Here he laid in one of the makeshift medical tents pondering everything that had happened since his arrival back at Konoha after learning that Kōsuke the messenger toad left at Konoha had been killed. What Naruto had witnessed after returning was something he never wished to see… a destroyed Konoha.

The fight that had been insured between him and Pein had been stretched him beyond his limit… he had even lost control over himself and was on the verge of unsealing the fox… if not for the Yondaime the fox would have gone on a rampage… the Yondaime… his idol… the person who sealed the Kyūbi no Yōko in him… turned out to be his father… it was completely surreal.

But the highlight of the day was the return of his Chishio Bunshin (Blood Clone)… a jutsu that Jiraiya taught him in the first month of the training trip and finally when he had got the Chishio Bunshin no jutsu down to perfection Jiraiya had him create one. What had been the fate of the clone he had never learned… till today.

The Chishio Bunshin no jutsu was a highly advanced clone jutsu which far surpassed the standards of the Kage Bunshin no jutsu. It required a huge amount of blood and chakra to create that would put any normal shinobi in a comatose state or might possibly kill them, but he was the perfect shinobi to learn it. Even around that time he had enough chakra to create a thousand of Kage Bunshins and would still be able to fight and his healing ability worked at a rate that the amount of blood needed for creating the Chishio Bunshin would refill in his body with a good night's sleep… and even then he was wobbly on his feet for an entire day considering the amount of blood he had used to create the Chishio Bunshin.

In terms of abilities to the Chishio Bunshin far surpassed the Kage Bunshin. Instead of being made out of pure chakra like the Kage Bunshin, it is made of both blood and chakra. It has the ability to regenerate the chakra it uses due to being blood based, but its chakra regeneration rate is slower than that of the original. It also requires a fatal wound to disperse. And also not only does the Chishio Bunshin transfer experiences and memories when dispelled, but they also transfer the muscle memory to the original. The body of a Chishio Bunshin holds about two-thirds the chakra of the original. It is also capable of performing all skills the original is capable of performing.

That is where he held an advantage using a jutsu. His healing abilities were powerful enough to heal any forms of major wounds with good night's rest and proper medication… minor wounds now-a-days healed in an instant… also the healing ability helped his chakra reserve to bounce back to normal way faster than an average shinobi… and being made of blood this abilities were transferred to the Chishio Bunshin making it more durable than one could possible imagine.

It was in between the time he had separated from Konan and made his way towards the village and Kakashi-sensei coming to the aide of the tired him had the Chishio Bunshin made his appearance.


He made his way silently towards the village after he had separated from Konan who had decided to return back to Amegakure. In his hands he held the bouquet of paper flowers that she had presented him… the one she called the Flowers of Hope. It was amazing to believe that the people who a few hours ago believed to be his enemies and the people that he wanted dead were now his friends and one of the few that truly believed in him.

Nagato had sacrificed his life by using the Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique) to bring back all that he had killed during the invasion. Then there was Konan who followed Nagato and had been most vocal of not believing him in the path he had chosen… she too now believed him after Nagato entrusting his and their master's dream onto his shoulders… the bouquet was the proof of it.

But his walk back to the village was truly grating his body… he had already gone beyond extremes in his fight with Pein and there was also a point where he had released eight tails of the Kyūbi… he didn't know what he looked like then, but it was bound to be something terrifying. His body was really sore at this moment and his senses were really dull… so dull that he failed to notice the appearance of someone knew next to him until the said person called onto him.

"Hey there boss!"

The call alerted him of someone present next to him… but it didn't tingle his danger senses seeing that the only people to call him boss were his clones or Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon… but the problem here was that the voice was feminine and it sounded much older to be the voice of Moegi… so he decided to be on guard. He looked up to the newcomer to find a blonde female dressed in a red dress much similar to that of Hinata. It didn't take him more than a second to realize who the newcomer was… he would recognize that female from far afar too.

"I don't remember creating a Kage Bunshin of myself that hasn't been dispelled", commented Naruto with a small blush on his face… he had created the Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Technique) to weed out perverts and out of curiosity as to what his sister would look like if he ever had one… at that time the transformation was into a female version of him with clothes… and later when he read some stuffs from a book he had found in trash he had furthered that transformation and from that was born the Oiroke no jutsu.

Now standing next to him was one of his clone transformed using the Oiroke no jutsu wearing a red version of the outfit similar to that of Hinata and her face having a more feminine touch… the clone really looked beautiful and sexy at the same time.

"I am not a Kage Bunshin… I am the Chishio Bunshin you created during the first month on the training trip with Ero-Sennin", answered the female clone of his in a cute feminine voice which caused the pink tinge on his cheeks to darken.

It took a minute for him to remember that particular event, but when he did a thousand questions were raised in his minds.

"I remember… but all this time… Where were you? What Happened to you? How? When?" he wanted to ask so many things but his mind was unable to form the question… he was still tired.

"Calm down boss… you will know everything… you just have to dispel me", answered the female clone with a wink at him.

She was right on that count… he just needed to dispel her and would receive all the answers he needed… but did his clone had to really act flirty with him… and stupidly for him he was falling under her charms.

