natsu's body heat makes me feel warm and cozy… I miss that heat it was soothing and calming when I would be stressed and tired.

Also! Not only Natsu but Erza and Gray to! And lately Juvia has been crying waterfalls because Gray isn't paying attention to her! Poor Juvia…

Well, I better end this soon the paper is running out… Also, Mother have you ever felt so confused that you don't know what to do? Because I do and I can only question the same question every time…


With lots of love from your daughter,

Lucy Heartfilia