They'd been reunited with the swarm and had fallen back into their old routine easily. Will began preaching of a new way of life in which they were more than just food, and the other krill seemed to like his new philosophy and encouraged him. Bill supported him, as always, and was proud of him for achieving his dreams. The pair rarely talked of their adventures alone in the sea, not even to each other. Though he was curious, Bill never asked Will what happened to him after they split up. The others noticed the changed in the two, Bill had become more outgoing and Will was… reserved. They also knew that something happened between them, the shy glances and nervous laughs were just a part of it.

Most had tried not to notice the looks that passed after Will was found or how the two snuck off to be alone, mainly out of respect for their privacy. Sometimes they seemed closer, other times they acted like strangers. It was hard to read Will's thoughts and emotions, he had a better mask on than Bill. Yet one day, Jill noticed it slipped, when Will was watching Bill play with the young krill. The little grin on his face wasn't just longing of lust, it was… indescribable. So the two acted and put on a pretense for the other's benefit, knowing they would risk their friendship if either his feelings to the other. Even though everyone already knew that Bill and Will were undeniably in love with each other.