Trailer 1 :

Disclaimer : I don't own naruto or final fantasy they own by square enix

Summary: 7 must stand up to stop the world they love from being destroy

Parings: naruxsaku , sasuxhina, saixino, gaaraxOC (some won't happen until the squeal )

The destiny of fate

A figure with blond hair blue eyes wearing a black jacket and military boots carry a sword and swing it

7 most stand up

6 figures standing behind the boy with sword

They are the only hope

"we can do this we are not going let this happen "say a girl with pink hair and green eyes

It all up to us "say blond boy"

"Run" says a boy with black hair duck shape

The 7 figures are fighting a huge golem

" it all up to us "says the boy with blond hair as he look at the sky

Final fantasy XV

chapter 1 coming soon