Suddenly they were standing in a cold, litter-strewn alley. The spinning from the travel coupled with the blow to his head from the door and the chill air caused Harry to slip into unconsciousness and collapse bonelessly to the ground.

Hagrid quickly reached into his pocket, pulled out a folded square of coarse, woven cloth and snapped it with a quick motion of his wrist. The cloth expanded to a blanket which Hagrid quickly, but carefully, wrapped Harry in, all the time muttering darkly about the Dursleys.

Hagrid had carried him, wrapped in the blanket, into a noisy, dark room. Harry had heard Hagrid bellow, "Tom!" nearly at the top of his lungs, silencing the room in a moment. A brown-haired man with a towel on his arm came running and led Hagrid up some stairs and into a room.

"I'll get Agripina," he had said before hurrying off. Hagrid set him down on a bed, whose covers were already pulled down. Hagrid had been mumbling under his breath about "kindness", "repayment in kind", and Harry's eyes opened wide when Hagrid had said, "Dursley," venomously.

Harry had tried covering his face with his arms and cried out, "No! Uncle! I'm sorry!"

Hagrid pulled back in shock then said softly as he patted Harry's arm, "Don't you worry about it, 'Arry. Aggie'll be 'ere 'n a moment an' take good care of ya," and gently placed a cold, wet towel on Harry's forehead. The coolness helped the pain.

"How is he?" a soft, gentle voice called out.

Harry heard Hagrid say, "'E's been knocked out by his muggle uncle and is a little woggy. I put a towel on his head soaked in healing liniment on 'is fore'ead. It seemed to calm 'im a bit."

He felt the towel taken off and he looked into a pair of the bluest eyes he had ever seen. There was a smattering of freckles on the nose between them. The eyes pulled back and he saw the pretty young woman with honey-blonde hair who was sitting on his bed.

She looked over at Hagrid, "Well, he had quite the bruise on his face, a broken nose and the two cuts on his eyelids will need to get taken care of. I presume he is allergic to the eye healing potion?" she asked and he saw as Hagrid shrugged. She then pulled a stick out of her dress and pointed it right at Harry's eyes.

Harry opened his eyes wide, afraid she was going to thrust the stick right through his face. She saw the expression. "Don't worry. I am just going to fix your nose, the bruise, fix the cuts and repair your glasses for you. Let me show you," she said and pulled the wand back a bit and sang a short little tune while waving her stick about.

Suddenly, Harry's face no longer had the bone-deep pain radiating from his nose. She sang again, waving her stick and his cheeks, which had swollen due to his uncle slamming the door in his face, shrank to normal size over the next few minutes, allowing him to see her more clearly. She then motioned to the night table where his glasses lay in two pieces. She set the pieces beside one another and, while singing and waving her wand once more, made his glasses whole again. She very gently placed the glasses on his face.

"How's that?" she asked with a neutral expression.

The smile on his face answered it for her as her smile grew to match his. "Now let's get you some broth. I think stew might be a bit too heavy for you," she said, as she cupped his cheek with her warm, soft hand. She stood and left the room. Her return was announced by the mouth-watering aroma of beef and bread entering the room. She walked in carrying a tray with a large bowl and a basket. She set the tray down and helped him slowly sit up in the bed. Once he was sat up, she sat on the bed and placed the tray over his lap.

Harry looked down into the largest bowl of thick beef broth he had ever seen. In a basket next to the bowl were piping hot slabs of fresh-baked bread. The woman picked up the spoon, stirred the broth for a moment, took a spoonful of the broth and tasted it.

Harry's look of elation rapidly faded at her actions and he now looked dejected. Is she going to torture me by eating it in front of me? he thought. She went to fill the spoon again and saw his expression. "I was just tasting it. Sometimes my uncle uses too much salt," she said as she filled the spoon and held it up to his lips.

He opened his mouth slowly, expecting her to ram the spoon into the back of her mouth the way Uncle Vernon had done once with scalding hot tea. Instead, she gently put the spoon in his mouth, waited for him to close his lips and pulled the spoon gently out.

As the warm fluid touched his tongue, an explosion of flavours filled his mouth. Beef, fresh vegetables, salt, pepper, cinnamon. The beef and cinnamon caused an image of a red-haired woman surrounded by a glowing golden halo to flash into his mind for a moment. She offered him the spoon and opened the towel on the basket a bit more, took a piece of bread from the basket and put it in his other hand. He held the spoon, she noticed, the way an infant would. He was rigid, she noticed. "Go ahead and eat. You need it to grow," she said.

