AK-47 Slaughterhouse: This is Hell

Chapter 3: Scrambled Eggs and Plan B

"Hey John, can… can I see that beautiful, gorgeous piece of machinery slung across your shoulder"

Before I could even turn around, I knew it was Kohta.

"Sure thing bro, just don't drop it. It's loaded and the firing pin may go off" I said.

I didn't even have to unsling my rifle. One moment, my AK-47 was on my shoulders, the next moment, Kohta unslung the rifle around my neck and started fondling it. This guy was crazy about guns. Absolutely crazy. His way with guns reminds me of how I reacted to seeing porn when I was 13. I couldn't help but laugh as he disassembled the rifle as if he was undressing a pretty woman.

It was the morning after my patrol rounds from the night before. My new group decided to sleep near the entrance of the mall because we possessed the most weapons and could keep guard for the rest of the survivor groups. The other survivor groups were ill equipped. I could count about 4 other groups. The best any of the other groups had was a Remington shotgun with birdshot shells, which has horrible accuracy beyond 30 yards. I told my group to be wary of the other groups, because in a dog-eat-dog world like this, they may try to pull some shit. Shit like killing us and stealing our weaponry and gear.

The night was great. The mall was fully barricaded, so worrying was to a minimal. I got a good 6 hours of sleep, and so did most of the other guys. I remember Saeko staying up pretty late. She was staring at the full moon through the mall windows most of the night like a werewolf. Maybe she's a night owl, or is the type who doesn't need a lot of sleep. Either way, she's weird as fuck. Hot as fuck too. She woke up looking refreshed, so she must have had some good sleep too. She woke up drooling. I swear I've never been turned on by a girl drooling before I met her. Rei was curled up against Takashi, holding onto his arms as she slept as if she was clinging onto a cliff's edge. Perhaps he is her savior? Her salvation? I don't know. I was the first to awaken, so I couldn't help but see everybody else still sleeping. Kohta was hugging my AK-47 rifle while he slept, much like a child might hug a teddy bear. I thought that was adorable in a creepy and perverse way.

Everybody eventually woke up around 8a.m. Saya woke up with a headache, blaming it on the fact that she did too much thinking the day before. Nurse Shizuka found some ibuprofen in a first aid kit she was carrying with her. Saya stopped bitching about her headache after that. Although she's a pink-haired hottie, she sure was annoying. She claims to be a genius, but we'll see about that.

I gave everybody peanut energy bars I had in my backpack. They weren't the most impeccable breakfast we have ever had, but sustenance was hard to come by in a place where traversing to the nearest grocery store meant certain death without heavy weaponry and a small army. The groups who were in the mall before us had already stocked up on clean water, so we were fully hydrated and nourished… ready to deal with whatever this hell could serve us.

"Um Kohta, why do we have to stay on the roof all the time" said Alice.

"Well Alice, it's because the other survivor groups know we have all the long-distance rifles, so they want us to keep an eye out and eliminate any threats" Kohta answered the little girl's question well.

It was true. In turn for letting us enter the mall and have some of their emergency supply of drinkable water, we became the body guards for the other groups. It was often a pain in the ass. Whenever one of them wanted to go outside, they had someone in my group tag along to protect them. A lot of the men in the mall wanted Saeko to tag along. Probably because her skills with the katana rival her looks. There was one of THEM in the parking lot around noon, and we had to eliminate it before it attracted more of THEM. Saeko volunteered to eliminate the threat, and that was the first time I saw her display her tremendous skill and power. After what looked like an intense ballet routine, all four limbs of the undead flopped to the asphalt. As if that wasn't enough, she decapitated it. I swear she was smiling during the whole kill. Maybe not, I don't know. The sun was in my eyes.

I drained a truck in the parking lot of its engine oil and used it to lubricate my AK. Kohta watched as I cleaned off the carbon foul-up off the extractor spring and piston rod. He sat next to me and started cleaning Rei's M1A1, Takashi's Ithaca shotgun, and his AR-10. I helped him clean the AR-10 because the bolt carrier group on the rifle can often be a bitch to clean.

The afternoon eventually rolled by. No action beyond Saeko's noon kill. The other survivor groups played some poker while my group continued to keep watch on the mall roof. It was tiresome and monotonous, but we were comfortable. Almost too comfortable in this hell. I could tell Takashi was thinking the same thing.

"You guys"

We all looked at Takashi. Me, Kohta, Saya, Rei, Saeko, Shizuka, Alice, and even the dog.

"We… can't stay here forever"

We looked at each other, and realized Takashi was right.

"This mall is great and all. Shelter, water, food, and other people. But sooner or later, they'll run out of water and food. This is a small mall, so supplies are low."

Again, he was right.

"And if we run out of supplies, the other people aren't going to be so full of hospitality."

Takashi was right once more.

I looked at Kohta to see what he was thinking. His face was flooded with focus. His usual large grin that I often saw when he held my AK-47 was gone and replaced by a look that reminded me of Sigmund Freud deep in thought.

"Yea, that's for sure. People turn into animals when their lives are in danger. Society is gone, and so are societal restrictions. If we stay here, this mall will turn into a cage full of beasts." said Kohta.

I was thinking the same thing. Our group had it all. Food, water, equipment, and even beautiful women. Our plethora of supplies will not bode well for us when the other 4 or so groups run out of their supplies. Some of the other groups had some guys that looked really shifty, and I didn't want to deal with them later with my AK.

Saeko stood up.

"Well then, we'll need a plan B. We should act on plan B once we start to feel that the other mall inhabitants will soon target us for our weapons and supplies" said Saeko.

Everybody, except me, nods in agreement. I was too busy in thought to nod.

"What do you think John?" asked Kohta.

I looked up. Everybody's eyes were on me. I felt like I was on stage in the spotlights.

"I… I agree. This mini-society that's going on in this mall won't last for long. It will crumble, especially once everybody runs out of water. The rest of the groups are too pussy to venture out of the mall and retrieve more supplies. They've given up and are relying on this mall, and only this mall, for their survival. I'm sure, soon, they'll demand that we venture out and retrieve supplies for them." I said.

"So what should we do?" asked Rei.

"Well, what are our short-term and long-term goals? Long-term goal is, obviously, to survive and continue the human species" I said.

Everybody chuckles.

"Short-term, as I understand it, is to figure out if there are any evacuations occurring outside the downtown area." I said.

I continued, "So if it was up to me, I'd want to leave as soon as possible. Maybe even tonight. Evacuations won't last long. If we're lucky, the last evacuation will occur a few days from now. If we don't find one soon, we're fucked. We're stuck in this hell unless we miraculously find a damn island to continue the rest of our lives zombie-free"

"Tonight?" said the hot big-titted nurse.

"Yes" I replied.

I could tell that my thoughts were a bit controversial. Everybody was in thought, and the silence was killing me.




"I agree with John" said Saeko.

She looked at me and into my eyes, and knew that I was confident with my plan.

"Ok. If we do venture out tonight, we have to sneak out without the other groups knowing. They'd be pissed to see us leaving" said Takashi.

"Agreed" said Rei, "and it'd be nice to find our own place that is abandoned with no other groups. I feel like we can only rely on each other."

I nodded in complete agreement. I was glad to see the group was agreeing with my plan. It was either stay in this mall, or be saved by an evacuation. The latter seemed much more fruitful of an idea.

"John and Kohta. Can you guys come up with a tactical plan of exit from the mall for tonight? We seriously cannot get caught by the other groups unless we want to become murderers of live people" asked Takashi.

Kohta and I exchanged smirks of pleasure. My hands subconsciously grasped my AK-47 tightly around the charging handle.

"Leave it to us"