"Good morning!" Greyson said cheerfully, pushing Kamille's door open. She yawned and sat up.

"It's still night time."

"No, it's exactly four twenty two a.m. thirty three point eight seconds into the minute," Greyson replied confidently sitting down at the end of Kamille's bed.

"Oh," she frowned.

"It's easy to get confused though," Greyson assured her quickly. "Because it's still dark and everything!"

"Right," she laughed, pushing her long almost black hair behind her back. She yawned and stretched. "It's almost Christmas! Three days."

"I know," Greyson looked excited. "I love Christmas. It's the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets spreading so much ch-"

"Greyson, you're not Justin Bieber," Kamille laid a hand on his chest. "I know sometimes you forget."

"Oh, yeah…" Greyson frowned and Kamille laughed. They were sitting side by side on Kamille's bed, laughing when Greyson suddenly leaned forward towards her, his face serious once more.

"What are you doing?" Kamille shrank back away from him as he continued to move closer. "Greyson, what's wrong with your lips?"

Greyson opened his eyes and unpuckered his lips with a sigh. He had thought if he just surprised her, she would kiss him but apparently not.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking a little weirded out.

"Nothing, I guess…Just disappointed because I'm not Justin Bieber."

At least he could kiss his girlfriend.


Cody sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. He felt his heart was heavy, but it took him a minute to remember why. Oh yeah. Brianna.

Last night she had raced home to Greyson's cabin from Lucas's and he waited until he was sure she would be homebefore following. He was glad they'd broken up.

But now, in the morning he wasn't so sure. Despite all the craziness, he really loved her. And he would go fix it. Of course she'd let him, she loved him too.

Cody got out of bed and pulled on a t shirt over his pajama pants and walked out of his room. He peered into Brianna's, but it was empty. He glanced at the clock on the wall. It wasn't even five in the morning, where would she be?

He poked his head into Greyson's room, which was also empty. Sighing heavily, he walked to Kamille's. She and Greyson where there.

"Hey," Cody walked in. "Anyone seen Brianna?"

"Yup," Kamille said. "Brown hair, brown bubbly. Cries all the time."

"Yeah yeah, where is she?" he asked impatiently, not in the mood for jokes.

"She flew back home," Kamille said, and Cody's jaw fell.


"Dude, she's kidding," Greyson chuckled. "Why? Did you two fight or something?"

"Not funny," Cody felt his racing heart go back to normal."And sort of."

"Define sort of."

"Well I may have…I sort of…Well, I-I broke up with her."

"Oh good," Kamille stood up. "Now I can beat you up without her caring." She cracked her little knuckles and Greyson pulled her back to sit down.

"I wanna hurt Simpson!"

"Not until we find Brianna," Greyson said soothingly.

"Not at all," Cody clarified and she shook her head. "And what do you mean not until we find Brianna? Greyson, whose side are you on?"

"Brianna's, of course," Greyson looked confused.

"Dude, we've been best friends for like ever."

"Yeah, but Brianna smells nice."

"…Whatever. I'm going to find her."

Cody walked out of her room, and then got shoes on. He stepped outside into the snow.


"I just don't know if it's all worth it."

"Well, do you love him?"

"Then it's worth it, kiddo. But maybe you two could take a break. Not date other people, but just have some time apart."

"Lucas, you don't understand."

Brianna pulled her long legs up under her and crossed them. She and Lucas were in his house, by the fire place with gigantic mugs of hot coco. He had told her to come over if she needed to talk, and of course she had. It wasn't surprising that he was awake at four a.m. since he always tweeted about being an insomniac.

"So tell me," he said patiently.

"Well, we were apart since the summer. We finally got back together, and all he does is text other girls that are like, super pretty. And I got mad at him about it and he thinks I don't trust him. I know he's not dating any of them, but obviously they want to. And it's not just like, one girl. There are like five and Lucas, what if he's replacing me with them?"

"Then you dump him and go out with someone else," he said with a smile. "There are other fish in the sea."

She frowned.

"But what if he's my Nemo?"

"Then you go all Dori and forget about him."

She started to laugh, and looked up at him with shining eyes. She was sort of startled at how the firelight caught Lucas's sandy brownish blonde locks and made his caramel eyes sparkle. She sat there for a few moments just looking at him.

"What?" he chuckled, looking a little self-conscious.

"Nothing," she felt her pearly pink lips pull into a smile. "It's just you're really kind of cute. I never noticed."

"Thank you," Lucas looked pleased and he smiled. "So are you."

He reached across the small space, the firelight dancing shadows across his skin as he tucked a strand of Brianna's bronze hair behind her ear. The spot on her cheek where his fingertips just barely grazed her pink skin tingled.

Neither one of them noticed Cody standing outside in the snow, looking through the window.

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