Harry was waiting for her to yank the food away or throw it in his face. Having only ever watched his aunt, uncle and cousin use utensils before, never being allowed to use them to eat himself, Harry was somewhat uncoordinated with the spoon. He took one spoonful and nearly spilled it all over himself, fear and uncertainty causing his hand to shake considerably.

The woman pointed her stick at him again and he flung his arms up in front of his face, afraid this time she really was going to poke him with it. He felt the tray lifted off his lap and two hands take his wrists but not pull on his arms. "Harry?" she called to him softly.

Harry opened his eyes and looked between his arms at her, his face a mask of fear. He noticed Hagrid was standing behind her, holding the tray in his hands.

"'Arry," Hagrid said gently, "Aggie's not going to 'urt you. She was just going to clean up the spilled broth an' show ya 'ow to use the spoon and the knife," he said.

Harry slowly relaxed his arms and felt the woman gently but firmly rub his arms. "Harry, do you know what a promise is?" Agripina asked.

Harry nodded at her. "Uncle Vernon promised to beat me if I was bad," he said.

Agripina's expression darkened for a moment, then her smile returned. "Well, I solemnly PROMISE," she emphasised, "I won't hit you or slap you or kick you or punch you or hurt you in any way no matter how bad you are," she said.

Harry nodded at her but remained silent as he thought, "She's lying. Adults always hit, lie, and hurt,".

He looked up at Hagrid as he spoke, "Now, would you like to finish the broth Tom made for ya?" he asked, gesturing to the tray. Harry looked down and nodded timidly. "There's a good lad," Hagrid said and set the tray back down on Harry's lap.

Agripina picked up the spoon and held it in her hand. "Do you see how I am holding the spoon, Harry?" she asked.

He looked at her and nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."

She gently took his hand and placed the spoon in it, moving his fingers to grip the spoon properly. "Now, hold the spoon like this and try to eat some soup," she said.

He focused on his hand for a moment and the position it was in with relation to the spoon. He then moved the spoon into the broth and picked up the spoonful. He managed to make it to his mouth without spilling anything, leaning forward as he took his first, unassisted spoonful of broth. Once he had swallowed the broth he looked up and saw that Agripina was smiling at him. "Now why don't you finish off the broth and have some bread with it," she said, and watched him eat the rest of the broth and empty the basket of bread.

For the first time in as long as Harry could remember, he was no longer hungry and he felt warm and safe. He also felt sleepy.

Hagrid removed the tray from Harry's lap and carried it out of the room. Agripina looked at Harry and saw the signs of his exhaustion. She gestured for him to move back down in the bed and lay his head, once more, on the pillow. She took his now-repaired glasses and placed them on the night table, well within his reach. "Sleep now, Harry. Hagrid, Azrael, Beelzebub, and I will watch over you," she said softly to him, her hand gently brushing back his hair from his forehead.

"Who are Azrael and Beelzebub?" he asked on the edge of sleep.

She smiled. "Two of my very best friends," she answered as he fell asleep, feeling full and warm for the first time he could remember.


Harry awoke, keeping his eyes closed. Something was wrong. The room was too warm, the smells of food and clean linens filled his senses and there was no sound other than a soft rumbling next to his head. He felt a large spot of warmth where the rumbling noise was coming from and barely opened his eyes to see what was causing it. He was looking into two slowly-blinking, bright yellow eyes. For his trouble of opening his eyes, he got his nose sniffed. The enormous grey and white cat stood and stretched, then hopped down and gracefully walked out of a dog-sized opening in the door. "It's bigger than even Mr. Tibbles at Mrs. Figgs," he thought.

He could still feel a warm rumbling sound above his head and felt soft fuzzy things touching both ears. He slowly reached his hand up and touched something furry above his head on the pillow. He felt the fuzziness on either side of his head move downwards for a moment before they moved upwards again, then felt the shifting of a significant weight on the pillow.

While the grey and white cat had been the largest cat he'd ever seen, the jet-black cat that moved off his pillow and now sniffed at him was half-again larger. Harry was surprised as the cat's eyes ere green. He'd never seen green eyes in a cat before. It sniffed at him and then yawned right in his face. He could see teeth in its mouth that seemed huge.

