Disclaimer: I do not own blade or any other characters unfortunately …. Hannibal King

Summery: Blade characters get forced onto a talkshow where they get all sorts of emotions and thoughts of their chests

Warning: for obvious reasons. Language from most of the characters

Chapter 1

The camera turns on and we see our host Nim … actually where the HELL is she

Nim runs onstage and sits down looking guilty

Nim: sorry 'bout that some of the guests were acting up …. ANYWAY … Hi welcome to prison towers I am your host and today my victi…..guests are from the world of ….. BLADE

Audience: yayyyyy (some nervous clapping)

Nim: for all the filthy bloodsucking mother fuc…

Vamps: (glares)

Nim: *cough* sorry old habit… continuing on… for all the vamps in the audience I have made sure that ALL of the night stalkers, blade ….. Basically ANYONE who hunts them has no weapons just like the vamps they are unarmed…

Now to introduce our first guest ... (looks at sheet) THE ONE, THE ONLY …. BLADE

Blade walks onstage

Human audience: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Vamp audience: boooo, hiss

Blade: you mother fuckers Wanna' shut up

Vamps: *silent as the grave* (HEHE)

Blade: good

Nim: good to see ya again blade

Blade: you too, I got a present for ya

Nim: (shocked) really…. What

Blade: (un-wraps sword and hands it to Nim) like it

Nim: *speechless* how the fuck did I miss that

Blade: well you did get distracted by kin…

Nim: shut it *blushes*

Blade grins

Nim: anyway ….. Soooo blade how does it feel to be back to hunting alone

Blade: it's easier, quieter, and safer

Nim: but don't you miss ANYONE ….. Like whistler, Abby, Zoë, Karen or perhaps King

Blade: yes, sometimes she is a good tactical planner, that little girl makes me smile sometimes, Karen... Well yeah, and king FUCK NO

Nim: *grinning* well you are just gonna LOVE who we have on next…. Let's see King or Karen

Blade: don't you FUCKING dare

Nim: time for a commercial I think …. After the break we will have either Hannibal King or Karen Johnson on *grins evilly*

Blade: look you stuck up Damphier….

Nim: your one too

Blade: ….. SHIT

*goes to commercial*