He silently watched as the clone of his undid the transformation and returned to being a male… a groan actually left his mouth at that…

Using a kunai he slashed his palm and that of the clone too… a wound big enough for the proper dispelling process to follow. Following the required hand seals, he clapped his slashed-blood covered palm with that of the clone and dispelled it.

It was at that moment he remembered how stupid his actions were… the clone had more than three years worth of memories and experiences… and even if the mind of the clone was more organized and would normally not cause a backlash to him… his current state wasn't the perfect to do so… he staggered on his feet for a few minutes and was about to take a major fall when Kakashi-sensei arrived has his savior.


He had somehow stayed awake through the entire ordeal of a small celebration by the entire village which was waiting for his return. He felt really lucky that Shizune-nee had chosen a good moment to intervene and drag him to the temporary medical tents where he had finally collapsed from the strain of the fight and the Chishio Bunshin on both his mind and body.

After twenty-four hours of rest and medical care with his body and mind relieving from the strain of the fight with Pein and mind and body registering the experiences and memories of the Chishio Bunshin (C.B.). Now awake he could feel the difference in him… he had memories and experiences of all that the C.B. had been doing for the past years… looking at the mirror he seemed to have grown an inch and a half… he also seemed to have gained some muscles too… and his hair seemed to have grown more wild and had a grown a bit too.

There were many highlights about the memories he had received from the C.B.… many that had big impacts on him… but the biggest impact was the first memory…


Jiraiya had dragged him a few seconds later after he had been created by the original that was now staggering on his feet. He watched silently as after being dragged a good distance, Jiraiya formed a few hand seals creating a barrier around them… which he would later learned was a sound barrier.

"Listen well and Listen good Clone-Naruto… you remember that I asked Naruto for a very special reason… that reason is I want you to go on a trip of your own… a trip to the ruin of Uzushiogakure", said Jiraiya with a very serious look on his face which meant that the Gama Sennin meant business.

"Uzushiogakure? Where is that? And why there?" asked the C.B.-Naruto with a complete confused look.

Suddenly Jiraiya's face turned from a look of dead seriousness to a solemn look as he spoke, "I have been long since longing to tell this to the real Naruto ever since I met him… no even before I met him… but the laws made by the council stopped me… and even now I can't directly speak about it to Naruto."

"What is it?" asked a scared and confused C.B.-Naruto.

"The identity of your parents", answered Jiraiya.

There was silence for a minute… no words left the mouth of C.B.-Naruto as he stared at Jiraiya with a look of utter disbelief… then the silence shattered…


"P-Please you have too?" begged the C.B.-Naruto seeing that look on Jiraiya's face hadn't changed.

"I want to… but I can't… there are laws that stop me from doing so… I can't even tell you… and for that reason I want you travel to Uzushiogakure", said Jiraiya.

"What's so special about Uzushiogakure?" asked C.B.-Naruto.

"Uzushiogakure is the home of the Uzumaki clan… the clan you belong too… the birth place of your mother…" answered Jiraiya.


He remembered Jiraiya then telling C.B. about what he knew and what was known of the Uzumaki clan and Uzushiogakure… the location of Uzushiogakure… the significance of the Uzumaki clan and Uzushiogakure clan to Konohagakure… the relation of the Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan… and what he knew of the destruction of Uzushiogakure. But in all that information he spoke nothing of his parents… except for his mother had been shipped to Konoha at a very young age for some unknown reason. He also promised to C.B.-Naruto that he was to not tell the real him anything of this until he returned from his solo training trip to Uzushiogakure. Before Jiraiya had made C.B.-Naruto go on his journey, he placed a seal on C.B.-Naruto that would stop any memory flow from C.B.-Naruto and the Kage Bunshins he would use back to the original… the training trip of C.B.-Naruto had to remain a secret from him until C.B.-Naruto returned from the trip… which was six months after he returned to Konoha.

It had taken the C.B.-Naruto a week to finally reach Uzushiogakure… the village of his ancestors. All the while he travelled to his location, C.B.-Naruto had used the unique transformation he had developed seeing that he never was able to do a genjutsu to save his life… transforming into an owl-eagle C.B.-Naruto had travelled all his way to Uzushiogakure. While he had entered the land of Uzu no Kuni, C.B.-Naruto had felt something tingle him… which he later learned to be a barrier around the nation which was made to stop any intruder from entering the islands without permission… and only his Uzumaki heritage which the barrier recognized let him enter the country.

What he remembered of Uzushiogakure through the memories and experience of C.B.-Naruto from more than three years at his ancestors' village… the village was about two times the size of Konohagakure and seemed prosperous and progressed… the Uzumaki clan compound was three time in size of the Senju clan compound. Interestingly enough the village itself was shaped like a giant spiral.

Just had Jiraiya had informed C.B.-Naruto, the village was turned into ruins and there were skeletons all around the village. C.B.-Naruto had buried all their skeletons and given the dead proper respect… be it the invaders or defenders… newborns or elders… women or men… boys or girls… civilian or shinobi.