It looked away and began kneading at the coarse blanket next to his shoulder. The cat circled several times before unceremoniously plopping down on Harry's arm, effectively pinning him to the bed. It then closed its eyes and began purring loudly.

There was a soft knocking at the door a few moments later followed by a woman's muffled voice, "Harry, Azrael tells me you are awake. May I come in?" the voice asked.

Harry looked over and, with his free arm, reached over to the night table, took his glasses and put them on. He was in a large bed, in a large room and was wearing soft cotton pyjamas. There was the slight knocking again. "Yyyyes...cccome in," he managed to stutter out.

The doorknob rattled and turned and Agripina entered the room. "Good morning. Master Hagrid will be here shortly to take you shopping. Do you want anything specific for breakfast?" she asked with a warm, caring smile as she sat on the bed and cupped his cheek with her palm. At the contact, the memories from yesterday flooded back to Harry as he closed his eyes and let out a contented sigh.

A rather loud "MEOW!" caused Harry's eyes to open again. The woman had begun petting the giant black cat who, as Harry opened his eyes, began purring.

"Are you all right, Harry?" Agripina asked, a concerned tone to her voice. He nodded, a small smile on his face. "Are you hungry?" she asked. His entire body tensed at those words. His breathing became slow and controlled. His eyes closed to slits as he looked at her.

"Harry, I am going to have breakfast made for you, Hagrid and myself. I am going to let you eat your fill, just like last night. I am not going to hit you or become angry with you. These things I promise," she said earnestly. She felt him relax a bit and he opened his eyes fully again to look at her.

"I like bacon and pancakes," he said, then added fearfully, "but I can make them if it is not too much trouble."

She stood, looked down at him and smiled, "That won't be necessary, Harry. Uncle Tom enjoys cooking," she explained. She stroked his hair away from his eyes, uncovering the scar on his forehead, but not lingering on it. She looked at the pile of clothing on the floor then looked down at Harry again. "Are these the only clothes you have?" she asked.

Harry nodded, swallowed and felt he had to explain, "Uncle Vernon said there was no use in buying nice things for a freak like me and that I should be happy to get Dudley's old things. They are nice clothes, after all."

At his explanation, her face morphed to an enraged mask for only a moment, but returned once more to her smile. Harry tensed and pulled his arms up defensively, displacing the black cat with loud, "Meow!" of complaint. Once more he felt her sit on the bed and gentle, warm hands take hold of his wrists.

"Harry," Agripina said, "I promised you I wouldn't hurt you. You are no freak. You are a beautiful young boy." Harry relaxed his arms and let her move them back to being at his sides. "I am going to let Uncle Tom know what you want for breakfast, I am going to find you some clothes that fit and I will be back in a bit. Do you like cats?"

"Mrs. Figg had cats. When I would stay with her, the cats were friendly," he said.

She looked at the door then looked back down at Harry with a smile, "My friends Azrael and Beelzebub will be staying with you while I am gone. They can be a bit finicky, but if you scratch their head or chin, they will be quite content," she explained, and by ay of demonstration, curled her fingers and began scratching the chin of the black cat. "This is Beelzebub," she said in an almost reverent tone.

She looked at the doorway once more as the large grey and white cat walked into the room followed by an orange and white kitten. The large cat stopped for a moment, seemingly waiting for the kitten to catch up. Once it had, the cat casually picked the kitten up in its mouth by the scruff of its neck and jumped onto the bed. It walked alongside Harry and deposited the kitten on his chest. "Where did you find this one?" Agripina asked, then looked at Harry, "And this is Azrael."

Apparently, Azrael was a cat of few words. "Meow," the cat uttered, turning its head to look at the woman.

Agripina raised an eyebrow, "Is that so?" she asked.

Once more, Azrael uttered the typical feline response, drawing this one out for a few moments.

The woman looked at the cat for a few moments then softly laughed. "You rogue," she said to the cat, running her nails from his head all the way along his back to his tail.

Harry was amazed. "You can understand what they say?" he asked in awe.

She looked at Harry with a crooked smile on her face. "Azrael is my familiar and has been since I was your age. The more time I spend with him, the better I understand him and the better he is at knowing my needs. He sleeps with me, walks with me and has been with me practically every waking moment since he was six weeks old," she explained, then her face took on a slightly sad cast, "Beelzebub was my mother's familiar."

