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Before I even opened my eyes I could feel my head pounding and the sweat covering my body. I gently cracked my eyes open and the dim light of the house hurt. Looking around, I saw that Prim was beside me and my mom and dad were in their bed. All of them still sleeping.

I carefully got up and stumbled my way to my parents bed. Judging by the light coming through the window, my dad should be getting up soon. My hand reached out and shock him softly. His eyes opened slowly and narrowed in on me.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" He asked me in a low whisper so no one else would wake up. My dad was clearly trying to still wake up all the way.

"I don't feel good." I croaked. My throat felt like it was on fire. My dad quietly got out of the bed and put his wrist to my forhead.

"You have a really high fever. Why don't you lie back down and I'll get you something cool to put on your head." He said softly. I nodded and crawled back into warm bed. I was freezing and the warmth was welcomed with open arms. Dad came back over to me with a old, wet rag. He placed it on my head and a soft sigh escaped my lips. The cool cloth felt amazing agaist my over heated face.

"When your mother wakes up I'll tell her to get you some medicen. Go back to sleep, you need plenty of rest. If you get worse tell me. Night Katniss." He placed a feather light kiss on my cheek. I gave him a small smile and drifted back to dreamland.

When I woke up again I could hear voices. They were really low and I couldn't make out what they were saying. One thing I could make out though was that I felt much worse. My throat was an inferno and my head felt like someone was ringing the town bell in it. Another thing was that my stomace was turning and I was about to lose my supper from last night. I flew from the bed and was a the toilet in seconds puking my guts out. Not very much came up, but that didn't stop my body from dry heaving.

Suddenly someone was there holding my hair back. After a few minutes the heaves stopped and I sagged agaist the cool bowl. I looked behind me and saw that my dad was rubbing my back gently. He picked me up and carried my to the sink so I could wash my face off.

When my face was clean and my mouth washed out, he carried me back to my bed. My mom was waiting be the bed with something in a cup. It looked like some kind of medicine. She handed me the glass when I was settled into the bed. I just looked at it and sniffed it. It smelled horrible.

"Come on Katniss, just drink it. It will make you feel better." My mother coaxed me. I quickly knocked back the disgenting stuff and about spit it back out. My dad was rubbing my back again and it lulled me back to sleep.

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