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Lucy's P.O.V

It's Christmas. The most funniest and romantic day of the year! Ok, maybe I was exaggerating that a little bit too much... Anyways! Here I am at the bar talking to Mira...

... Well sort of ...

"Mira" I said trying to get her attention "Miraaaa" I said again, I sighed again and huffed "MIRA!"

"What?" Mira said, then she looked at me "Yes, Lucy-chan?"

I sighed and shook my head "Nevermind, you can go and stare at Freed for another hour or so"

I then got down from the stool I was sitting on and went out of the guild to my home. As I walked there I noticed a little dragon plushie in a shop display, I entered the shop and bought the little dragon plushie.

"I'll call you..." I paused and thought for a name, then memories came flashing back.

~ Flashback ~

"Ne, Lucy" Natsu said "You have so many plush toys without names!"

"Well I'm sorry, if I'm a bad namer" I said "But to be truthful, I don't like giving names to them"

Natsu looked at me then at my toys, he then snapped his fingers "Oh! I know! If you get another plush toy name it after me!"

I raised a eyebrow in curiosity "Why?" Natsu shrugged then he smiled "So every time you're lonely and I'm not there you can talk to it!"

I sighed and laughed at it "Fine, I will name my next bought plushie - Natsu"

~ End of Flashback ~

"I'll call you Natsu!" I said gleaming happily as I hugged it tightly while walking back to my home. As I entered my home I layed down on my bed frowning at my new plushie "Sometimes, I don't get why I love you sometimes you know?"

I sighed and laughed awkwardly "I wish I tell the real Natsu, how I feel..." I sighed again "But you know, Lisanna is back and he hangs around her a lot rather than me it kind of hurts"

I sigh deeply again and got myself into my bed hugging the dragon tightly to my chest, then I suddenly felt dizzy making me faint instantly.

* At the Guild *

Levy's P.O.V

As I watched Lu-chan go I felt sad for her 3 months ago she got kicked out of Team Natsu I watched as she cried and cried in the guild's infirmary then I comforted her, I tried to but she said she was fine, now she's smiling I wouldn't do that if somebody broke my heart. But anyways I went towards Mira then I started talking to her.

"Mira how many missions has Lu-chan went?" I asked, then she pulled out her book and checked her eyes widened in shock

"She went on f-forty n-nine missions through out the whole month!" She said in shock having swear all over her face "Plus! All of them were by herself!"

Then I slammed my hands in the counter "FORTY-NINE MISSIONS ALL BY HERSELF! MIRA TELL ME THAT'S NO TRUE!"

Then everyone's eyes were on me and Mira we both sweat-dropped.

"Who went on forty-nine missions? Mira" Erza asked "I should congratulate that person, they must have done really well"

"Oh, it's a girl we know" I said through gritted teeth

"What's her name?" Gray asked

"As if we would tell you" I said glaring at Team Natsu

"Shrimp, why don't you just tell us the girl's name and we would just be amazed who is she" Gajeel said through eyes closed and leaning on his chair

"Make me Metal head" I said angrily, then his eyes shot open then he looked at me, I heard 'ouch' and 'she's in big trouble' around the background. In the corner of my eye I saw Lily smirking at me for my boldness

"What did you say, shrimp?" he said approaching me

"You heard me Metal head" I said, just stood there while he was running up to me I closed my eyes waiting for the impact, it never came when I opened my eyes, there stood a blonde-haired girl with red eyes holding Gajeel's fist.

"Now, now children" the blonde haired girl said "Nobody wants to get hurt today do they?"

"Well somebody's asking for it" Gajeel mumbled, I growled even though I loved him he still has a mind of an idiot.

"Says the guy who kissed her on her birthday" The blonde said, I immediately blushed and looked at her, Gajeel looking at her also his face also red, she then smirked and puled out of her pocket a picture of me and Gajeel outside giving each other a kiss.

"W-where d-did y-you g-get t-that!?" Gajeel and I asked stuttering from embarrassment

"Let's just say..." The blonde smiled evilly "I have my resources"

"Wait" Erza said her face turning serious "You just met us... How the hell do you know our names?"

"Good question, my name is L-" Before she could finish her eyes turned from red to a chocolate brown and fell on the ground.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who saw her eyes turn brown?" Gray asked, almost every hand went up.

"Lu-chan?!" I shouted as I went over to the her and helped her up as she stood up she quickly clutched her stomach showing now evidence of pain.

"That's weird" She said looking at her surroundings "I was on my bed a minute ago..."

