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The doors boomed as they came to a stop within the stone walls housing them. The light from outside filled the inner chamber, but the light from the three jewels he had obtained still blinded him.

"Link! You have to hurry! Time's up!" a tiny voice cried.

He looked up at a light hovering around his head.

"I know Navi, I know."

The boy, Link, slowly made his way to the doorway. The Door of Time may stand open, but after all he'd been through lately, he wasn't ready to take a chance yet. Dwarfed still further by the massive stones, he peered into the room that he had just unlocked. He saw a dais...and a sword. A beam of sunlight from outside shone down on the blade, giving it an even more mystical feel.

"So that's the Master Sword..." Link breathed.

Slowly, he climbed the steps to the pedestal in which the sword rested. He fingered the hilt, feeling the cold metal under his fingertips. His fingers wrapped around the grip, tightening firmly. With a deep breath, he yanked on the blade. It didn't move. He tried again. Nothing frustrated, he planted his feet, and put both hands around the sword. With a mighty pull, the blade came free.

At first, nothing happened. Then he heard a whisper all around him. Whirling around, he saw nothing.

"Link...something's happening..." Navi murmured.

Wisps of energy began fading in and out around him. They gathered in a circle, orbiting him.

"The time stream, Link you're seeing the time stream!" Navi exclaimed.

The energy became more and more solid and rotated faster. It started closing in around him. Nervous, he looked for a way out of the circle, and found none. Taking a step back, he accidentally hit the edge of the circle of temporal energy. It grabbed him, flowing over his body.

"Grahhh!" he screamed, pain unimagined flowing through him. He was being ripped apart by the force of time itself!

"Link!" Navi cried, helpless as the boy started to dissolve.

With a final agonizing scream, he was gone, and the Master Sword fell to the ground.

"Heheheh..." a dark voice chuckled.

The fairy whirled around, seeing a dark figure framed by the stone.

"G-Ganondorf?" she wailed.

"Foolish couldn't handle the power of the Triforce if you tried..."

The evil man strode to the dais, and reached for the sword. As his fingers brushed the hilt, a spark of energy knocked him back.

"So...the sword of evils bane indeed..."
The King of Thieves smirked.

"This curse I lay on the blade, that it shall not be held, save by one who holds the same power as that boy."
He laughed to himself.

"For he was destined to grasp the Triforce, obviously. Whichever part he would hold, that fate passes to a new keeper. Only they can hold the sword now."

The Gerudo lifted his hand, and a doorway appeared behind the pedestal.

" claim my destiny!"

He went through the door and vanished.


"No...not again..." the boy cried to himself.

Voices pierced the air around him.

"Get back here!"
"You can't run forever!"
"You'll pay for your sins, brat!"
The boy sobbed as he ran for his life. Why was it like this? What had he done to these people to make them hate him so?

"There he is! Get him!"

"Uwaaaah!" he screamed, dashing down a side alley.

The street he had left had filled with people, most of them following their small quarry.

"Come on! No escape for him now!"

They were right. He came face-to-face with a dead-end. His eyes darted frantically to the walls around him, but there was nothing to climb. He started to turn back, to take a different route, but a stone smacked him in the head. Dazed, he fell to the ground, his hand over the bleeding wound. The crowd had caught him.

"Now, you'll pay, for everyone you killed you monster!"

Unable to think straight, he cried out, "What did I do to you? Tell me, please! I'm sorry, just don't hurt me anymore!"

The people laughed coldly.

"What a thing for a beast like you to say. You'll be sorry alright!"

A knife flashed through the air, piercing the arm he held up. The boy screamed, clutching his new wound with his other hand. The crowd drew closer, like sharks who reacted with the smell of fresh blood. The boy cowered away.

"No more, please...don't..." he sobbed.

His plea went unheard, as weapons of all kinds made contact with his young body. From the basic; baseball bats, sticks, stones, and hammers; to the deadly blades, daggers, and swords. He was bruised, beaten, broken, and cut. All without mercy, without remorse. The nightmare of it all was that he would never pass out, not until it was over. He felt everything that hit him. His screams went unheeded, for no one would help him.

A new pain, a burning on his hand. His eyes widened. Not ninja, not again! They hurt even worse. The pain grew, and he screamed more from it than anything else. A blinding light started coming from his body, and the mob stepped back, afraid. His hand was glowing a bright gold, and a shape started appearing on the back of it. Fearing an attack from the thing they had just beaten, the mob fled, leaving the broken boy alone at last. His eyes, slowly dimming out, saw what was forming on the back of his hand. A triangle made of three smaller triangles. One of them was glowing gold, the other two were shadows. Faces floated in front of his mind...and names with them. Three of them he didn't know, but one was quite familiar to him.

