Lost Legends 01

Chapter 1: Coming of Age

"Sonic are you alright?"

A blue ear twitched at the sound of his uncle's voice. A whimper escaped from the 10 year old hedgie as another spasm rocked through him. Stefan, Sparky to all his friends, bent down next to his nephew. The blue hedgie nearly giving his uncle a heart attack when he started screaming at 2 o'clock in the morning.

"Sonic can you hear me? Come on kid, answer me."

Another spasm rocked through the blue and peach hedgie. His whimpers traded in for screams.

"Make it stop!"

Stefan watched in horror as black claws grew from the flesh of his nephew's finger tips. Huge fangs forcing open the ten year olds mouth. A savage growl rumbling somewhere in Sonics' chest. The full moon shining in through the window of Sonics' room. And in that instant it all made a twisted kind of sense to Stefan.

And then Sonic shifted.

Well not Sonic but his body. Quills seemed to shorten as the ten year old grew bigger. A ten year old developed a muscular back and bulging biceps. Then his back shot up, body jackknifing as he let out a strangled cry. He managed two panting breaths before his arms and legs went rigid. His back arched to an unnatural height, spine jutting. His head dropped forward, his skin rippled and his back went even higher. A long whimper bubbled from his throat. Then his head snapped up, and for a split second his eyes met his uncles.

Eyes that was wild and rolling with pain and terror.

Eyes that used to be a beautiful emerald green, and were now yellow- and- orange, the pupils of which were tiny pinpricks of black in the center.

Stefan flinched away from his nephew. "Sonic?" The older cobalt hedgehog was answered by a snarl. Fur lengthened on the 'not- so- small- anymore' boy. Blue fur getting darker and taking on a black tint, his fur getting lusher with every gasp for air. Then Sonic convulsed all over his bedroom floor. Wave after wave of convulsions rocked him, each one emptying his stomach until there was nothing left to throw up. But that didn't stop his stomach from trying, horrible dry heaves that were painful to hear. Stefan placed his hand on his nephew's back, offering whatever reassurance and comfort he could give the boy. Sonics' back muscles twisted and shifted under Stefan's hands, the knobs of his spine (what happened to the quills?) pressing up against his hand. Sonic trembled as another wave of pain rocked through his still changing body.

The boy oblivious to anything but the hot pain that exploded as tight, knotted balls of energy drew together and then detonated within him. It was a mixture of the most exquisite pain and the hugest adrenaline rush that he's ever felt and it consumed him utterly. His body rigid and stiff as every muscle in it locked, and he felt an uncomfortable pulling sensation deep in his bones as they thickened and elongated. Muscle hypertrophied, and the myofibrils within them multiplying exponentially, and he sensed the power that suddenly existed in his body.

But he share as hell didn't like what he had to go through to become aware of that power.

Sonics' face was a freeze-frame of abject agony, his muzzle growing out to twice its natural length, lips peeling back from his teeth in a kind of frantic sneer. To Sonic it seemed to go on forever and he wondered why he had not passed out yet from the pain. But to Stefan, who watched the transformation it took less than 15 minutes. The chronic pain that he tried to retreat from so utterly was gone as quickly as it had come. Sonic opened his eyes (he had closed them to try and shut out the pain) and looked down at Stefan, who was standing looking up at him in an openmouthed expression of awe.

"Holy mother of God. Would you look at the size of him? You make Aleena look like a Chihuahua."

The monster in front of Stefan stood around 7 feet tall. A deep-chested, wide-shouldered slab of muscle and bone that looked as if it weighed at least three hundred pounds. Gray – and – black fur covered it from head to toe, (where did gray come from?) and a pale pink tongue lolled slightly from the mouth in the great wolf head. And teeth. There were so many damn teeth. The creature shook its head and stared at Stefan with those yellow - and – orange eyes. "Sonic?"

The beast growled and turned on his 'old' uncle. Almost taking his head off with a swept of his claws. But Stefan was too old to be taking down by a pup, he snarled back at Sonic. Muscles rippling as he pinned his nephew. Even Lycanthropes have feelings for the ones that reared them. And so the would-be –killer submitted shamelessly to his uncle.

At least until he got hungry…

AN: Well here's a new Sonic the Werehog story but this one is a little different. This is set before The Lycan Diaries (which you'll be seeing eventually btw) and I wanted to experminet with a new plot. Instead of Sonic's dad being a werewolf, I made his mom a werewolf and his dad a normal Anthro.

I don't own Sonic or any of his friends because they belong to Sega. Ideas about character relations are infulenced by Lady Of Ice Chaos. And this has nothing to do with The Beast Within; they are both set in two different alternate realties.