First time I've published something in a while, huh?

Had this idea based off a fanfic I read for Strike Witches, "Posthumous" by Eye of a Hawk, you can find it here; http(colon) s/7633467/1/Posthumous just take out the (colon) and replace with :, and the two.'s with .

This is a mostly original fanfic, containing references to various anime, but also original characters, and some canon characters. It's based on an RP I'm in.

Without further adeu, here's the first chapter;


Chapter 1: Stars Above

It was bound to happen one day... For Lucy, it was the brink of despair as both she and Erika stood back-to-back on the Shinne Base runway. They were the last two witches left of a destroyed and then disbanded squadron of twenty-two witches, and now they stared at a Neuroi Super-Hive and its attendant spawned liens. Together, they picked up gun after gun, draining the magazines before throwing them aside in favour of the next weapon to hand. The two girls were reaching for their fourth weapon each, when the massed volley of red light struck from all sides and broke their shields with pure brute force...

At least they could take cold comfort in not dying alone, and seeing their lost friends again...

Medals of Honour

Awarded posthumously to Captain Lucy Mireille Chulainn (WE62-WE77) and Flight Lieutenant Erika SiongKoan ThianBang (WE52-WE77) June 14th, WE77

By the Allied nations of Fuso, Liberion, Saiunkoku and Karlsland

"They shone with the hopes of mankind - Like two Stars in Heaven."


There you go folks, the first chapter of this. In case it wasn't clear, both girls are grabbing one gun each, not sharing the same gun.

For the record, the RP is set in a version of Earth, using events from Strike Witches, but also many other series. Names come from Strike Witches too, with a few fan-made names. Shinne, is a base in Fuso, near the town of Yumene, the main area of the RP.

Saiunkoku is the RP's version of China. Mentioned there, because Erika, is half-German, half-Chinese.

For listening, I recommend The Last Post.

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