AK-47 Slaughterhouse: This is Hell

Chapter 6: Karma is a Bitch

"Damn. They escaped."

"What?! Were there any bodies in the shop?"

"No. They got out through a hole they made through the barricades."


"We wasted half our ammo supply in hopes of getting their rifles, but we end up with nothing. Fuck!"

"Where'd they go?"

"They just kept on running. They got into an alleyway and – "


"Shit! Who's guarding the opening?!"


The two conversing men from the Suzuki mall survivor group ran towards the sound of gunfire.

They saw Imamura shaking violently.

"Imamura! What the fuck?!"

Suddenly, Imamura collapsed to the floor and dropped his shotgun.

"Takeshima, go check what the hell Imamura is doing!"

Takeshima approached Imamura cautiously with his shotgun drawn up near his shoulder. Once next to the opening, Takeshima looked up from Imamura on the ground to outside the opening.

"Oh fuck…"

"What?! What do you see?"

"We're fucked…"

Imamura slowly stood back up. His demeanor calm and collected.

"Hey Imamura, stop fucking around and come up here with Takeshima."

Imamura produced no response.

In a blink of an eye, Imamura pounced on Takeshima and started ravaging him.

Blood. Everywhere.