"Hey Wendy! I need you to treat something for me" She said casually going over to Wendy as if nothing happened, she then lifted her shirt to reveal several scars and open wounds, Wendy's eyes widened in shock, so did the guild

"Gray! Go get the ointment and bandages, Erza go get the gauze's!" Wendy said pointing at them

"What happened Lucy?" Mira asked worried as she made her sit down on the table which Wendy was sitting on, Lucy folded her arms over her chest and thought, she then opened her eyes.

"Well, the day after I got kicked out of Team Natsu, I decided to go take missions and my rent was due in December to" She said, I looked at her curiously.

"Why would you go on missions when it's due in this month?" I asked, Lucy looked at me and smiled "So I have enough money for living expenses and to buy several different fish for Happy"

Happy scratched the back of his head smiling sheepishly, then Lucy continued her story "Most of the missons I took were a rank above mine, and sometimes since Mira wasn't paying attention, I took S-Class missions or SS-Class and believe me! The ones I took from the S-Class/SS-Class board were serving very important people and they were pleased by my work and so on"

"Then there was this mission which was to save somebody's daughter" Lucy paused before continuing "So I went and it was tough 'cause they were held captive near where Sabertooth was, luckily I managed to get them out of the building and let her run away but there was to many thiefs and idiots that it started to get too much for me"

"They sliced and diced trying to get to me, of course they sliced me in the stomach and arms and so on, then I started to get weak making it hard for me to summon any of my spirits, then unexpectedly Sting and Rogue come thrashing in beating them all and so then they took me to their guild" Lucy smiled at the thought "Luckily Minerva was out on a mission, so she wouldn't be kicking my butt any time, I stayed at Sabertooth for a while till my wounds started to close and yeah! Went back here, did missions, visit Sabertooth and do missions and yeah that's practically it"

"You went to visit Sting?!" Natsu shouted as he made his way over here with Lisanna, Lucy raised an eyebrow "Yeah, got a problem?"

"Yeah! I got a problem!" He said still shouting "Why visit that idiot when you got me and Team Natsu!"

Lucy glared at him and shouted back "Well! If you haven't realized, I got kicked out of Team Natsu 3 months ago, Natsu!" I growled at Natsu then I slapped him in the face and held him by the collar.


"Le-" "DON'T YOU LEVY ME!" I exclaimed "Listen well Nastu Dragneel, are you sure you're a Fairy Tail wizard? I don't think so, if you're going to break somebodies heart and continuing crushing it, I don't think you're supposed to be here"

Then I punched him in the face making him fall to the ground, I didn't care if people were staring at me with fright, this was all for Lucy.

"Hey! Don't hurt my Natsu-kun like that!" Lisanna said scowling at me.

"So?! What are you going to do about! Huh?!" I said punching her, then I looked at Natsu "Do anything, ANYTHNG to help her yo-" then I was cut-off with a loud bang from the guild doors, there stood the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth.

"Yo!" Sting said Lector, Rogue and Frosch following behind, Gajeel raised an eyebrow in curiosity "What are you doing here?"

"We're here to visit Lucy-nee-chan" Frosch said jumping up to Lucy's arms who simply smiled and laughed "Great to see you to Fro-chan"

"Are they open again, Lucy?" Sting asked as he sat down next to her on the other side of the bench, Lucy nodded and Sting sighed.

"That's like the 10th time that wound reopened" Rogue said sighing heavily, Wendy gasped "10 times?!"

At that moment Gray and Erza came back with the things that Wendy ordered them to get, Gray was panting like crazy while Erza grabbed what he had in his hands and gave it to Wendy "Sorry we took so long, Gray was smart enough to stop and compete in a fight competition in town"

Wendy sighed as the rest sweat-dropped at the scene, "Why to go Gray... Keeping an injured woman waiting" Gajeel said sweat-dropping at his stupidness, then a massive fight ensued between the two, leaving the Twin Dragons, Lucy, Levy and Wendy to stay in their spots as Wendy healed her.

"Ne, Sting, Rogue" I said not turning around "Can you take Lucy home after she's treated and all?"

The two looked at each other "Sure" they said, then I went off to where the fight was to find Natsu

"Now, where is Natsu?" I said angrily cracking my knuckles, with an evil aura

Normal P.O.V

"Thanks for taking me home you guys!" Lucy said as she reached her home with Sting and Rogue with their exceeds, Sting smirked.

"No problem" Sting said "Well we better go before Rufus thinks something wrong"

Rogue nodded and turned around "See ya around Lucy!" Then they were off, Lucy smiled as she watched their retreating figure. She then went into her house and layed in her bed hugging the small dragon, Natsu.

"Night Natsu..." Lucy whispered before she fell alseep with the small dragon in her arms.

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