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Well, Ichigo was right; right at the crack of six, 'dad' came up; and in a manor that reminded me of Might Guy, intending to fly-kick us awake. That would have happened, if I didn't get up five minuses earlier and woke Ichigo up. So instead, we double teemed him back in to the hallway, with him landing upside-down.

"Well, I wasn't counting on that," he commented, "or the fact that the two of you look-a-like when you both are wearing the school uniform."

Now that he mentioned it, me and Ichigo had a rather uncanny resemblance; the only a few differences between us. First, my hair was dirt blond and in a ponytail, his was a spiky orange mop. Second was the fact that my eyes were a blue/green color, his were brown. And finally, there was a fact that I wore glasses, and Ichigo, obviously, did not. If not for those three things, we could be mistaken for twins.

Moving on from dad's comment, we went down to enjoy another of Yuzu's wonderful meals. During this time Ichigo asked me a rather necessary question.

"Xander, how are you able to see ghosts?"

That one really stumped me; I honestly had no idea how, I just knew I could. In response I just shrugged and pinned that one on luck. A short while after that, Ichigo and I were walking to the high school, with him informing me about his friends and recent happenings.

"Seriously, you got in fights due to your hair color?" I asked.

"Yep," he replied, "that's pretty much the reason."

"Wow, friends with a giant, a hyperactive nut-job, and a guy with a thing for older women, on top of fighting a gang of thugs with only one other person? You, my near-identical cousin, are nuts," I said with a single 'ha' at the end.

We eventually got to the high school, and I got to meet these people my self. In my opinion; 'Chad' was huge for a high schooler, Mizuiro made me feel like I needed to keep an eye on, and Keigo made too fun to close-line him. The classes went by in a blur of repetition; it felt like I never left America.

And that's how the days went; counterpunch 'dad' at six (with me doing it more often then Ichigo), eat breakfast, go to school, meat up with the gang, go through the classes, go home, eat dinner, and repeat. About a month went by before anything happened; some skateboard punks knocked over an offering to a dead girl and Ichigo and I punished them. When we got home that evening, he and dad (now that I got used to calling him that) got into an argument, of witch I didn't catch, and shortly joined me in our room.

"So what was that about," I asked

"Dah," he sighed, "something about the 'harmony' of the house."

"Pfft," I snorted, "let's see him wake up to his own antics and say 'harmony'"

At that we had a laugh, imagining waking Isshin up the same way he 'wakes' us up. Some silence passes before one of the strangest things happen; two girls dressed in black robes, one with black hair, the other brown and in a bun, just appeared out of thin air.

"Are you sure it's here Kuchiki-san," the bun girl said, taking note of me and Ichigo, "I mean, there are living people here."

"There is no need to worry about the living," the appointed Kuchiki said, "They can't see us; besides, we need to figure out what is causing the interference."

"But there staring at us…"

"They just happen to be looking in our direction; there is nothing to fear Hinamori-san."

Seeing what Ichigo was a bout to do, I stood up and held the one called Hinamori by the shoulders as Ichigo kicked the other in the butt. The expression they had made them look like the saw a ghost.

"You know Ichigo," I began, "I didn't think that burglars were this stupid. So that leaves the question, who are you?"

After the sock, the shorter black haired one started to explain that they were spiritual beings called Shinigami and how normal humans cannot see them. After that, Hinamori explained their purpose.

"It's one thing to break into someone's house In the middle of the night," Ichigo began.

"But it is another thing altogether to make up some crappy excuse," I finished.

Incensed, Kuchiki proclaimed the word 'sai,' and our arms were suddenly forced to our sides. While we were trying to get are arms free, Hinamori explain what 'kido' was. Kuchiki then talked about something called Konsō, but something else had my attention.

"Ichigo," I grunted, still trying to free my arms, "do you hear that howling?"

Before he could answer, however, there was a sudden bang that shook the entire clinic, the two girls rushed out with us following. Once down stairs we found a massive hole in the side of the house and dad lying down on the ground.