She stood up, "Let me go get us some food and we can chat while we shop today," she said, making a tisking sound with her tongue, which brought her to Azrael's attention, who looked at her and meowed, then lay down next to Harry with his head on Harry's lap. "I'll be right back," she said and disappeared out of the door.

Harry held his hand up for the obligatory sniffing of the fingers and then he began scratching Azrael's head and chin. The kitten climbed from the comforter onto Harry's lap and began rubbing his face and side against Harry's arm. Beelzebub sniffed at the kitten a few moments before walking off and settling between Harry's legs. Harry closed his eyes, content to provide attention to three not-terribly demanding felines. He didn't even realise when he dozed off.


Harry awoke to the smell of bacon and warm pancakes, a rumbling next to his head, a slight weight on his chest, and his legs pinned to the bed by a large weight between them. He tensed in fear for a moment. He opened his eyes and saw a little orange ball of fur on his chest. He looked past the kitten but could only see a large, black lump between his legs. When he turned his head towards the rumbling, he saw Azrael with his eyes slightly open, blinking slowly as if he was desperately trying to stay awake. He felt a weight settle on the bed and turned in fear. The fear almost disappeared completely when he saw Agripina sitting on the bed with a tray of food for him. "Hungry?" she asked with a smile.

Harry nodded vigorously and smiled a nervous smile.

Other than a bit of tightening around the eyes, one would not have noticed Agripina's internal fire storm blazing away at whomever would withhold food from a child. "Well then, sit up. Let's get you fed, dressed and ready to go," she said.

Harry sat up in bed and scooted up to sit against a pile of pillows and set the kitten down next to Azrael. Beelzebub, who didn't seem to appreciate the jostling, meowed loudly, jumped down from the bed and left the room.

Agripina set the tray on Harry's lap and tousled his hair, "Eat up. There is plenty more where that came from," she said, removing the cover from the plate.

Harry looked at the plate in awe. There was a stack of five pancakes with butter dripping from between them and what looked like an entire flat of bacon cooked to the point of breaking crispness, just the way he liked it. Agripina stood and Harry looked up at her, "Aren't you eating with me?" he asked.

She smiled. "I can if you would like me to," she said.

Harry nodded, "Yes, please."

"I'll be right back," she said.

Two minutes later she walked back into the room carrying a tray on each hand followed by Hagrid carrying a table and three chairs into the room. Hagrid set the table down then arranged the chairs. Agripina set her trays down on the table then went over to Harry, put the cover back on his tray and set it, too, on the table. She saw the betrayed look on Harry's face and mistook it. "Now Harry, you didn't think I was going to leave Hagrid to eat by himself, did you?"

Harry shook his head while looking down, a tear running down his cheek.

Hagrid sat down and looked over at Harry and then at Agripina. Agripina looked at Hagrid, then looked back at Harry. She went over and sat down on the bed next to him and took his chin in her hand and drew his eyes up to her. "Harry, can you tell me why you are so upset?" she asked.

Harry shook his head, "It isn't important," he mumbled.

She cupped his cheek. "Harry, did I do something to upset you? I made you a promise, remember. In fact, several promises," she said. Another tear escaped down his face. Agripina now became upset. "Harry, please tell me what's wrong," she said earnestly.

He pulled his arms in, readying himself so that he would be able to block her slaps when they came. "I thought you were going to let me eat the food," he whispered quietly.

Agripina gently slid her hand down from his cheek to his chin and felt Harry tense. "Harry," she said contritely, "I am truly sorry for giving you the impression I was taking your food away. I expected that since Hagrid and I are joining you for breakfast that you would want to sit at the table with us so I took your tray to make it easier for you to get up. I don't know all of the details yet, but it seems to me you don't take my promises to mean much, likely because other people broke their promises to you in the past," she paused as Harry nodded. "Well, Harry, I have no intentions of breaking any promise I make to you," she said, looking searchingly into his eyes. He looked back at her then looked down and nodded again. "Now, how about you get out of bed and join us for breakfast at the table, which Hagrid was so kind to provide?" she asked with a smile, taking his hand in hers.

"Yes, please," he said, and let her help him climb out of bed. He noted that Hagrid held Agripina's chair out for her and then sat himself. Harry sat in the remaining chair as Agripina once more removed the cover from his platter. He was surprised the food had remained just as piping hot as before.

