It was a sunny day in San-fransisco. A women no older than thirty-five was walking

thru the woods the women had a sad look on her face and was looking at the aqua blue

blankets in her arms. she kept muttering the words "i'm sorry i love you you'll be safe

here its for the best" she said to the baby in here arms almost as if she was reassuring

Herself. Now the baby was only three weeks old so he did not under stand a single

word she was saying. now you must be wondering who the baby is well i'll tell you

His name was Perseus Calvin Jackson. Now you'r second question is probably

where is he going why is he leaving his mother all good questions. well i'll answer them

he is going to the wolf house to take the test and see if he can live in camp Jupiter,

be trained by the mother of hero's and the wolf goddess and survive the prophecy the boy's

father said to his mother. and to answer your final question is because sally has cancer and-

will not be able to take care of her child. By now she has set the child down in the ruins of an

old burned down manchen(sorry i don't know how to spell it and spell check inst working )

be brave my child sally told percy and she kissed him on the forehead and left percy alone to face the test!

A/N I FOR GOT TO describe his looks he has onyx balck hair dark sea green eyes that look black from a

distance he has a nice tan some muscles well as much a 3 week old child can his eyes are the same as neptunes

and he has a scar on his lower lip from a dracanae attack luckily his mother had a imperial gold dagger and killed it he

needed 3 stitches the scar is a inch and a half long ok thats it for now his look will develop as he gets older