It was his extreme luck which had passed to C.B.-Naruto because of which he had found the hidden underground libraries and safe houses of the Uzumaki clan from where he learned about the secrets and history of his clan, jutsu archives, armors and weapons and much more.

With that found C.B.-Naruto had started his secret training that Jiraiya had spoken of him to do with a renewed vigor after learning the proud history of his clan. It also helped that C.B.-Naruto had learned the secret of Kage Bunshin within his first week at Uzushiogakure since he used them not for fighting like him, but used them for search purpose. It was because of the ability of the Kage Bunshin was C.B.-Naruto aware of what was going on with him and all he learned… the process didn't go the other way because of the seal Jiraiya had placed on C.B.-Naruto.

The training that C.B.-Naruto did centered on the specialty of the Uzumaki clan… the art of Fūinjutsu and other secrets he had learned of his clan through the scrolls. The amount of knowledge of Fūinjutsu and Fūinjutsu related sills that C.B.-Naruto had found was mind boggling… it would make Seal Masters jealous… and was certain that Jiraiya would be jealous too… that much was the knowledge. He being an apprentice of Jiraiya had learned the art of Fūinjutsu in which the pervert was considered a master, yet the knowledge he currently had courtesy of C.B.-Naruto was something he was certain that Jiraiya would die to get hands on. Also by learning the Uzumaki clan Fūinjutsu secrets, his inability of using Fūinjutsu and related skills in a fight because of his not so good calligraphy skills… which had improved a lot since he started calligraphy training under Jiraiya… was solved as the secrets behind Uzumaki clan's Fūinjutsu skills was their ability to form seals without the need of ink or paper. The members of Uzumaki clan used their chakra to form seals and any surface worked as paper for them… the only downside was that you need to have a huge amount of chakra and skills at Fūinjutsu… every Uzumaki was born with both and so was he.

As for the Hiden (Secret) jutsus and Kinjutsus of the clan that C.B.-Naruto had come across and had learned a few… it was hard to believe that such jutsus even existed. It was no wonder considering the Fūinjutsu skills and the Hiden jutsu and Kinjutsus of the clan, the Uzumaki clan was so feared throughout the Elemental Nations.

Also in the time before he had yet to know of the elemental affinity he had, C.B.-Naruto had already trained himself in Suiton nature transformation and ninjutsu… the element which the Uzumaki clan seemed to be the specialist of. He was amazed by the knowledge of Suiton jutsus that C.B.-Naruto had come across the scrolls he had found in the hidden libraries of his clan. There was possibly over thousands of Suiton jutsus of various levels, powers, ranks and abilities. No one person could ever be able to learn that amount of jutsus unless he had about five to ten years of free times on their hands.

Meanwhile the time he was here in Konoha learning of Fūton manipulation and working on improving the Rasengan, C.B.-Naruto was learning of Doton manipulation and ninjutsu using the same method he was using for learning Fūton manipulation… using Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique). Though the amount of knowledge on Doton ninjutsu was not as wide as that of Suiton ninjutsu, but it would still be considered large. Also after his training with Fūton manipulation had finished, C.B.-Naruto had learned Fūton ninjutsus that he was unable because of the continuous missions and also not being provided with any scrolls. C.B.-Naruto had also come up with two entirely new Fūton jutsus which could be classified as A-rank ninjutsus using the principle of Rasengan and a Fūton jutsu he had learned from the scrolls of the library.

But the greatest accomplishment of C.B.-Naruto was he had succeeded in the use of Jikūkan ninjutsu. It was something that he wished to accomplish since he had learned that not only was the Yondaime, but also the Nidaime was skilled in Jikūkan ninjutsu. He had pestered Jiraiya to train him about Jikūkan ninjutsu. Jiraiya did train him in the art of Jikūkan ninjutsu to some extent, but his knowledge was not that great and mostly revolved around Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique) and some useful tips from Tsunade from time to time. He was very close on creation his own Jikūkan ninjutsu before he had heard of the death of Jiraiya… his experiments were bearing fruits… but since he learned of the death of Jiraiya his mind was focused on taking revenge by killing the man that had killed Jiraiya… and he seemed to have forgotten of his Jikūkan ninjutsu experiment. But that is where C.B.-Naruto came in… C.B.-Naruto received all his memories whenever he used made a Kage Bunshin and thus had learned of his Jikūkan ninjutsu experiment. C.B.-Naruto had continued the experiment from where he had stopped. Unlike him C.B.-Naruto had abundance of knowledge of Jikūkan manipulation and ninjutsu through the scrolls of Uzumaki clan and hence was able to complete the jutsu he was experimenting on and had succeeded in completing the jutsu.

The jutsu he was experimenting… or rather was trying to recreate… the second original jutsu of the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato… the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique). Jiraiya had told him that the Hiraishin no Jutsu of the Yondaime had nothing to do with the special kunai he used, but it worked from his ability at Jikūkan manipulation and the Jutsu-Shiki (Technique Formula) the Yondaime created using Fūinjutsu. Now he had the Hiraishin no jutsu in his grasps… though he didn't have a special weapon give it more awesomeness.

