Sorry I'm Late

AN: This piece was inspired by the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack.



Dimitri Belikov drove down the road watching as the light flash across his windscreen. The red sports car that he was sitting in was filled with water bottles and paper. Fortunately, this wasn't his car but the love of his life's car and the reason he was driving was, well, let's just say the mail box got on the wrong side of driveway that morning.

It was a late Saturday night and he just got off his shift at the office, filling in some paper work. He was sure that Rose was waiting for him at home even if he did told her not to and he was willing to bet his lucky pair of socks that she hadn't eaten anything while waiting for him. He knew her. She was the type of loyal person that you could trust your back too, no matter what.

That's one of the reasons why he loved her and it was one of the reasons why tonight was going to be the night.

Dimitri doesn't know if she suspected him of hiding something but he could never hide anything from her and he has been hiding a lot of things for the past week or two.

Especially the little blue box sitting in his right pocket.

It had been hell deciding which ring to buy and it was even worse that he had to figure out where to hide it because every time it seemed like he found the perfect place to stash it, she would walk in and ask him what he was doing in the closet, garage, on the bathroom floor and so on so forth.

Feeling a grin pull at the corner of his mouth, he grinned like an idiot in the dark car. It was a funny feeling, smiling in the dark about getting married and now he wondered why men put off marriage.

The warmth of coming home to open arms of someone who loved you was the best feeling in the world. To be able to come home to that bright light that now is the centre of your universe, the sunshine. How can anyone hate that?

Stopping at the traffic light, he watched as the light flickered red in the cold darkness. The cold December wind blew, shaking the bare trees in the night, creating that ominous feeling that something was watching him. Watching and waiting for the perfect time to pounce. The dark branches began to sway, waving to him in regrets. It felt like the trees knew what was going on but seriously? What could happen? He was going to propose to Rose. Maybe it was a bachelor thing. Waving in regrets as they watch another man tricked into the noose of matrimony. Well, he thought, I am happy to step into matrimony.

The red light flashed green, bringing him back to reality.

Driving straight ahead, the thought about the trees were forgotten as he turned onto the next street where their coffee shop stood. Small, cosy and warm, it was on the corner of the street with trees and a street lamp standing in front of it. The sign Coffee Mug was hanged on a board in loopy writing. This place was filled with memories. It was where they hanged out when they were off and it was where they shared their first kiss.

Shaking his head at the happy memory, a small smile crept on his lips as turned away from the tinted window and back to the street ahead of him. He was approximately seven blocks away from home.


The word made the corner of his mouth twitched. He liked the sound of that.


A place where he and Rose could start their own family. A place where he could say he belong too. Home.

Crossing another intersection, Dimitri's mind began to wonder about the possibilities. Will she be angry? Shock? Surprise? Will she cry?

He bit his lip nervously. What is she doesn't like the ring?

It took him days of researching and hunting to find the perfect ring for her. When Dimitri looked at it, it reminded him of her. The red ruby was a heart cut which rest in the middle of the platinum band. Two little black onyx sat on both sides of the heart, one of each side. For some reason, it reminded him of her. Her heart was pure even in the depths of darkness. That's what made her so special from all the people he knew. He knew people who faked their innocence and he knew people who were so desperate to cling onto theirs.

She wasn't one of them.

He was now five blocks away from her and he couldn't wait till he got to her. With each inch closer, he could feel his palms sweat. Dimitri took in a shaky breath as he waited yet again at another intersection.

He was nervous. It took him the courage to decide to pop the question today and it took him courage to sneak around without her know. Yet he was scared that he couldn't say what he wanted to say clearly. Dimitri didn't want to ruin this moment for her. This was the story that they would tell their kid in the future when they ask how Daddy proposed to Mommy.

So that is why he was smart enough to write up what he wanted to say. Sitting next to the little blue box in his pocket was a piece of paper. Afraid that he might be able to get his point across, he wrote it down. Dimitri had experience the mental blankness once when he was under pressure and he wasn't willing to risk it this time.

Perfection was the mark and he was going to hit it.

Concentrating on the road ahead, he took a deep breath as he passed each block.

Four Blocks away.

Three blocks away.

Two blocks away.

Dimitri could hear his heart beating loud in his ears as he got closer to Rose. The love of his life. He was going to make a life changing decision. He was willing to spend the rest of his days with her.

So deep in thought about Rose, Dimitri didn't notice a white van waiting for him on the opposite side of the street. He didn't notice the way the driver stared at the car as if it was the devil reincarnated and he definitely didn't notice the way that the driver stomped directly on the accelerator, shooting it forwards, directly into him.

When he did notice, it was too late. The white headlights blinded him as they bore their soul into his. The evil glint in the light made his heart beat faster. Then realisation hit.

He couldn't die right now. He had to get home. He had to tell Rose he loved her. He had to kneel down and propose. He had to show her the ring. He needed to see her smile. Even if it was for one last time, he needed to see that smile.

The impact felt like eternity to him as if someone has pressed slow motion on their remote. Flashes of white light, of crimson blood and of pain were the only things that he felt.

He felt the pain as the seat belt tug him back from the impact. He could the heavy metal vehicle rammed against him from his left. He could feel the blood rushing out as his head connect with the window.

Then there was silence.

But it wasn't too long before the sound of the other car's engine reared back to life only to come back again, charging for him. The car, this time slid across the intersection and Dimitri was sure that there was no returning from this. The screech from the tires and the burnt smell of rubber hit him hard.

This wasn't how it was supposed to end, he thought looking down at his hand as he lied there in the driver's seat. Everything was in so much pain that he couldn't move. He was supposed to be in Rose's arms, not here in this car wreck. He was supposed to be calling everyone in his phonebook and declaring their wedding. He was supposed to get whacked by Rose when he tells them that she proposed to him.

Yet, he was here alone in the darkness. The scent floated around the air, allowing him to imagine that she was here at least but this time it was tainted with blood.

His blood.

His vision began to blur as a thick red liquid dripped down the side of his head. Dimitri could hear his laboured breathing and in the silence. The van had driven away from the scene some time ago but he didn't pay attention to that. Shadows began to surround him as everything dimmed. He could feel his heart beat slowing down and his eyes fluttering close.

It was time to go. He could feel the warm arms of comfort beckoning him down to join them.

I'm sorry Rose. I'm so very sorry.

With that thought, his lungs expel its last breath as he sink into the comforts of the black velvet sea.

Rose Hathaway felt her heart clench as she sat there on the couch. The feeling felt like a cold icy hand grabbing her chest, numbing everything in its path. Wrapping her arms around her torso, Rose sat there on her couch waiting for Dimitri as she took a sip of her coffee.

It was movie night tonight and it was his turn to pick.

It better not be Titanic again. They had watched that movie about fifty times already that she could practically quote off the movie.

So she waited.

And waited.

Hours later, Rose found herself waking up on the couch from a shrill sound of the telephone cutting through the silent air.

Stretching her fingers and arm she picked up the phone and raised it to her ear. Rose wonder who it was, after all the only person she knows who calls this late is Lissa. Except this time it wasn't Lissa.

The phone raised to her ear sat there for a while as the information from the lady on the line digested in her mind.

The phone dropped moments later.

To Be Continue…

AN: Thinking about continuing. Should I?