Lost Legends 03

Chapter 3: The Search Begins

What's happening to me?

Find Food.

Why am I acting like this?

Eat Now.

"Hey is anybody in here?"

Green ears twitched as they caught the sound of someone entering the warehouse. "Uncle can we get out of here. This place is creepy" Manic lifted his head where he had it between his legs. He had been trying to shut out the 'evil' thoughts in his head. Manic heard feet as the two people-whoever they are- made their way towards him. Manic got to his knees, being careful to stay low as he looked over the crates he was sitting behind. He saw two hedgehogs, both of them a dark cobalt color. One was a boy that looked around his age. The other was a lot older than both him and the boy. "Sonic how are you feeling?" "Scared. Hungry. Mostly hungry. Can we get something to eat after this?" The boy-Sonic was his name- turned around and Manic sucked in a ragged breath. The boy looked just like him. Only thing was that he was blue and Manic was green.

And that boy had orange eyes.

Manic knew for a fact that his eyes were sapphire. The older hedgehog looked like… no it couldn't be. That older hedgehog looked a lot like Prince Stefan Hunter. Queen Aleena's brother.

"Manic I know you're here. I know that you're probably scared and confused. I can help you with that."

Manic snorted. How would he know? I'm in a damn warehouse going insane. Manic's stomach growled, demanding food. And I'm starving to death, Manic added mentally. Manic's ears went straight up as he heard another stomach growl. This one coming from the boy named Sonic.

"Come on Unc. I'm starving. Can we get out of here?"

"No Sonic. If you're starving, then your brother probably is too."

Manic stood up a little bit. "Brother?" Stefan whirled around and saw Manic half crouched behind one of the piles of crates. "Manic. Nice of you to join us."

"Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

"My name is Stefan Hunter." Stefan squeezed Sonics' shoulder. "And this is my nephew Sonic." At least I was right, Manic thought as he looked over the two Anthroes. "Can you come over here? I don't plan on hurting you Manic." Manic edged around the crates slowly. Long as he says on his toes, he was pretty sure he could outrun Stefan if the guy wanted to do anything. A quick kick to the kneecaps should down Stefan long enough for him to get away. And if it came down to it he was pretty sure he could outrun and out-maneuver Sonic to get out one of the doors. He stood about a foot away from the other two. Getting a good look at both Anthroes. Manic saw that he and Sonic looked a lot more alike than he had thought. Only difference still being that Sonic had orange eyes and what looked liked fangs poking out of his mouth. But there was a weird pulling sensation in the pit of his stomach that told him that he was safe with the other Anthroes. And a weird feeling that he knew Sonic from somewhere, that they belonged together somehow. Stefan flashed a smile in Manic's direction. "We don't plan on hurting you Manic. We're here to help."

"Don't need help. Were you serious about the brother thing?"

Stefan flashed that weird smile again. "Yes. You and Sonic are brothers. And we are running out of time." He turned his back on Manic and looked at Sonic. A boy who was breathing heavily like there was a 16 wheeler truck on his chest, and who seemed to be …growing with every breath? Manic took an automatic step back. Stefan cursed softly and turned back to the terrified hedgie that was Manic. Manic found that he was having a hard time breathing too. "Manic? Manic I need you to come with me. Right now. You and Sonic are in quite a bit of trouble." Manic eyed the Royal hedgehog. "W-What do you mean?" Stefan glanced at Sonic. "It's already begun. " Manic frowned. "What's begun? What are you talking about? What's wrong with the blue dude?" "Same thing that's about to happen to you if you don't come with me right now."

Manic took a few steps back. "Is that a threat?"

Stefan flashed that grin again. "Why would I threaten one of my sisters' sons? Aleena would kill me if I hurt you." Manic blinked. "You mean Queen Aleena? My mom's name is Jace." Stefan smiled again. "So that's who Aleena left you with; she left you to our best friend."

"What are you talking about? You on that stuff dude?"

Stefan shook his head, his wild quills (there like mine?) rattling in a secondary movement. "I'm sober Manic. All I ask is that you come with me, before you hurt someone or yourself." Manic frowned. "How do I know I can trust you?" What the hell was he doing? He didn't know this nut job, for all he knew this guy pulls crap like this every night. Luring kids away from their home and into his bed.

"You're just going to have to put your trust in me." He turned to Sonic. "Go wait by the door Sonic. Either he comes with us or he doesn't, were out of time." Sonic turned towards the door. Manic noticed how much more muscular the Anthro looked. Stefan flashed that smile again. "Are you coming Manic? We don't have any more time to talk about it. Your brother hasn't got much time left. And by the look in your eyes and the fact that your fangs have grown in you don't have any time left either. Now all you have to ask yourself. Do you trust me?" Manic frowned, the sane part of him knew that he should turn around and run-not walk- and run away from the insane Anthro in front of him. But there was this other side of him, the side that didn't exist till yesterday was telling him to follow Stefan. That he was safe with the Royal wolf-hedgehog. (Where did wolf come from?) "Hey! Hey wait up! I do trust you."

Stefan smiled at his 'new' nephew. "Come on. You're coming home with me and your brother. If we hurry we can call Jace-your 'mother' and let her know your okay." Manic nodded and followed his… uncle.

Mom's gonna kill me for talking to a stranger.

"Time to wake up boys. We got a big day ahead of us. Time to learn about our kind."

Two ears twitched at the sound of Stefan's voice. One blue, and the other green. Both boys groaning as they stretched and sat up. Manic and Sonic had both curled up practically on top of the other to go to sleep. Stefan sat on Sonics' bed looking down at his nephews. Both it seems were not morning people. Manic looked up at Stefan, his eyes half lidded as he let Sonic push him as he tried to get off the floor.

"You boys are so much like Aleena. None of you can take the sunlight well after the hunt."

Manic's ears shot up. "Hunt?" Stefan smiled down at Manic. "I told you what you were, what we are. You and your brother must get use to this life." Both boys snorting, feeling the exact same way about being werewolves. Though they were happy to know about their family and the fact that they were brothers. Sonic groaned as he stood up, stretching as he sat on the bed next to his uncle. Manic followed his brother's lead. Manic threw his arm over Sonics' shoulder so he could get a good look at their uncle. "So what's with the wakeup call Unc?"

"Time for a history lesson. Now that your hungers have been attended to. Time for you to learn our proud history." Both boys tilted their heads slightly.