There was not the only accomplishment of C.B.-Naruto in terms of Jikūkan ninjutsu… C.B.-Naruto had learned a couple of other jutsus too and was working on creation of one of a new Jikūkan ninjutsu. He also learned that C.B.-Naruto had also was able to… in terms now he too… create pocket dimensions the size of the Uzumaki clan compound, but had only advanced as far as to creating them on scrolls… the project was still under work.

The next greatest accomplishment of C.B.-Naruto was that he had finally succeeded in forming the Rasengan with a single hand… a thing that had eluded him for years. Maybe now it could be possible… his Chishio Bunshin had succeeded.

Bringing his right hand forward he started… here was his moment… slowly and steadily the Rasengan started to form in his hand… and a second later it did… the Rasengan was formed. He couldn't help but feel elated… he had finally after years had succeeded in forming a Rasengan single-handedly… though it was not as fast as he formed now-a-days… but it was formed at the speed that he formed the Rasengan before he started infusing the Rasengan with Fūton chakra. But that was not the most surprising thing to him as he formed the Rasengan… no it was the size of the Rasengan… the Rasengan in his hands now was the size of Dokonjō Rasengan (Guts Rasengan) which had used to destroy the flying ruins of Sora no Kuni (Land of the Sky). Now that was completely new… neither him nor C.B.-Naruto had been able to create a Rasengan this big when they tried to form a normal Rasengan… so he tried again a few times and achieved the same result.

He decided to ponder about the size of the Rasengan sometimes later… he could even call onto Fukasaku-jii-chan to help him understand about it. Currently his thoughts roamed on the amount of jutsus, knowledge and skills C.B.-Naruto had learned over the past three years. It was clear that it was because that C.B.-Naruto had nothing to do other than train, learn about their clan and a few things here and there… and it also helped being able to produce an army of Kage Bunshin to your help… not as many as him, but still a large army. He had to wonder did Jiraiya even think that C.B.-Naruto would be learning so much in this amount of time… if he did then Ero-Sennin was super awesome… if he didn't even then Ero-Sennin would remain super awesome as it was his ideas.

Then there were other things C.B.-Naruto had learned that had shocked him to his core from the history archives of the clan. First being that he was not the first Jinchūriki of Kyūbi… he was apparently the third. The first Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi was Senju-Uzumaki Mito – the wife of the Shodai Hokage. She had sealed the Kyūbi inside of her after Senju Hashirama had gained control of the fox during his fight with Madara at the Valley of the End… Madara was using the fox to fight Hashirama… Mito sealed it inside of her to keep the destructive power of the Kyūbi at bay. When Mito had grown old a young girl that possessed special chakra form the clan was sent to Konoha to be the second Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi… to keep the foxes power at bay… her name Uzumaki Kushina… for some reason that name stirred a feeling inside of him… a feeling similar to the one he had towards Tsunade-baa-chan. So to speak, Konoha had always had the Kyūbi in its hands.

That was not the only fact that he learned about the Kyūbi… he learned of the connection of the fox with the Rikudō Sennin. To think that the Rikudō Sennin was not a myth, but a reality did astound him… also learning that there was once a beast with more tails than the Kyūbi… it was terrifying to even think.

His thoughts were further interrupted by the opening of the tent door and in walked Ino.

"Oh, Good! You are finally awake Naruto!" said Ino in a joyous tone.

"What are you doing here Ino? And what is this place?" asked Naruto a bit confused… though for the first time in many years he was paying attention at the beautiful face of Ino… and for the first time he admired her curves.

"This is the temporary medical tents… and I am here because I am your medic", answered Naruto as she walked towards Naruto forming required hand seals for the diagnostic jutsu making her hands flow green… then placing the hands around the chest area of Naruto.

"Oh! So you are my nurse!" blurted out Naruto.

Those words made Ino lose focus on the diagnostic jutsu as her head jerked up at Naruto with a look of shock on her face… it was not the words, but the tone of his voice that shocked her… a flirting tone…

"Eh! Eh, I… I suppose…" Ino hated this… she was stuttering… she was Yamanaka Ino that not even stutter while talking to Sasuke… and now she was stuttering while talking to Naruto… the dead last she had ignored for a long time… someone she only started to pay attention to after him defeating Hyūga Neji and the missions they had gone on together before he had left on a trip with Jiraiya… and later one she was awed by when he saw him fight Kakuzu… and now who was the village hero.

"I… I mean like the nurses at the hospital that love to stick needles even if having no reason to", replied Naruto with an innocent-scared look on his face after hearing Ino stutter… the words that had blurted out of his mouth, he knew full well what he meant by that… and it seemed Ino did too… normally something of a sort he would avoid thinking… but it seemed the free time his Chishio Bunshin had, that damned clone had used for recreational reading and his reading mostly consisted of the Icha-Icha series and the adult materials that Jiraiya had handed to him… that damned clone was hooked to it and by experiencing the clones memories he too couldn't help think of perverted things… it especially didn't help that the girl was as good looking and curvaceous as Ino.

