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Me- phew is he heavy

Pluto- unhand me you fool so i can kill you

Me- hmmmm no!

Pluto-*summons 1,000,000 dead soldiers* how do ya like that

Me-*grins* that was nothing wait till you see this *hand's clapping* be gone

Pluto-that's-that's it you aren't gonna do more

Me-hey good idea


Me- be hold *summons 200,000,000,000 dead soldiers* DO. THE. DISCLAIMER.

Pluto- son of erebus god of shadows does not own PJO or HOO, he only owns his characters

Me- thank you, now on with the story

third person's P.O.V

As Percy attacked the beat that was his biggest mistake, the beast turned around and smashed his tail down on Percy. He fell right through the floor board's as he was crawling back up through the hole,

he got cought on his belt, in a second the beat was lumbering over him at 17! feet tall and was about to smash his tail down on Percy. when he noticed two thing's the tail looked like it grew spike but the spike's! there we're gold in a second he heard an evil voice in his "Yes son on Neptune and Poseidon Fight! till the death! Mwahahaha-*cough* *cough*", second thing he noticed he looked to his side and saw Reyna laying unconscouise on the floor anger coursed through his vein's, but he failed to notice the spiked tail heading at him at 200 Mph. He didn't know how he did it, but he Cought the tail in his hands how did he do it? who know's.

Percy's P.O.V


'Okay I am freaking out first I catch a tail in my hand now I'm on top of the beast punching the crap out of it wait is this blood ?(those who figured out who the man in the armor with the wing on his helmet and know who the beast it know the colure of the blood) but the first to send in a review telling me who he is and who the beast is will get to read the next chapter before i post it please review, also I'm sorry i was not able to post earlier i just had my 13th birth day and was busy planning)

after the beast exploded into ? dust and i wiped my hands off Reyna started talking'

"That beast it's-it's not from roman mythology it's proball-" thats as far as she got before David(is that his name i don't remember my own OC's *snigger in the back round* shut up athena or i will make you have intercourse with a idiot. sorry about her she is a pain in the ass)

"Of course not Reyna it probably from greek mythology filthy gracseus"( is that spelled right?)

' I don't know why? but I feal insulted "me 2" "Me 3, oh wait i;m not greek never mind" "Shut up you idiot's you cause more destruction, and chaos than me and i'm god of chaos and destruction"


"my brain and body can't take any more of this ghgisjf-errrrrrrrrrrrrr-ebit- I like you Reyna'

Then I passed out

Reyna's p.o.v


OR WAS IT VENUS' "it was me"

a soft voice said in my head grrrrr! venus curse you you made me think he has felling's for me

"Oh dear he does but he doesn't know of them yet, oh dear me look at the time i'm late for my date(hehehehe i just rhymed by accident) with mars bye dear"

'okay then'