A/N: Hey everyone. This is my first time writing a Fan Fiction on this website, though I've read a lot. I returned to watching House after hearing that it would be the last season. Then, after the episode "Chase", I really liked the Park/Chase pairing, so I decided to write a fan fiction about them. But since I haven't watched it for 3 seasons, the characters might be OOC. Sorry in advance. Please criticize to help me improve my writing!

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As well, this story takes place after the episode "Gut Check"

Chapter 1:

"Chi decided to move back in with her parents' house. I assume that the credit goes to you?" Popo, Park's grandmother, said, after both she and Chase had emptied their glass and laid down the final card.

"Uh…yeah" Chase said awkwardly, "After we talked, I guess she finally understands how lucky she is to have her family, and decided to move back."

Chase shuffled the cards and Popo poured the drinks as the both of them got ready for another round of pokers.

"You know, Chi isn't always surrounded by the loving family that she appears to have now." Park's grandmother said with a sudden seriousness.

"I don't see how it can be any worse than having your drunken mother lock you in the study room." Chase said sourly, beginning his turn first.

"You'll be surprised." Popo said as she took a gulp from the cup of newly poured liquor.

This made Chase confused. How could someone as pampered as Park go through what he went through? Chase pushed the thought to the back of his mind, merely assuming that Park's grandmother just had a drink too many and didn't know what she was talking about.

The Next Morning…

Chase hurried in to the office, a cup of coffee in hand, and still feeling the slight hangover from last night, he doesn't know how Popo does it. He had asked her to stay at his apartment for the night, afraid that something was going to happen to her if she went home by herself. However, Popo was gone after Chase woke up this morning.

As Chase seated himself down, he realized that Park and House were in House's office next door. Park appeared to be trying to prove a point, using everything from hand gestures to pointing to her binder. Curious, Chase came up to the door and just caught the tail end of the conversation.

"Do my clinic hours today and tomorrow and we'll talk about it." House finally said. That was strange, Chase thought, House isn't the kind of person to give in to anyone, let alone Park. "Now off you go with your magic touch to 'cure' those clinic idiots."

So with that, Park hurried out of the office and towards the elevators.

"Hasn't your mother told you that spying was a sin?" House's voice sounded from inside the room after Park was out of sight. "Oh wait. She was too busy being drunk all the time"

Chase walked into the office, by now fairly use to House's taunting.

"Jeez, I get it. Just curious how you tortured the poor girl into serving your clinic duties for you" Chase said, coming up to set in the chair across from House.

"No reason. She just said she didn't want to become like Taub. Whatever that means" House replied casually, pulling a prescription bottle out of his drawers. "But if you ask me, the day she becomes like Taub is the day that she's really close to being fired."

"Speaking of which, where are Adams and Taub anyways?" Chase asked.

"New case just came in. A teenager fainted during a soccer match, and experiencing low blood pressure." House said, throwing a folder at Chase.

"Could just be dehydration? This kid seems to be doing a number of sports after school. Not uncommon." Chase said offhandedly.

"Then the ER wouldn't have sent the case over to us. Adams and Taub are preforming allergy tests at the moment."

"I'll do the patient's background check then." Chase said, getting up from the chair.

"Park already did that before she left." House said, "And you would know if you read that information given to you carefully. Since you came in late, there is nothing for you to do at the moment unless you can drag Park away from the clinic long enough to perform an environmental check with you." House said, gesturing for Chase to leave the room.

Chase was confused as to why two people were needed to perform the environmental check, but he learned by now to not question House. So he just got up and left, heading to the elevators as Park did.


Chase walked into the clinic and asked the nurse at the front desk where Park was.

"She is in the room seeing a patient at the moment. Feel free to wait, or you could just barge in there like your team always does." The nurse said casually, turning around to register a new patient. Chase decided to wait.

However, after 20 minutes and when Park still decided not to acknowledge his existence, he decided to slip into the clinic room Park was working in, just as she went out to call upon another patient. Chase positioned himself in a chair just as Park and two people, a little girl and her mother, were coming in.

"Oh. Umm Hi. Can I help you?" Park greeted as soon as he saw Chase on the chair.

"Yeah, I want to know why you ignored me for the 20 minutes that I've been waiting here." Chase demanded.

"Just sit here on the bed please, and say ahh" Park said to the little girl, and looked into her throat. "I wasn't ignoring you. I thought you had clinic duties."

"Sure, whatever you say." Chase watched as Park took the little girl's temperature. "House said for you to come with me to do the environmental check for the new case"

"House said I'm off the case for the next two days as long as I do his clinic duties for him." Park replied again, and then she got up to address the girl's mother.

"It looks like she has strep throat. When you bring her home, make sure she gets lots of rest, and warm tea or honey water would be good. You can also take Children's Acetaminophen to help her. Thank goodness you brought her here. Strep throat can be cause severe complications if you leave it." Park said, then gave a few more instructions and sent the mother and daughter on their way. She was just about to reach for the next patient's folder when she saw another hand made a grab for it before her.

"Come on, it's just an environmental check. Nothing big, since when did you become so unprofessional?" Chase asked, that seemed to get a reaction out of her, so he continued; "Besides, even if you do his hours for him, I doubt he would miss this opportunity to mess with you."

"Mess with me?" Park asked.

"Yeah, you are so calm and unemotional all the time. With the way you reacted to this case, why wouldn't he?" Chase asked redundantly.

"Ok, I'll go with you for the environment check, but then you're not going to bother me for the next two days." Park said.

"Deal" Chase agreed.

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