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Bruce frowned, pressing and activating the small com piece in his ear. "Clark, we need to talk," he said shortly, echoing a previous statement he had made. Both were said with Superboy in mind. Having taken Robin in, he now knew what being a father involved. And even if Clark didn't want to admit it, he was Superboy's father, in a way. It was high time he realized that.
"I'm busy, Bruce," Superman replied, the voice buzzing through the ear piece.

"It's important," he replied. A moment of silence, filled with quiet static, followed briefly. Finally, it was interrupted. "I'm on my way." It wasn't long before Superman, dressed in his civvies, showed up. He slowed once he saw Bruce, stopping beside him. "What is it we need to talk about?" he asked. Bruce simply gestured to the car behind him, opening the door.

Hesitating slightly, Clark slid into the car. Bruce got in a few seconds later, and stared at Clark for a moment before speaking. "I know you don't want to accept the responsibility, but that boy needs his father," he began. Immediately, he was interrupted as Clark picked up on his intentions. "I'm nothis father!" he protested, reaching for the door handle to get out. Bruce simply locked the doors, looking at him silently.

"Bruce." Clark's voice contained a slight warning, a sure sign that he did not want to have this conversation.

"Clark," Bruce immediately responded. "You can't keep ignoring him. Eventually you have to stop pretending, and step up and take the responsibility. He needs his father," he repeated.
"Look, just because he's my clone doesn't make him my son!" Clark responded heatedly. Bruce's eyes flashed with frustration for a brief second.

"He looks up to you as a father," Bruce responded bluntly. "And since when have you started letting people down?" Clark opened his mouth as if to say something, but he was cut off. "Look, I know you don't want this. But you can't change it, and ignoring it will only make it worse."

"Ignoring it seems to be working fine for right now."

"You don't see him, Clark. I do. Trust me; it will and is making things worse."
Clark paused, then gave a small sigh of resignation, dropping his gaze momentarily. "Fine. I'll give it a chance," he said.

A few days later…

Superboy glanced up, surprised to see Superman standing there. He didn't show it, instead quickly averting his gaze. Since when had Superman ever bothered to come talk to himanyways? He was just the clone that Superman would rather ignore. However, instead of pointedly walking away, like usual, Superman actually stood there for a moment, glancing at Superboy a bit hesitantly. He cleared his throat awkwardly. "I've been thinking…" he began.

"Yeah?" Superboy asked, finally meeting Superman's eyes.

"I, uh, have time to, uh, help you figure out your limits now," he responded, the statement obviously awkward as he referred to one of their previous "conversations". It was welcome nonetheless. Superboy nodded, blue eyes hiding a smile.

Batman watched the two. Finally, he thought, seeing their relationship already beginning to grow.

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