"Oh! No… No I am nothing like those nurses", Ino answered… seriously she had to get a grip on her thoughts… this was Naruto… he hardly was the one to make such flirty comments… and she had imagined a very lewd scene with her and Naruto taking his comment into consideration… she might have admired the blonde a bit, especially after his fight with Kakuzu her admiration for him might have increased, but never had she thought of something like that with Naruto.

"Ino, you alright?" asked Naruto… Ino's face had taken a crimson color… he hoped that she was sick or something during Pein's invasion and was looking after him even after she wasn't alright.

"Eh? Oh! I… I am al-alright!" Ino stuttered the answer and quickly sped through the hand seals for the diagnostic jutsu once again… and was back to her work on checking whether Naruto was completely healed or not.

"Ok!" said Naruto… though he believed Ino, he was still certain that something was still wrong with her… even if the crimson color of her face had noticeably reduced, there was still a small hint of it… and Yamanaka Ino never stuttered.

Naruto decided to let that matter slide of his mind for the moment and focus more on dispersing the thoughts that were currently roaming as his eyes kept on savoring the glances of the blonde medic… from her hip-length blonde hair done in a high ponytail with bangs covering the right side of her face… her blue eyes… her beautiful face… her curvaceous frame… her sizeable bosoms… her open waist… her hips… and her shapely legs… all this features that he would normally try avoid thinking of… he would notice them, but had long since thought that women hated perverts and so wouldn't go thinking of them… but because of that damned clone and his reading of adult literature, he couldn't help but think of it… Ino certainly was a beautiful and a hot girl… he just wished that she didn't have Sakura or Tsunade-baa-chan's tendency of collateral damage when around perverts.

The blonde hair of Ino suddenly reminded him of another blonde… a memory of C.B.-Naruto where his clone had come across a blonde friend of his while he rushed back to Konoha to help him after C.B.-Naruto had completed the Hiraishin no jutsu and had seen that it could be used in actual combat…

"Ino… How long was I out?" asked Naruto.

"About thirty-six hours… you had all of us worried you know… suddenly collapsing after being brought to the medical tent…" answered Ino as she stopped her diagnostic jutsu "… and you are completely fine it seems."

'Thirty-six hours!' thought Naruto… he was surprised that he had been out for that long… but it was something he should have anticipated… more than three years worth of mind and muscle memory… and add the strain from the fight with Pein.

"I guess… the strain with the fight with Pein was much than I had expected", answered Naruto… the reply he received was something he have would never estimate even in his wildest dreams… something like that he believed never to be a possibility… the reply came in the form of the soft lips of Ino were pressed on his right cheek and stayed there for a few seconds making his eyes go wide… but that was not the only thing shocking as he felt wet drops falling on his right cheek which his eyes found to be tears flowing down of Ino's eyes.

"Ino!" he spoke as Ino separated from him concerned for the blonde gossip queen as tears continued to flow down her eyes.

"T-That was my thanks to you… for saving us… for defeating Pein", said Ino tears still flowing down her eyes and a smile gracing her face.

"Ino I didn't do anything significant… I just did…" Naruto wanted to say something but was interrupted him.

"Yes, you didn't do anything significant Naruto… you did something beyond significance. When Pein invaded and attacked Konoha… all of the shinobi forces tried to fight him… from trying to defend, attack and counterattack… nothing seemed to work on Pein… we were failing significantly… people were dying left and right… I myself saw many die… one of them was Shizune-senpai… we could do nothing… and then within a few seconds the whole village was destroyed… we… I lost all hope… then you arrived… and fought Pein on equal grounds… even after losing control over the Kyūbi you didn't give up… you forced it back and returned… this time you defeated Pein… then from Katsuyu we heard that you had gone to confront the real Pein… and suddenly a few minutes later all dead were coming back to life… it was Katsuyu that told us of what you did… you changed the man behind Pein… made him see his path was not the right one… and in turn he sacrificed himself to bring back all he had killed in the invasion… You are a True Hero Uzumaki Naruto!" said Ino as by the tears in her eyes had stopped flowing and she had the biggest smile on her face.

The eyes of Naruto kept on widening with each sentence/word she spoke… he felt her despair when she spoke of death she had seen… and also felt the sincerity with which she called him a hero… every word Ino spoke, she had spoken with all her heart in it. He wanted to respond that even though all she said was true about him fighting Pein… but he hadn't done it alone, he had help… help from Katsuyu… help from the information the villagers and Jiraiya had gathered… the help from Hinata (he was unable to remember the words Hinata had spoken… his mind at that time was fuzzy because of the Chakra Disruption Blades that were stabbed throughout his body)… and finally great help from his father. But before he could respond, his eyes that were by now widened to the size of the dinner plates were further widened (if such a thing was possible)… his reply was cut short in his mouth as for the second time the soft lips of Ino were once again connected with his face… but his time it wasn't his cheeks… her soft and tender lips were now gently placed on his lips… she tasted like cherries.