She looked at him and gestured at his napkin, taking her napkin, unfolding it and placing it in her lap. He did so as well. He then watched intently as she used her knife, fork and spoon to eat breakfast. He tried as best as he could to duplicate her actions. He was a bit clumsy at first, but by the end of breakfast, with her whispered coaching, both he and Hagrid had learned a few things about eating properly with utensils.


With breakfast done, Agripina had Hagrid show Harry the direction of the bath. Hagrid demonstrated the various levers and knobs, but suggested Harry make due with a simple shower. Harry undressed, showered, dried himself, washed his glasses and then looked for his clothes.

They were gone.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked to the door of the bath. He opened the door just a bit and called out, "Hello?" rather timidly. There was no answer. "Hello?!" he called out more loudly.

Still, no response.

He opened the door further and stuck his head out. No one was in sight.

He walked out into the room he had slept in and sitting on the bed was a package wrapped in cloth, tied with coarse hemp. He looked at the package, wondering whether or not he should open it. He jumped back when Azrael jumped up on the bed and meowed at him loudly.

Agripina walked in, somewhat distracted, "There you are, Harry," she said. Harry turned around suddenly, but not before Agripina saw the scars on his back and the backs of his legs.

Harry was frightened and felt the need to explain, "I'm sorry. I finished with my shower and couldn't find my clothes," he said, cringing in the corner and clearly trying to be brave as his arms kept swinging up into a protective stance and down once again repeatedly, the towel slipping from his waist.

Agripina backed out to the doorway of the room and knelt down. In her mind, she was enraged any adult could do such a thing to a child. On the outside, she had a frightened young boy in front of her who believed, it seemed, she was about to beat him. "Harry," she cooed, "remember my promises to you?" she asked. Harry nodded, but his arms still flailed in front of him. She looked at him softly, "I am not going to hurt you, Harry. Come here, please."

Harry's arms slowly settled down to relax at his sides as he looked at her somewhat sideways. Azrael jumped down from the bed, walked over to Harry, looked up at him then lifted himself up and put his front paws on Harry's waist and meowed. Harry took one look down at the cat, then looked at Agripina once more. Azrael meowed again, causing Harry to look into those golden yellow eyes. To Harry, it seemed as if Azrael was pleading with him. He reached out and tentatively pet the cat softly. Azrael closed his eyes and purred loudly. Harry pet the cat for some time. Agripina, he noticed, was not tensing to pounce upon him to beat him. She seemed content to watch him pet the cat. Azrael, however, had other ideas, it seemed. He went back down to the floor and began walking slowly towards Agripina, turning around each step and stopping, giving out a loud, but friendly, meow, sounding almost as if he was beckoning Harry to trust her the way the cat had trusted him.

Harry looked up sharply as Agripina called out his name softly. "Harry," she said just above a whisper, "I didn't intend to startle you. Can you forgive me?" she asked. Harry nodded hesitantly. In the same tone of voice, she asked, "Would you like to try on your clothes?" Harry looked at the package on the bed then realised his state of undress. He began to stammer an apology, covering himself with his hands. "No need to apologise, Harry," she said, turning her back to him to give him some modicum of privacy. "Do you object to me staying and us talking while you try on your clothes?" she asked.

"That would be fine with me, Miss," Harry said, with hesitation. He stood still for a moment, waiting for her to turn around and begin beating him, but she did not. He moved to the bed and began untying the bow knot. As the knot came undone, the cloth wrapping the clothes fell away releasing a scent that reminded Harry of Mrs. Smith, the woman who lived at Number Six Privet Drive. She would hang some of her linens out in the sun on warmer days and they smelled like fresh-opened flower blossoms.

While the clothes were not new, they were finer than any Harry had ever worn before. He picked up the white cotton underpants. They were soft, clean and looked like they would actually fit him, unlike the cast-offs from Dudley. Then he remembered the reason he received the cast-offs from Dudley.

He expressed those reasons. "I can't wear these, Miss. They're too fine to be wasted on a freak like me. Uncle Vernon says...", but he stopped speaking as he watched her slowly turn around. Her eyes had a hardness to them which meant he was about to be beaten. He looked at the floor, knowing there was no way to avoid a beating when Uncle Vernon looked at him that way.

He looked up at her when she spoke as her voice did not sound angry. She had a sad expression on her face. "Harry, is it Uncle Vernon who beat you and gave you those scars?" she asked quietly.