"I-Ichigo, Xander; Karin and Yuzu were taken by some thing…" and that was all he said before he fell unconscious

After he said that; Ichigo broke free of whatever was binding us, shocking the two 'shinigami,' took a stool and went in some direction calling out; "Xander I'll get Yuzu, you get Karin!" nodding, I immediately went out the new hole in the wall and went searching for Karin. Not long after I found her wrapped up in the tail of an overgrown lizard in a mask.

"HEY," I yelled, gaining its attention, "PUT HER DOWN YOU FUGLY SHIT!"

Now having its full attention, I charged head first (arms still bound) at it. In hind sight, not the best idea, I thought as it moved to smash me into a near by wall, and that would of happened to; if Hinamori didn't push me out of the way and take the hit. After that minor victory, the lizard thing began to walk crawl away.

"What is that damn thing," I asked as I jumped back up to my feet.

"A hollow," Hinamori answered weakly, "it must have been drawn here by you and the other humans abnormally large Reiatsu. If nothing is done soon, then it will eat and kill her."

Upon hearing that, one thing went though my head; that thing was going to eat Karin, and it was my fault. This brought my rage to a boil.

"LIKE HELL I'M GOING TO LET THAT OVERGROWN NEWT EAT MY SISTER," I roared; not only freeing my self from the invisible force that binding me, but also giving in to Isshin family antics.

"I-in that case I may be able to assist you, by thrusting my Zanpakutō through you heart, I can give you a portion of my Reiryoku, temporarily turning you into a shinigami," Hinamori explained.

"Ok, I'll give it a try. Also, my name is Xander Kurosaki," I said, positioning her Zanpakutō in front of my heart.

"I am Hinamori Momo," she introduced as she ran her blade through me.

3rd pov

Of all the things that one thought would happen if one ever got ran through a sword of any kind, the only thing one did not expect was a sudden explosion of energy to engulf Xander and Momo. The explosion was, of course, fallowed by a large body of smoke that counseled them both.

The hollow, who was about twenty meters away, turned around; sensing the presences of a being that would make a far better meal then the small human it had wrapped up in its tail. However, it soon regretted turning back towards the smoke as a figure walked out of the smoke. The figure's uniform was a sleeveless Shihakushō with the Hakama portion tucked in to golden greaves and had a piece of golden metal covering the whole arch of its foot.

The figure, now clearly seen as a male, also had golden gauntlets covering his forearms and hands, as well as a series of crimson markings on his body. But none of this is what scared the hollow. No, what scared the hollow was the look the pony-tailed, blond, glasses wearing boy had; the look that made the hollow know that he was going to die today. And before it could put a feeble means of defense, Xander charged forth, and with one heavy upper cut, broke the neck of the hollow and saved Karin.

"Couldn't even put up a fight," he grumbled to himself.

The next morning 1st pov

"GAAHHH," Ichigo yelled.

"What happened," I asked after the rude awakening.

"Dah, nothing, just a bad dream," he responded.

After getting dressed, we went down stairs; only to find something strange. The hole was still there, but Isshin, Karin, and Yuzu contributed its creation to a truck. We were in for another surprise when we got to school; for in home room we found both Kuchiki Rukia, as she introduced herself, and Hinamori Momo. Sometime after that, and preventing Ichigo form making a scene, we met up with them outside next to the building.

"What are you two still doing here," Ichigo questioned

"Due to the events of last night," Momo started, "we must remain in these Gigais in till we regain our powers."

"So until then, you two will have to go and help us do our job," Rukia finished.

"Now hold on there," I commented, "the only reason why we did that was because our family was in danger, we're not just going to drop everything because your Soul Society said so."

