:Maria never left after the party, and Maria and the Baroness never had their conversation at least not yet.

:Maria is aware; she has feelings for the Captain but does not know what those feelings are.

:After the dance Georg is aware, but does not know if Maria feels the same, and does not want to ruin her planes of becoming a nun.

:I'm not bringing the Anschluss in it, there's going to be another little adventure instead.

Maria woke at seven o'clock, with the sun shining though her curtains. She stretched with a smile across her face, happy it was going be a lovely day, she had decided the night before to take the children out on a picnic, one because the children would love it, and two because she wanted to give herself space from the captain. Last night after the dinner, which she was invited to by Max; she realized she felt something for the captain, but didn't know what, she thought it could be that she found a friend in him, but couldn't understand why it felt stronger than that.

Maria rose from her bed and started to head for the bathroom door, when a knock came, "come in." Liesl walked in "good morning Fraulien Maria, did you sleep well?" "Oh yes, thank you Liesl, did you?" said Maria trying to sound her normal self. The fact was she didn't sleep that well, all though the night she was having images of the captain and her dancing to the landerla together, and she had the strangest feeling that after dinner was over, and everybody returned back to the ballroom, he was going to ask her to dance again.

"Yes thank Fraulien, was the dress I lent you alright?" Liesl had borrowed Maria one of her dress, Maria felt she had nothing suitable and went to ask Liesl for her help. Liesl was so excited that Maria was invited to join the guess found her the perfect gown; it was a long cream silk satin, that came to Maria ankles, with sleeves that just covered her shoulders. Liesl wanted her to put on a bit of makeup, but Maria declined, saying there was no need for it. "Yes thank you Liesl, it fit perfectly". Liesl smiled and went to sit on the bed,

"Did you get to dance some more, Fraulien?" asking the question more wanting the answer to be yes with her father, Liesl had noticed there was something happening between Maria and her father; she just hoped they realized it to. "Yes I did" Liesl face lit up, "you're Uncle Max, is quit the dancer" and liesl fell with disappointment. "Didn't you and father dance again?" Maria now spun around on the spot from her wardrobe where she was just choosing what to wear for the day. Maria face was a shock to be asked this question, but remembering that she and the captain had perform the landerla in front of the children; she signed "no liesl, we didn't".

Maria now noticed the disappointing look across liesl face, and she too started to feel disappointed they did not dance again. "oh why do I feel like this" Maria thought to herself. Just then there was another knock at the door. Which displayed the captain? Maria heart had jumped into her mouth, seeing him standing there so hansom and ready for the day. Maria wounded how much he heard. "Sorry to disturb you Fraulien, but a telegram has just come for you" stepping into the room and handing it to her.

"Thank you" taking it from him, nervously trying her best not to make eye contact. Liesl noticed this and knew she was right there was something. "grown up she thought, they make things to compacted", also reprimanding herself, because of her and Rolf relationship, she hadn't seen him since her and her siblings first outing in town with Fraulien Maria, and then she felt as if he was mocking her for what she was wearing, her play clothes.

Liesl was brought from her thoughts, at the sound of a gasp and looked towards her Maria In worry. "Is everything alright?" the captain asked sounding a little more conspired then he would with other remember of his staff. "I'm not sure, it's from the hospital in vianne, saying my sister Maggie was in evolved in a car accident last night and that I need to contact them as soon as possible.

Captain may I use…" she didn't get to finish the Captain knew straight away this was an emergency "yes, yes of cause you can use the phone" Maria was already spiriting out of her run, "use the one in my study" the captain raised his voice slightly to make sure she heard him. Only a moment later Georg and Liesl followed concerned with this news and worry about Maria.

Maria ran into the study, clutching the telegram in her hand, to her chest, she picked up the telephone, and asked for the Vienna hospital. Just as the Marias conversation was underway, the captain and Liesl stepped into the study, both more concerned, then when she left her room, listening to Maria's shaky voice. The captain could see tears starting to form in her eyes, and was now feeling the pain for her.