"Sakura-Chan..." he thought before passing out.


"Sakura! Are you finished your lunch yet?"

"Almost, Okaa-san!" she called back.

Sakura turned back around in her chair and sighed. She really didn't want to go shopping. She hated it. The other girls would be there, making fun of her forehead. Ino wouldn't be there, to shut them up. Dutifully, she finished her lunch and went outside. Her mother was waiting.

"Come on honey, we need to get you some new clothes if you are going to start at the academy next week."

"Yes Okaa-san..."

The shop was downtown, so it was a fair walk. As they traversed the streets, she could hear some of the girls snickering around her. She hung her head. Things weren't going to change anytime soon.

She heard angry shouting up ahead, so she looked up to see what the commotion was about. Just in time, because a black-and-blonde blur whizzed by her and ducked down an alley behind them, screaming.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Sakura stammered.

Was that terrified blur really the same kind boy that helped her smile the tears away every day? Why?

A large crowd of angry people followed him, obviously not meaning well for him. She started to follow, worried, but her mother took a strong grip on her hand. Confused, Sakura looked up at her mother.

"Sakura, have you been hanging around with that boy?" she demanded, frowning.

"Y-yes. Naruto-kun talks to me every time I see him. When I'm crying, he makes me smile."

Her mother sighed. She knew that the boy was not a reincarnation of the fox, and was a sweet boy, but her daughter would be stigmatized if she continued to be seen with him.

"Sakura, you can't see him anymore."

Sakura was shocked. Her mother had never told her anything like that before.

"But Okaa-san, why? He didn't do anything wrong did he?"

"No...and that's the sad thing isn't it?" the elder Haruno muttered to herself.

"Sakura, please listen. If you hang around that boy, you'll get in trouble."
Sakura shook her head violently.

"I don't CARE! Naruto-kun is my friend! I'm happy when I'm around him!"
Her mother's heart ached with this, she hated the need to do this to them both. But she had to protect Sakura.

"I'm sorry, but there's no room to argue. It's final."
Sakura started to say something but a strange burning on her hand distracted her. Her mother noticed her staring at her hand.

"Sakura, what is it?"
She started to speak, but all that came out was a
Mar 13th, 3:36pm

I'm sorry, but there's no room to argue. It's final."
Sakura started to say something but a strange burning on her hand distracted her. Her mother noticed her staring at her hand.

"Sakura, what is it?"
She started to speak, but all that came out was a hiss of pain as the burning doubled in intensity. Sakura cried out, it felt as if her hand was on fire.


A glow surrounded the burning hand, and Sakura passed out from the pain.

"Sakura!" her mother cried, catching her daughter before she fell to the ground. Staring at the hand, she saw something take form. Three triangles, forming a larger triangle. Two of them were dark, and one of them was halfway filled with gold.
She paid it no mind and picked her daughter up, running to the path that led to the hospital. She saw a flash of light to her left in an ally and saw a mob of villagers run out from it. She ran into the alley, momentarily forgetting about her daughter, and walked into the ally the villagers ran from. She saw the battered and bloodied Naruto unconscious with the same marking but had more filled in she looked at it.

"What does this mean,"she thought.

"What happened here,"a cool collected voice broke her from her thoughts.

She turned and saw an Anbu black ops member behind her.
"Please help my daughter she passed out and now has a seal on her wrist. I was running to get her to the doctor and on my way there I saw a golden light glow from this ally and saw the villagers run from here so I went to look and found him with the same seal mark," Sakura's mother told the Anbu agent.
The Anbu remained silent and stared at her. She began to wonder if he didn't believed her and thought she was lying; She was about to say she was telling the truth until another Anbu member appeared. "We will take care of you daughter Ms. Haruno. Once you get to the hospital, you are to stay there until the Hokage arrives to question you," the Anbu member said. "You are going to help him too right?" the elder Haruno asked. She may not want her child near the Uzumaki, but she sure as hell was not going to turn a blind eye to a child that was in the condition he was in.

"We will be taking him as well," the Anbu said assuring her. The Anbu agent took Sakura out of her hands while the other grabbed Naruto and they both disappeared. The elder Haruno ran to the hospital.