After that, they dawned a red glove with a flaming skull, forced us out of our bodies, and dragged us off to a hollow that was chasing after a dead child spirit. After an argument between Ichigo and Rukia (while Momo offered me some tea that she had brought with her) it was then settled that me and Ichigo were doing this because we wanted to and not because we were told to. Momo respected that and, Rukia eventually agreed to it as well.

And that was how it went for the next few weeks, except things got weird fast. The first thing was finding Rukia living in Ichigo's closet and Momo sleeping in a futon right next to mine, and then learning that dad named them the third and fourth daughters of the family. Second strange event was Orihime's brother trying to eat her; luckily that did not happen thanks to Ichigo getting Sora's humanity to resurface. The next thing to happen was seeing what the inside of hell when we dealt with a bat hollow and his rat-bombs.

After that we had to deal with a tenacious Gikon, of whom we named Kon, who took a joy-ride in Ichigo's body. On the 17th of July was the mourning of Masaki's passing; during that time Ichigo was being…depressed, for a lack of a better word. But that soon turned into a fight for revenge, for we happen to run into the very same hollow that killed Ichigo's mother in the first place; it got close, especially when Grand Fisher, as it called its self, used said mother's form agents him, but a timely punch, from me of course sent him running. It got away in the end, but after a talk with dad, he found new strength and reason to continue to be a shinigami. I felt…proud to be counted as apart of this family.

The next day, we had to deal with a nut that could see the souls of the dead. Don Kanonji, as he was called, was apparently, and unknowingly, turning lingering souls into hollows. I took up this one and learned three things; first, Kanonji has a very annoying personality. He can be helpful at times, like when he freed my arm from the wall that he accidentally made, but he is still annoying. The second thing I learned was that I'm able to shoot condensed red Reiryoku from my fists, which helped in taking down the hollow. The third, and final, thing I learned that night was that my gauntlets were my Zanpakutō. Both Rukia and Momo were curious about that, but, according to Momo, each shinigami's Zanpakutō is unique to each individual.

The next day, we ran into trouble and it began with a capital U. The teen's name was Uryū Ishida and at first glance, he doesn't seem like much; a tall, pail, black-haired teen. Wears glasses, talented at sewing, and is one of the brighter students. Well the fact of the matter is that he is a Quincy, and like all other Quinces, he hates me and Ichigo. And, in a nutshell, he challenges us to a battle, but said battle turns into a kill-all-the-hollows-before-they-kill-everyone-in-the-town spree. And if that wasn't bad enough, after we killed three hoards of hollows, a fifty foot Menos Grande comes out of the sky. I mean LITERALY; it ripped a hole in the sky and walked out of said hole. After some argument, the weirdest combination of bow and Zanpakutōs, and dispersing an excess power with arrows and fist-sized bullets, during which Ishida injured his arm from the shear amount, he mellowed out and wound up joining the gang at school.

The following day, however, was normal; not the normal we were used to, but normal normal. It was like the whole day there were no hollow attacks. What was weirder was that both Rukia and Momo were missing; nobody had seen them the entire day. Neither me nor Ichigo could sleep that night, but that changed at about one am when I went to take care of 'business.' I had found Kon taped to the back of the toilet with a note from Rukia that said that they had to leave and instead of looking for them, we should go into hiding. Going agents the message, and that Urahara guy contently appearing at our window, Ichigo went off to search for them with me staying here with Kisuke.

"So what's going on," I asked him,

"They are being retrieved to be trilled and executed," he said, holding his hand up to prevent me from leaving at that moment, "There will be about a month before they hold the execution. Ichigo, at his current level, doesn't stand a chance agents the Goteijūsantai; you on the other hand have a sliver of a faction of a decimal of a percent of a chance agents them, and that's just because you get stronger when you get angry. The two of you will need to train first, acquire your respective Shikai, and then the two of you may have a chance at saving Kuchiki-san and Hinamori-san. Now go to my shop and start your training, I'm going to go get Ichigo."

Nodding, I did what he said and thinking to my self. Shit, how can this get worse?

Well there it is chapter two.

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