For the next few seconds neither of the two moved as Ino's lips remained gently placed on Naruto's lips… she didn't know what had gotten into her when she gently smashed her lips with his… first it was a small, gentle kiss to his cheeks, now a soft and gentle kiss on his lips… and above all this was her first lip-kiss and she was kissing Naruto… never in her wildest dreams she could have imagined something like this… ok, maybe she fancied him a bit since his fight with Kakuzu and had started seeing him in a completely new light… still to share a kiss was not something she had imagined… but still there was no hesitation in her heart or no second thought that what she was doing was something wrong… her lips placed on his, the feeling of it, it felt so right… and of course Naruto tasted of various flavors of ramen. She wanted to further the feeling, further the kiss, but didn't knowing full well that Naruto was freaked out by her sudden action… his eyes had widened to the size she thought it to be impossible… she was about to withdraw from the kiss, from the wonderful feeling… it was then it happened… this time Naruto took the initiative and furthered the kiss as he started to suck on her lips… this time it was her turn to be shocked, but she didn't let that shock stop her from getting more that wonderful feeling… she too started sucking on his lips… and a few seconds later she parted her lips giving Naruto access to her mouth and he didn't disappoint her as his tongue invaded her mouth… their tongues then began a dance with each other… it felt really good as the deep kiss send shivers of joy down her body… to think Naruto would make her body respond in that manner… and to think that she was having such an intimate moment with the blonde… she actually didn't mind, on the contrary she was loving it.

Naruto didn't know what had gotten into him… one moment Ino's lips were gently pressed onto his lips he was shell-shocked… but a feeling stirred within him when he found the small scared look on Ino's face when she found him shell-shocked and he knew that she was feeling that she had done something wrong… he didn't like that look on her face… she had done nothing wrong, he was just shell-shocked… so the very next moment he felt Ino's lips about to leave his, he took the initiative as he gently started to suck her lips… and to his surprise she too started sucking on his lips a second later… if that wasn't enough a few seconds of sucking each other lips Ino parted her lips… he being around Jiraiya for about three years and the recreational reading of that damned clone knew exactly what to do next… his tongue invaded her mouth… feeling every corner of her delicate mouth… and then their tongues met and he started playing with her tongue with his.

It was a full minute later the two blondes separated from each other to get some air to their lungs with their faces flushed crimson of knowing full well that they just shared a deep kiss… but neither seemed to be regretting it… both seemed to have loved it.

"Ino! Did we just…?" Naruto tried to ask… but the questioned died in his mouth.

"Indeed you idiot… we ki-kiss-kissed", Ino tried to reply in a haughty tone but her stuttering made her fail dramatically at that… and the dark crimson blush didn't help either.

"I-I see", replied Naruto as the blush on his face darkened too… he just didn't know what to say.

Seeing the confusion on Naruto's face, Ino got a hint of what he might be thinking… it was something she had learned during her training in her clan ninjutsu and which later helped her too learn some juicy gossips… but Uzumaki Naruto was one of the few that was hardest for her to read… sometimes the emotions could be clearly seen flowing on his face and by his actions and sometimes he put so many masks that it was impossible to penetrate them… but now was one of the time she could clearly read his emotions… he was confused and shocked…

"It was a thank you… thanks to all you have done for us… and for things you unknowingly did for me", said Ino.

"Ino!" the word left Naruto's lips… he could already tell, the words she spoke were true, but also they were half true… there seemed to be more behind the kiss… but he decided to let it rest for the time being until Ino decided to tell him the whole truth… or he knew that there would be an awkward situation created between the two.

"OH! I completely forgot! The other's asked me to inform them as soon as you were awakened… everyone is worried about you, you know… also there is this girl named Hotaru that arrived about a couple of hours ago searching for you… and according to her, you are aware that she is coming here", Ino said.

Naruto completely missed the tone and the twitching of Ino's eyebrows when she spoke of Hotaru… his mind had reeled back to the memory of C.B.-Naruto of the day his clone had come across Hotaru… it was while C.B.-Naruto rushed back towards the village, he had come across Hotaru who seemed to be searching for Utakata… it didn't take long for C.B.-Naruto to come to the conclusion that Utakata was captured by the Akatsuki… so he had asked Hotaru to come with him back to Konoha which she accepted after some protest… also she held onto the scroll that C.B.-Naruto had sealed away most of the things he had found at Uzushiogakure and Uzumaki clan.

"Hotaru… so she arrived too… good… and yes I was waiting for her", answered Naruto.

"Oh… oh I see… she is currently with Sakura… I will go tell the others and her that you are awake", said Ino and quickly left the room confusing Naruto at the way of her speech.

After Ino left, the first thing that Naruto concentrated was finding something good to wear… he was in the hospital gown… and the state of his clothes next to his bed curbed his desire to wear them even if they were orange… and he knew he couldn't go searching for his spare clothes in the rubbles of Konoha and neither could he find his spares at Mount Myōboku as he was certain that Shima-baa-chan must have already set them on fire… she never understood the greatness of orange. That left him with the clothes that Shima-baa-chan had made for him along with the red coat.

Swiping some blood on a small storage seal on a scroll from the pockets of his original clothes… he held in front of him the clothes that Shima-baa-chan had made for him and grumbled in annoyance… they didn't have orange… but having no choice he put them on.

