AN:Hey gals and guys. I hope you enjoy the story and I would like you to know Im changing the name to My Poor Baby Girl.

I sat down with Katniss rubbing her back softly and singing her a lullaby, hoping that she would get better soon. Sickness around this area lead to death usaully. I could not let that happen to my baby girl, I couldn't just let her go like that. The same thing with Prim and my beautiful wife. I would do anything for them.

"Honey, its time for you to go to the mines." Lilly wispered in my ear softly. I looked down at Katniss and I could tell that she was getting worse. The medican wasn't working at all.

"I'm not going in today. Katniss is too sick for you to take care of her by yourself. Prim needs you too, she's only 6." I told her. I didn't think my baby girl was going to make it and I didn't want Lilly stuck with that by herself. I don't think she would be able to take it.

"Ok, just let me go to the Captiol building to tell them your not going in. I'll be back soon." She said queitly. I gave her a quick hug and she walked out with Prim. Katniss was asleep, but I could tell it was not a peaceful one. Her skin was a pale, pale white and there was no trace of a sweat saying that her fever was no where close to braking. My poor baby girl.

"ughhh, Daddy?" Katniss's voice was rough and I could bearly make out what she was saying.

"Yes baby girl? What do you need?" I asked her. I was trying not to let my worry seep into my voice. Katniss opened her eyes a crack and looked around. I could tell that her eyes where unfocused though.

"Can I have a drink of water please?" she gasped out.

"I'll get that for you baby girl. Don't worry." I quickly got up and got her some water. As soon as the cup reached her lips, most of the water was gone. Once it was all gone she sighed.

"Thank you Daddy." she wispered, drifting of to sleep again. She needed to make it thourgh this, she is strong. Hopefully she would make it. My poor baby girl.