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Chapter 1: Allen POV

The silhouette grunted in frustration as it swung at me again. I felt a smug smile turn up the corners of my mouth. This had always been my favorite part. My appearance fooled them all. It's not like I'm unnaturally short or anything! I just happen to live in a world of ridiculously tall people. But my "small"-ish stature pinpointed me as "weak". This one was no different. I danced around the Akuma, a huge grin on my face. I loved the satisfaction of being stronger than my enemy is. Especially if my enemy was bigger than I was.

Though it was too dark for it to see my face, the Akuma seemed to sense that I was enjoying myself. The creature growled in frustration as I danced in circles around it - giggling as I prodded it in the side then disappearing before he could swat at me.

I spun faster, zipping and twirling around it like a top. The Akuma's head whipped back and forth as it tried to get his arms around my blurred form. It was starting to get dizzy, so I prepared myself for my next move. I ended my little dance with a quick bop on the head that would do nothing but annoy it, and skipped away before it could land a hit. It whirled around to face me, panting.

"What do you want?" it screeched, voice shaking almost as if it was afraid of the answer.

The street light flickered on at that moment, and the details of my surroundings were revealed. The alley was small and grimy. The walls were covered in spray paint and the ground littered with old cigarette butts and empty beer bottles. The Akuma, standing only a few yards away, was glaring fearfully in my direction.

The creature stood nearly three heads taller than I did, though it was only a Level 3. Its armored body was scratched and dirty, and its beady eyes were angry. The Level 3's posture remained resigned but tense and defensive.

"Information, of course." My voice was suddenly very flat and steely as I activated my Innocence once again. All teasing and fun gone from my expression, I pinned the pathetic being to the ally wall with my cursed hand, letting the claws scrape the brick by the Akuma's head.

"Talk." I demanded, secretly crossing my fingers that I would get something good this time.

"Why should I?" the creature snarled.

"Because I can hear your soul screaming. I can save you." I winced as I listened to the writhing cries of the soul before me.

The Level 3 cackled loudly. "Pfft! I've heard about you! The exorcist who deludes himself by calling his way of life 'justice'. You think you can save us? Who said we wanted saving?" It cackled again and spat at me.

I sighed at the usual dribble. I could tell that wasn't going to get anything out of this one. Sometimes I wished these creatures realized how much I was helping them. Nevertheless, I remained by my standards and continued to do my best at my job. Without and more pause, I finished off the Level 3 and released the poor soul from its torture.

Being Allen Walker is never easy.

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