Harry looked at the floor again before speaking, "Uncle Vernon said he was trying to beat the unnaturalness out of me. I make things happen that shouldn't happen so he would beat me. The strange things would stop for two or three days but then something would happen again," he explained, expecting to be slapped across the face, as he could now see Agripina's feet in front of him. Instead of slapping him, however, she knelt down and cupped his cheek with her hand.

"Harry," she said, tears in her eyes, "you are not a freak, or unnatural and you are deserving of nice things. If you would let me, I have a salve that would help with the scars on your back and legs."

Harry looked up at her and smiled for a fraction of a second and looked down at the floor again, "You shouldn't waste them on me. I'm not worth that much effort," he said, inside hoping she would do it, but afraid to have any hope. Hope was the enemy that made him angry at times.

Once more his eyes rose to her face as he heard the tears in her words. He watched two run down her cheeks. "Harry," she said, the emotion in her voice, "I think you're important. If it took me a year to brew one batch of the potion, it would be worth it to me. May I go get it and use it on you? I reaffirm my promise I will not hurt you, Harry. Not ever!" she whispered vehemently.

Harry could only nod. No one had ever been this kind to him before except Mrs. Figg.

He stood there for a few minutes, absently petting Azrael. A few minutes later, Agripina entered Harry's room with a tray of bottles. She set this on the bed and asked Harry to turn around. "I'm sorry, Harry, but this is going to be a bit cold," she said.

He merely nodded and waited. He felt a cold wetness flow over his shoulders, down his back, over his buttocks and down the backs and sides of both legs. As it flowed down his back, he heard Agripina begin singing but it didn't sound like any language he knew. The cold turned to a thrilling coolness. He was trying to discern what else had changed. Something was different now, but he couldn't identify it. He did notice Agripina had stopped singing.

"There," she said, "It will take two or three more weeks of these treatments for them to go away completely. We can only do this once every two days, but by this time next month, those scars will be gone," she said the last emphatically. When Harry made no motion to move, Agripina gave him a gentle reminder, "You can get dressed now, Harry," she said quietly.

Harry put on the clothing Agripina had provided him. Underpants, an undershirt, long wool socks, loose-fitting trousers, a jumper, soft black boots, and some dust-coloured robes which, to Harry, looked more like a dress. He looked at the robes with some uncertainty.

"They're robes, Harry. Go ahead and put them on," Agripina said encouragingly.

He held them up and saw they opened like a long coat. He pulled the left side in as it buttoned within the interior of the right side. He then pulled the right side around, buttoning it on the outside of the left side. He turned around to see Agripina smiling at him. "Now you look like a proper young wizard," she said.

Harry's eyes opened wide, "W...w...w...wizard?" he stuttered.

Agripina nodded, "Yes, Harry, a wizard. From what Hagrid tells me, and from what I've heard about you, you're going to be a powerful wizard."

was shaking his head slightly, "No. You must have me mistaken for someone else. I'm just Harry. Plain, nobody, useless Harry," he said somewhat sadly.

Agripina knelt down and put a hand on each of his shoulders. She looked him searchingly in the eye, "Harry, you are far from useless, you are certainly somebody and you're quite a handsome young boy. There are many stories about you, Harry." Harry looked at her, his face contorting into a look of fear and disbelief. Agripina, seeing this, explained, "I imagine most, if not all, of them are made-up by people profiting from your fame."

Harry's eyes opened wider and he took a step back from the crazy lady, "Fame? I'm not famous. You must have me mistaken with someone else," he said, consciously trying to keep his arms at his side instead of held up between himself and Agripina.

The door in the hall banged open loudly, startling both of them. "Aggie?! Harry?!" they heard Hagrid shout.

"In here!" Agripina called out.

They heard the door close and heavy footsteps approaching.

"'Ello Aggie! 'Ello 'Arry! Are you two ready ta go shoppin'?" Hagrid asked with a smile. He then looked at Harry. "You look quite t' wizard 'n those, 'Arry," Hagrid said.

Harry smiled nervously at the man who nearly had to duck his head walking through the high-ceilinged room, "Thank you, Mr. Hagrid," Harry said timidly.

"Let's take you shopping then, shall we Harry?" Agripina asked.

Harry smiled and nodded his head. He'd never even been allowed to go shopping before and was feeling as if he was about to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Little did he know that his adventures were just beginning.