Big shout outs to Stonedmonkey1, Son of blu and jewel, Scarlet jr, 4 the spade-heart and other great authors on this site. First story so just cut me some slack.

It was the beginning of Spring in Rio de Jeneiro. The sun started to rise, and as usual the birds began to sing which cause the day to be peaceful. But on the other side side of the jungles, there was a sound of an insane laughter (zooming inside) there was a white bird perched on a tree branch. The bird laughed again. The white bird was none other than Nigel. It has been a year after the events of Rio, all his feathers grew back and the only thing he could ever think of is revenge on a certain blue spix macaw named Tyler Blu Gunderson. "*chuckle*, this time, the last thing you will ever see is red stains all over your cerulean feathers hahahaha *coughing*, *clearing throat*, hehehe" In the jungles of Ipanema, Blu woke up and took a glance of his "soon to be mate" Jewel woke up and smiled "Good morning Blu" the female said as she gave a quick peck on the beak to his love hawk. Blu rose up to his talons and walked towards the exit of their hollow "i'm going to get breakfast, I'll be back" "okay, don't take too long" "don't worry, I'll return as soon as possible" After that, Blu took off. Jewel sight, she wanted to ask him something Blu wasn't ready for "I'll ask him after breakfast"