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White, that was all I saw; a midnight black sky with a glowing white moon, white sand stretching to as far as the eye could see, and tree-shaped rocks that were, shockingly, white. Mostly everything I saw was black or white, except for the humanoid figure before me. It stood as tall as me and even looked like me, if I were a demon from hell; every thing about its body was black. Its arms, legs, torso, every thing black; the only thing that wasn't black was the violent red Reiatsu that roared off of its body. Before I could make any sense of what was happening, the black look-a-like was suddenly upon me and ripped my right arm off, revealing complex mechanical workings instead of flesh bone and blood, with the full intent to bash my skull with my now severed arm.

I woke up with a jolt, actually falling off the medical bed that I was on. After a moment to gain my bearings, I hauled my self up to find two things; I was in the fourth division (obviously) and that it was about midnight, if I was reading the black sky correctly. After a moment to find my glasses, I left the room and began to walk through the halls trying to find my way out. I eventually found myself at some form of a covered patio that over looked a small tranquil garden and I soon found that I was not the first one there. Sitting on a cushion was average height woman with long raven-black hair.

"Ah, Xander-kun," she said taking notice of me, "I didn't expect you to be conscious for another day."

"Another day," I questioned, "how long have I been out?"

"About day by now," she replied, "You made quite the happening you know."

"And how is that?"

"Well first off, you managed to destroy ten paths. Then you 'saved' Ichimaru-san from his Fukutaicho's ironic prank. Next, you went through the Research and Development Institute and not only gave Kurotsuchi-san a compound that could potentially increase ones muscle mass exponentially, by his claims, but you also knocked several chemicals on yourself of which made you look like what you are now."

"Let's see here," she said, taking a moment to think, "Ah, you also helped Kuchiki-san find the tunnels that were all over his Manor. And lastly, you managed to equal Soifon-san in a sparing match. Admittedly, she didn't use her Shikai, but none the less, she was impressed along with some of the other Taicho. Also, a day after that there was a Ryoka Invasion, but it is under control. Anyway, Kenpachi-san wants you to return immediately for your 'punishment' for said actions, I suggest you go immediately."

With that, I bowed in respect and immediately left.

Well, Unohana was right, Kenpachi did indeed have a punishment for me, and it was the most horrible thing he could think of; complete all the paper work that had accumulated in his office. At first I thought that wasn't much of a punishment at all, until I learned that his entire office was filled to the brim with not-even-touched paperwork. So through the rest of the night (of which were six hours left of) to the night of the following day, I completed paper after paper after paper of late and recent forms.

As I was working through them I found quite a few things of interest. The first few were payment request for repairs to the fourth division. Next were 3 receipts for several aesthetic products purchased by Yun-Yun (as Yachiru called him). The last and foremost, was a form for a transfer of a new recruit to the eleventh division; the 'recruit' was me. This proved that something was definitely wrong in soul society.

"So this is what you have been doing for the past several days," Yoruichi asked, appearing on the table in her cat form.

"No," I responded, still focusing on the now ten last papers left, "I have been doing some odds and ends here and there, fought your former apprentice, and discovered a rather disturbing happening."

I slid my transfer papers to her to inspect. She only took a few moments to look at them before responding "So, you think that there is something going on?"

"Yes, that form proves that there is someone here that is planning something sinister," I answered, waving a news report (a.k.a. the last paper), "and the fact that Momo was somehow pardoned and Rukia sentenced to execution. This has 'a plot under a plot' written allover it, so now the question is who is the mastermind behind all of this?"

That was a question that I could not answer; Yoruichi had a hunch, but didn't tell me because she had to and train Ichigo so he could gain his Bankai. With that she left leaving me to prepare for the upcoming execution.

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