Hey guys, this is the sequel to Starstruck! This takes place winter break, so everyone's a little older, and nobody's seen each other since summer except Kami and Brianna. They went back home, where nothing was really different, except the girls had a whole lot more inside jokes and would text and call and Skpe two famous people every once in awhile. So these are the characters:

Cody Simpson: Cody's a fourteen year old boy originally from Australia, but he moved to the US after he posted a YouTube video of himself and it was found by Shawn Campbell who signed him to his record label. He's a little protective, and sometimes is driven crazy by the less than normal people around. He sometimes wonders if he's the only sane person out of his friends…He and Greyson are best friends, he is Brianna's boyfriend, and he has a love/hate relationship with Kamille (usually hate). He hasn't met Eben yet. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is around 5'9.

Greyson Chance: In this story, Greyson is portrayed a little differently in real life. WE KNOW GREYSON DOES NOT ACT LIKE HE DOES IN THE STORY, so please refrain from reviewing and being all "omggggg, Greyson's sooo not like that! Gawd!" Because chances are, Balloonkiller and StrawberryAngel143 find your remarks hilarious, laugh at you, and aren't going to change their story because of you…Okay, onto Greyson. He's fourteen now, and he's childish, but cute and lovable. He somehow always knows what time it is without looking at any sort of clock, and he's funny and silly, and only serious when he has to be. Greyson loves deeply, and if anyone hurts his friends he'll go all ninja and do his best to make 'em go away. Greyson's like 5'5, he's got brown hair, and brown eyes and little freckles (which StrawberryAngel finds adorable!) He is Cody's and Brianna's best friend, and is dating Kamille. Which means he hugs her every now and then and keeps her from murdering anybody…Moving on. Hasn't met Eben yet.

Kamille: Kamille is violent. She's not afraid to say what she thinks, and is sometimes a little rude. Deep down, though, she's a pretty good person. She's scared of one thing and one thing only, which is ghosts, even though she won't admit it. She protects Brianna, while making fun of her the entire time. She's tiny, like 4'7, and has dark brown hair and nearly black eyes. She likes to wear mean shirts, and never talks about how she feels. She is Brianna's cousin, Greyson's girlfriend, and Cody's enemy (although she did almost-not-be-mean-to-him at the end of last story.) She hasn't met Eben yet. Kamille is 12, and loves Big Time Rush. Character based off Balloonkiller.

Brianna: Brianna's a fourteen year old American girl who sometimes acts like she's seven. She is flirty and bubbly, but sometimes annoying. She's overly childish and emotional, but kinda funny. She's kind of chill and just lets things be, but when something bothers her she goes all out…Not like Kamille, she usually tries to be polite. She's boy crazy, though, and loves music. She's Kamille's cousin, Cody's girlfriend, and Greyson's BFF. She hasn't met Eben yet. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, as tall as Greyson, and looks pretty girly. Character based on Strawberryangel143.