Currently he was dressed in an outfit which consisted of black ninja pants, a full sleeve black t-shirt, black ninja sandals black fingerless gloves. The shoulders and the back of his black t-shirt bore the crest of the Uzumaki clan. Underneath the black t-shirt he wore a mesh undershirt and his fingerless gloves had metal plate on which was engraved the symbol of Mount Myōboku. As always his hitai-te (forehead protector) was tied to his forehead, but unlike before his messy hair which had seen a small growth during the last thirty-six hours now hid the hitai-te from plain view… his hair-style now resembled more closely to the Yondaime without the jaw-length bangs which framed both sides of the Yondaime's face.

Now that his mind had finally organized all the memories of experiences of C.B.-Naruto and being alone for the time being, a thousand question pooped in his mind of which he believed only Tsunade-baa-chan could give answers too. Now that he thought about it, by now either Tsunade-baa-chan or Shizune-nee would be there to check on him… but it wasn't so as Ino was there to look after him… for Tsunade-baa-chan and Shizune-nee not to be here there was something very wrong… now that he thought about it he did feel the chakra of Tsunade-baa-chan was very low while he had sensed the village after Nagato had brought all those killed during invasion back to life.

With that thought in mind, Naruto's hands flipped through hand seals of the strongest Hiden (Secret) sensory ninjutsu of his clan. The jutsu helps the user to find, sense and track individuals through their chakra signatures over a vast range… as per the scroll, for a master of the jutsu the range could exceed over hundred kilometers… his was about ten kilometers. The jutsu also helps to detect when someone or the user is under a genjutsu. In hands of a master the jutsu also can be used to help detect one's emotions through the fluctuation of chakra. The clan scroll also mentioned of some members capable of keeping the jutsu active all the time.

"Kagura Shingan (Mind's Eye of the Divine Entertainment)!", said Naruto as he focused to open his mind's eye. With the jutsu now active, he searched through the entire of Konoha searching for the specific signature of Tsunade. It didn't take him much long and what he saw was something he didn't like. She seemed to be in a tent with Shizune next to her, but what caught his attention were her low chakra levels and the chakra flow seemed to have slowed down throughout her body and also her unmoving body… she was alive that was certain, but her current state only helped him conclude that Tsunade-baa-chan was comatose.

"Baa-chan!" the word left his mouth as a tear drop fell of his eyes… he needed to go see his mother-figure… to get a conformation on her condition.

Quickly gathering all his stuffs and sealing them away he was about to leave when the curtains of the tent slid open and in walked Nara Shikaku and an ANBU wearing a mask with dog motif inclusive of pointed ears, detailed eyebrows and three, thick stripes with two along either sides of his cheek and one on his forehead and brown, spiky hair.

"Good to see that you have awakened Naruto", said Shikaku.

"Thanks… Just awakened a few moments ago… Ino was here to check up on my condition and declared me completely fine… and a few minutes ago went to inform the others", answered Naruto.

"I know… it was Ino who informed us about you awakening", replied Shikaku… both he and the ANBU couldn't help but notice the small changes in the blonde's physique.

"I see. Did you want something from me Shikaku-san, ANBU-san?" asked Naruto seeing that Shikaku had a serious-business face.

"Yes… we wish to speak with you with something of utmost importance… of the meeting we had with Daimyō-sama just a few hours ago", answered the ANBU Commander.

"With me?" asked a surprised Naruto.

"Yes, with you. A couple of ANBU are on the outside stopping anyone from disturbing our meeting and putting a sound-proof barrier around the tent", replied the ANBU Commander.

"I see… as for the barrier, I can do that if you want to", replied Naruto… things were really becoming confusing for him.

"You can use barrier ninjutsu… I wasn't aware of that", said a surprised Shikaku.

"Indeed I can… I am the student of Jiraiya of the Sannin… he specialized in Fūinjutsu and Kekkai (Barrier) Ninjutsu… he thought me all about the two arts… it is only because of my not so good calligraphy skills that I cannot use seals in a fight while I charge head-on, so Kekkai Ninjutsu didn't favor my style much", answered Naruto.

"That will certainly do", replied Shikaku… he too like the ANBU Commander was shocked even if neither showed it… they weren't aware that the blonde was skilled in the arts of Fūinjutsu and Kekkai Ninjutsu… this also made them wonder whether the blonde had other skills that he had yet to use as they watched the blonde form couple of hand seals and then clap his hands together…

"Kekkai: Koerō Hōjin (Barrier: Voice prison Method Formation)!" whispered Naruto… erecting a spherical sound barrier around the tent with him as the centre.

Both Shikaku and the ANBU Commander were impressed… they had felt the formation of the barrier and could tell that it was a strong barrier… also the ease with which the blonde created the barrier gave them the confirmation that Naruto was skilled with Kekkai Ninjutsu.

"The barriers is up and active", said Naruto.

"Good… Now Naruto, are you told of the condition of Tsunade-sama?" Shikaku spoke up.

"No… but after finding that neither Tsunade-baa-chan nor Shizune-nee coming to check up on me… also Ino being my medic… I felt something up… so I tried to sense Tsunade-baa-chan's chakra… and from it I concluded her to be in a state of coma…" Naruto answered and with a gaze that shocked both the man he asked "… Is it true?"

