First time I've published something in a while, huh?

Had this idea based off a fanfic I read for Strike Witches, "Posthumous" by Eye of a Hawk, you can find it here; http(colon) s/7633467/1/Posthumous just take out the (colon) and replace with :, andthe two.'s with .

This is a mostly original fanfic, containing references to various anime, but also original characters, and some canon characters. It's based on an RP I'm in.

Without further adeu, here's the second chapter (Contains actual canon characters from anime this time);

Chapter 2: Honour of the Oujo

Sometime honour can be a blessing, sometimes a curse. Against a horde of demons, it usually made sense to run and pick them off one-by-one as they gave pursuit. But to Mami Tomoe, retreat was unthinkable. The demons had already destroyed half of Yumene, and neither her sense of duty or her honour would permit her to let the rest of the town fall to ruin as well. For every demon felled by her musket shots, it seemed that there were two to replace it. Eventually, the numbers prevailed, as they swarmed the embattled Puella Magi en-mass. The gunshots continued for a few moments, before all was silent. The last Tomoe had given her all and placed her everything on the line and prevailed, but at what cost? Her Soul Gem was shattered, and her body was lifeless.

At least she was now at peace by the Goddess Madoka's side, like a perfect young lady.

Amidst the flowers laid tribute by the grateful surviving citizens of Yumene, the inscription on the dark-coloured grave stone could be read in pale gold writing;

Tomoe Mami (WE62-WE77)

"The shining lady with honour and grace. A true heroine of Yumene."

There you have it folks.

I know Puella Magi don't leave bodies behind when they die, but we'll handwave that for keeping in-spirit with the fanfic ideals. Same reason people could identify her body. Maybe she had her student ID on her or something? *Handwaved*

Also, uses New-World Mami, post PMMM

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