"So she and James just wanted a father. For him, and there's nothing behind, it, as far as I can tell." I told Matt over the phone when I got home.

"Doubt it." He muttered. I pursed my lips and rolled my eyes. Matt was such a pessimist.

"You haven't met her." I replied.

"Or slept with her, that I know of," Matt added.

"Then it would be your kid, eh?" I said.

"Indeed." My stomach growled and I let Matt off to get myself some lunch.

A couple days later was the next class, and I waited until everyone had got there before starting.

"So today we're going to get you started on a beat and hopefully to all stay in time. Ready?" I tapped out a simple beat on my snare and everyone followed, horribly out of time. After I made sure everyone had the beat down, I counted to help them stay in time. Soon the class ended and Abbey peeked in.

"How are you, honey?" she asked James as he went to hug her.

"Good," he replied. I just watched, glad to see them both happy.

"And were you good today?" Abbey questioned.

"I guess," he answered.

"He's certainly not bad," I said, thinking this would be a good time to jump in.

"Thanks," James replied, a little shy.

"Here," I said, pulling out some chairs from a corner of the room, "Would you like to sit?" The two sat down, and so did I.

"So what's new with you?" I ask James.

"School's almost, out, but we have a big project," he begins, "I don't like school." I chuckle.

"School wasn't my best subject," I confess. James smirked at that.

"I liked doing art better, actually, even though I only did it for ...a year or so." I continued.

"That's part of the project. We have to do an art piece and analyze why we did it. I have an idea, but I'm not sure," James was animated as he talked about the art.

"What's your idea?"

He told me about a landscape that was like a map of a world, but everything just had one thing different. The trees looped, the sand was as soft as cotton candy, and the like. WE talked about art and other things for a while, but Abbey cut us off, as it was sunset.

"Well, bye James, nice talking to you more." I waved as he left. Abbey hugged me quickly. I was shocked, to be frank. She whispered thank you, and followed James out.