It was five years later now and the Von Trapp family were all still going strong. A lot had changed in those years, but their happiness and their love had never faded – of course there had been some ups and downs in Maria and Georg's marriage over the years, but it was nothing they couldn't handle and always made up to one another by the end of the day.

Maria stood in front of the mantelpiece, admiring her photos of her family that had been added over the past few years, smiling at all the fond memories. Maggie and James 's wedding photo one of their own, and a photograph of Georg and Agathe's wedding too. Maria felt she owed the woman everything, because if it wasn't for her she wouldn't of met the wonderful family she'd become a part of. Yes she owed the woman a lot, having seven wonderful children who Maria loved and cherished very much, and would always guide them the best way she could, and she would never have met her adorable husband. So to Maria; even though she'd never met the woman, she too felt Agathe was a part of her family to, not just her Husband and seven of her children's past.

It still surprised her that this was her family – a family that had grown with two new arrivals over those five years. Both children had been boys – to the joy of the other three, ecstatic that the male to female ratio had improved. Christian had been conceived on their honeymoon, and Lukas on their first wedding anniversary.

Maria had just arrived home from an appointment in Salzburg. She was still a little shocked after returning home only moments ago from the doctors for her twenty week check-up, and finding out a special little surprise she, just couldn't wait to tell her husband followed by the rest of the family.

Maria had noticed this pregnancy was different from her other two, but she never expected the news she received from the doctor. She hadn't yet managed to tell Georg her news, upon her return he was outside on the terrace with their guests who had arrived for a celebration for their five year anniversary. Even though it was the day before they decided to come down for the weekend to celebrate, as John and Anna had become frequent visitors.

Max of course would show up nearly every month and stay for at least a week, or at least till Georg made it quite obvious he'd out stayed his welcome, and then Max would go off somewhere to amuse himself for a while, only to return a month later saying how much he missed everyone and bringing back souvenirs for all the children.

She had to laugh when she remembered a day Max sent a telegram saying he would be arriving the following day. That was it. Georg grabbed what children and staff he could, telling them to "bolt the doors, and board up the windows". Of course the children all knew he was joking and all laughed it off, knowing full well that their father's and Uncle Max's friendship was always playful, and they loved seeing the two together, especially their father being wound up by him.

In those years that passed Liesl and Rolf's relationship had grown too, and the two were still going strong. They'd both ended up at the same university in Vienna, which put Georg's mind at ease a little knowing Rolf was there to look out for his eldest daughter. They were both in their last years now, and Maria had noticed that they seemed to become inseparable. Maria suspected that there maybe a little news very soon, but she hadn't mentioned anything to Georg just yet, after all even though he had made it quite clear that he liked Rolf very much, Liesl was still and always would be his little girl, (as they all would be) and at the moment Maria wasn't in any situation to stop Georg from ringing the boys neck.

Friedrich and Louisa were both away from home too. Friedrich wanted to become a doctor and Louisa had decided on becoming a teacher, which did surprise her parents a little, as the girl never seemed to have the patience. But she did have a good way of teaching people things and listening as well, which was all proved when she was at home, and she still managed to keep Alexandra out of trouble the best she could.

All the others were still at home, Kurt had decided he wanted to become a chef, and was now always helping cook out with meal times whenever he could. Brigitta and Katharina were both going strong with their books, but not the fairy tales, more romantic ones now. Alexandra was still her normal self, not changed one bit, she still went round in her tomboy-ish clothes, hair all over the place and still taking whatever lads that would try and cross her, (brothers or not).

Marta and Gretl were still Maria and Georg's baby girls, and were proud to find them growing up into beautiful young ladies. Marta had grown out of her shyness now, thanks to the help of Alexandra's influence. And as for Gretl she still knew how to wrap her father right around her little finger with her stubbornness.

Oscar still adored his stories from his father even now still at the age of nine, and already had his mind made up about what he wanted to be. He wanted to follow in Georg's footsteps and become a sea captain, nothing more or less as he found it pretty cool.

The two new members of the family, Christian and Lukas are the full image of their father, both having the cheeky grin, one of the things Maria loved about her husband. The two boys loved being part of the big family, and loved all the attention they'd get from the rest of their older siblings, and spoilt by their father as all were.

Maria took another look at the big photo over the mantelpiece; the family portrait, that was taken out by the lake on a nice, warm, sunny day, the whole family squashed together, giving tight hugs to whoever they were next to and cheesy grins. Yes, that described how happy her family really are, unfortunately though it would be soon replaced after this pregnancy, for a new one.

Maria made her way out towards the terrace and she spotted her nine children straight away all scattered around the garden. As soon as she was spotted she was greeted with cheerful waves and shouts of mother from all. Even the twins had started calling her mother some time later in those years that passed by, just like the Von Trapp children, as they felt Maria was more to them then an aunt, and as they knew they would never forget their real parents, knew she and Georg deserved to be addressed as something more special then aunt and uncle.

Maria greeted her husband with a warm kiss to his cheek, before sitting down and joining their guests and Georg, being asked how everything had gone, she replied reassuring them that everything was going along nicely, receiving a warm affectionate gaze from her husband.

A short time later, the house was soon bombarded with four more surprised people who weren't supposed to be arriving till tomorrow. Their three eldest children and Rolf "no surprise there" Maria and Georg had both thought when the four all came out to greet them on the terrace, followed up with excitement from the rest of the children that their eldest siblings were home for the weekend. Hugs and kisses were passed around, before everything got settled again.

They were all in deep conversation when Liesl brought up Maria's pregnancy, asking how everything was and telling her mother she was blooming. Maria sat wondering whether or not to bring up her new news now or wait till she and Georg were alone.

But it was Max who put an end to her misery when he said, "Well I suppose this means you'll both be having another after this one…" This caused a few stares to be directed at him from all around the table. He finished by explaining, "Well thirteen is an unlucky number after all".

Only Max could think up something silly like that.

"Oh I don't know, Max, it seems like a strong number," Georg countered, who was now sitting next to Maria on a two seated chair, having an early drink. "What do say darling?" he asked Maria.

"Oh I don't know, fourteen sounds stronger," she answered a little teasingly.

He chuckled, answering, "Yes it does, and as usual… we will have to see what happens…"

He whispered the final part in her ear, his voice just as teasing as hers had been.

Just as he was about to take another sip of his drink, the glass was brought to a halt at his lips when Maria answered once again, "Maybe it's already happened."

Georg caught onto her answer immediately and turned to his wife, wide-eyed and a little shocked. "You mean…"

"Yes, Georg…" Maria answered. "We're having twins."

As Maria finished she was pulled into a tight hold with Georg laughing out as he explained excitedly to their guests about the news. Hearing the commotion and seeing their parents laughing and holding each other, the rest of the children approached them all, curious and inquisitive looks across their faces.

As Georg and Maria looked at each other for a moment, silently enquiring as to who would tell the children their news, Georg nodded for Maria to reveal it.

"Well, children, it turns out that you'll be getting more than one new sibling this time…"

Maria waited and watched for their reaction, as did Georg, but it only lasted for a second as another cacophony of loud sounds erupted, all of the children discussing between themselves about this news.

Above the noises, Georg and Maria could just make out Gretl exclaiming, "I could have a new brother and a sister!" whilst Oscar readily agreed with her.

This certainly gave the children a good excuse to discuss names for a boy and a girl without being scolded by their parents when an argument escalated between them as to their new sibling's gender (as had been proven twice before), and it also gave Max and John an extremely good excuse to sneak away and raid the wine cellar.

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