Georg had already decided to call things off last night with Elsa, knowing how he felt for Maria, even if she didn't feel the same, he knew he couldn't marry anyone else. The captain was startled when he heard Maria say, "Uh… one more thing, could you tell me where her children are?"… Yes … I see… tell them, I will be there… as soon as I can. Thank You."She slowly put the receiver down and the Captain decided to take a step forward. "Fraulien… is she alright" Maria was leaning against the captain desk.

Trying to hold herself up. "Uh… no," Maria answered in a daze of shock. She wiped the tears away and slowly turned towards him. "Captain, I need a few days off? My sister… she … uh… "She started, trying to chock back the tears that were also running down her face. "…she passed away last night, and I need to go…" On instinct Georg pulled Maria into his arms to comfort her. The scene in front of Liesl broke her heart but also felt better knowing her father was there to comfort Maria, Liesl knew then and there that her father will help Maria as much as he possible could.

As Maria was now pouring her heart in the Captain arms. The three didn't realize there were more people standing in the room, watching the scene before them. Hearing the crying coming from the study, and concerned Liesl siblings made their way to the study, and now all standing worrying at what could of put their governess in the state she was in. the little's ones were also stating to get upset, with seeing the state Maria was in. and the older ones were worried as they arrived just as they heard Maria say she needs to go.

The captain was still holding her tight to him and rubbing his hand up and down her back to comfort her, as much as he possible could. When he felt Maria start to calm he asked "is there anything I can do?" Stiffer ling back the tears and pulling away from him slightly "yes… hmmm …could you… if possible. Arrange for me to go to vianne?".

"Of cause, you go and get some of your things packed and I'll try and I'll sort the arrangements out" he said with reassurances that everything will be alright. Maria locked eyes with the captain and said "thank you". Georg and Maria didn't even notice that they were still standing very close, and that he was still holding her, with his hands to her shoulders, he spoke to liesl, but not turning away from Maria. "liesl go with Fraulien Maria and give her a hand to pack please".

This startled the children more who were still standing in the door, which caused them all to run in and start protesting, that they would not let her leave. Georg jumped at the commotion that had started and turned round fully to silence them. This worked as he shot them a disapproving look and firmly said quite. They stood froze, "Now… I will explain to all of you in a moment as to what is going on, as long as it's alright with Fraulien Maria… to do so" turning towards Maria for her approval. Maria gave a nod to do so.

"Right Fraulien Maria has just received some upsetting news, and she needs to go to Vienna as soon as possible". The children had hung on to their fathers words, but were also afraid of one thing, which Brigitta stepped forward to ask. "You will come back though, won't you Fraulien Maria?" Asked Brigitta sounding scared to what the answer would be. "Well...I…" Maria started not knowing what to say, with the situation she was now in. Georg cut in, "Brigitta… we will leave the question for now, as it is not the time" said Georg, firm to silence, but soft in understanding how his daughter feels, if Maria didn't return. What a horrible feeling he thought to himself. "Fraulien, why don't you go and get a bag ready and I'll make the arrangements" Maria nodded with agreement and left the study with Liesl.

The children were still concerned for Maria, and turned to him for more answers. He explained to them about her sister passing away, and that Maria needed to go to Vienna as soon as possible. The children understood, and then was told to go and have their breakfast, but before they left Brigitta turned back to her father and said, "you won't let her go will you father?" Georg was a bit confused by his daughters sudden outburst, "Brigitta I explained this, she has to go darling"

"I don't mean that, I mean you won't ever let her leave will you" said Brigitta with the sound of worry and pleading in her voice. Georg knew what she ment, but didn't know what to say, he needed to reassure his daughter but not to make any promise to her or the rest of his children who were also still standing in the doorway waiting for an answer "I will help Fraulien Maria as much as I can sweetheart, now please go and have you're breakfast" knowing her father was true to his word, that he will help, but still worried that she was going to lose her governess, Brigitta gave him a false smile and turned to follow her siblings out of the room.

Georg stood for a moment deep in thought, he couldn't let her go, not just to Vienna, but he couldn't let her leave without telling her how he felt, but now was not the time. Another thought came to him about Maria's phone call, she asked about the children, does that mean Maria will have to take care of them, if so she'll have to leave the abbey. Georg brought himself back to relety and picked up the receiver.

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