Both could see a number of emotions spinning in those blue orbs… from sadness to despair to dread… it was already clear to most that the blonde viewed the older blonde in a very high-light, but seeing the emotions in his eyes when he spoke of Tsunade's state it was clear to both that he held Tsunade at a level that they had never comprehended.

"Unfortunately it is the truth… Tsunade-sama is comatose… she overused her chakra while she used Katsuyu's Katsuyu Daibunretsu (Slug Great Division) ability to help protect the entire village and heal those in need at the same time… she is been unconscious since then… we don't know when she'll wake up and neither can Shizune determine it", answered Shikaku.

"I-I see… but if I know baa-chan, she will not stay down long…. She needs her sake after all", replied Naruto lightning the situation… chuckles left the mouth of Shikaku and the ANBU Commander, though neither missed the tears that seemed to have gathered in his eyes ready to spill down.

"Indeed! Now Naruto we better get onto the topic we are here for…" said Shikaku and at Naruto's nod he retold Naruto of what had gone during the meeting with the Daimyō… after making him promise that he would not interrupt until he finished his retelling of events.


(Authors Note: The meeting with the Daimyō happens the same way as in cannon Naruto until Danzō nominates himself for the post of the Hokage.)

"Maybe we should let Danzō take care of things, Daimyō-sama", spoke one of the councilors of the Daimyō.

Thinking over it and seeing no options the Daimyō spoke, "I… I guess… If there seems to be no other nominee…"

"Actually there is another nominee… one better than Hatake Kakashi…" said Shikaku interrupting

"Who might that be?" asked the Daimyō before anyone could say anything… he never had liked Danzō and his ways and ideals.

On the sidelined Danzō inwardly growled, but try he may he couldn't think of anyone better than Kakashi for the post… except that boy… but he was certain that the Nara wouldn't be thinking of him.

"Uzumaki Naruto", answered Shikaku.

"Uzumaki Naruto… the one who defeated Pein, the leader of Akatsuki… a very interesting choice", said a surprised Daimyō… his councilors were surprised to.

"He is just a child and a genin to be exact", Danzō spoke up… inwardly he was cursing Nara for even thinking of the boy.

"As Danzō should know that age is not of importance in the shinobi world… the Kazekage is the proof of that… As for Naruto being a genin… we all know that his skills and abilities far surpass those of genins and currently with the condition of Tsunade-sama he is the strongest of Konoha-shinobis", replied Shikaku.

But Shikaku hadn't just finished there as he spoke directly to the Daimyō, "And Daimyō-sama I am certain that you are aware of the heritage of Uzumaki Naruto."

"Yes… Yes I am… Uzumaki Naruto… son of the Yondaime Hokage – Namikaze Minato and the Uzumaki Clan Head – Uzumaki Kushina… and with the current state of Tsunade, the Head of the Senju clan and the Uzumaki clan… not only that… he is an apprentice of Jiraiya of the Sannin and was on the genin team of Hatake Kakashi… if I am not mistaken… A fine choice", the Daimyō said.

"But I would still ask… Why should I choose him after what Danzō pointed out?" asked the Daimyō… keeping the hopes of Danzō still alive.

"I completely disagree with Danzō… the Sandaime was the student of the Shodai and the Nidaime and followed their teachings and preached them… as it is Konoha was built on those values and morals of the Shodai… as for the betrayal of Sunagakure, Daimyō-sama the reasons has already been known for years now and it was only because Konohagakure followed the teachings of our ancestors did we avoid going in a full scale war with Suna… and as of the leader of the Akatsuki, Jiraiya-sama just couldn't turn his back on little children… and what they made of what Jiraiya-sama thought them was not something Jiraiya-sama could conclude… also it was because of Naruto convincing Pein to abandon his path that we are currently working on only the reconstruction of the village and not digging graves for the countless that died during the invasion…" those words of Shikaku made a huge impact in the room, but he wasn't finished yet "… also because of Naruto our relationships with several small nations have been great… and the Kazekage thinks highly of Naruto and considers him a friend… also a lot of political marriages have been put forth with Naruto as the bridegroom from almost all the nations that he has helped to strengthen the alliance between our countries and only because he was not yet promoted to the rank of the chuunin were they held back."

Hook Line and Sinker… Shikaku knew that his argument had bagged this…


"As it is… by the power of the Daimyō of Hi no Kuni… Uzumaki Naruto… you are appointed as the Rokudaime Hokage Kōho (Sixth Hokage Candidate)", said Shikaku.


The fiction is the redone of 'NIDAIME GAMA SENNIN', the fiction I had cancelled and deleted… though there is quite some change in the story, but it will follow the plotline I had devised for 'NIDAIME GAMA SENNIN'… SO ENJOY.

As 'NIDAIME GAMA SENNIN' this fiction will also have a harem and follow the same list as that of 'NIDAIME GAMA SENNIN'… Hinata, Kurotsuchi, Samui… also added are Ino and many others…

Also stop spamming about not to make it Naruto-Hinata fiction… I am a fan of Naruto-Hinata pairing.