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Three pair of eyes were fixed on Park as she strode into the office of the diagnostic department and sat herself beside Adams in the meeting area, with House following closely behind.

"Casey's friends said she hasn't been behaving unusually recently in any way, always arriving and leaving school alone. They rarely see her family..." Adams started but was cut off by Park,

"Which was confirmed when we did the environmental check and all there was in the kitchen were microwavable food and instant noddles"

"Am I expected to know who this Casey is?" House asked as he walked towards the white board.

"She's our patient, and you would know if you cared about your patient more than where your employees choose to work." Taub replied

"And where would you be then? Still fixing up noses?" House said, pointing his cane at Taub.

"Her coach also mentioned that she's been doing worse on the team as of late. Signs of fatigue, and sluggish movement." Adams spoke up, wanting to focus on the subject at hand.

"The fatigue could just be because of the low blood pressure. It's also possible that her poor performance at sports is jus due to her loneliness and nothing to do with her illness" Chase said casually,

"But we can't rule anything out." Park added, speaking up.

"Park's right. So fatigue, dehydration, hypotension, and no other symptoms. Could be anything. What now?" Taub asked, "What did you get from the patient Chase?"

"Nothing. She wouldn't talk to me much, and what she did say are the same things as Adams." answered Chase.

"So the only other thing you might be good for is completely useless too? Now why am I considering just firing you and up my own salary?" House remarked. "Park, you're turn."

"Why do I have to go when Chase and the others talked over with the patient already?" Park asked.

"You might be able to get something out of her. You know, if you sympathize with her situation or something. Chase, go watch and learn, and I don't know what to do with short stuff and charity over here. Go do my clinic hours for me I guess" said House, with underlying meaning. "Now if you will excuse me, I think I hear my chair in my office calling out to me." And with that, House headed into his office and leaving his employees to their own devices. It wasn't until House sat down in front of his desk and put on headphones did Taub speak up again.

"So what now?"

"Well, we can't do anything until the patients show more symptoms, so I guess we should just do as House says. Or try to find ourselves another more interesting case in the mean time." Adams added, getting up to leave the room. "I wouldn't mind going down to the clinic and have a House free environment for a while."

"So I can leave now? I think I'll go see my girls," Taub said, getting up to leave too. "Page me if something comes up. Or else we are gonna have to discharge the patient soon."

"Then what? Just to have her admitted back in a few days after for more symptoms? Think of all the paper work. Remember the last time that happened?" Chase asked Taub, just to have a head shake in response. "Yeah, me either. It doesn't happen all that often now that I think about it." Just then, he noticed that there were only three people in the room left. "Hey where did Park go?"

"I think she headed down the the patient's room." Adams replied, taking her leave too.

"I thought she was suppose to wait for me to go with her?" asked Chase, confused and slightly offended.

"Maybe she didn't want to bother with your company. That's a first huh?" Taub teased, and taking his leave towards the locker room. Chased left the office too, heading towards the direction of the patient's room for the second time that day. He caught up to Park just as she was getting ready to enter the room.

"Hey, I thought we were suppose to go together." Chased said, tapping Park on the back to get her attention.

"Oh, I didn't want to bother you with something that I could simply accomplish by myself." Park replied. In truth, she was hoping to get the patient to open up a bit more by sympathizing with her situation, like House suggested. But she couldn't really well do that when she didn't want to tell the rest of her co-workers.

"Well, since I wasn't assigned anything else anyways, I'll just stay at the side to listen. Why don't you lead the way for us?" Chase said, opening the door for Park, and leaving no room for argument.

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