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Hello my lovely little readers! I have returned! ^_^ As some of you have probably noticed, all of my previous stories are gone. I'm very sorry if you all enjoyed them, but I like to think I've grown as a writer and looking back at those stories; I just did not like the quality of them and wanted to start fresh with a clean slate.

So I've brought you all this! No it isn't fanfiction from an already established show or book, this is a piece of fanfiction involving a character that I made for a roleplay (the universe from which that they originate from belongs completely to the GM). I will basically be extracting them from that universe and putting them into ours, so to speak. It isn't very good, I'm mainly writing this for fun, but I hope you guys like it. If you guys have any constructive criticism please give it to me!

Anyway! Without further delay please enjoy!


The loud voice made their black eyes snap open and they sat bolt upright, sending the small black creature off his gray poncho clad chest and tumbling into his lap. They looked around with wide eyes blinking slowly seeing that they were surrounded by tall corn stalks. "The hell?" they asked themselves looking around, wrapping their arms around the imp as he jumped up and down happily, before lifting their hand to shield their eyes as they looked up to the bright blue sky to see to the positioning of the sun. It appeared to be about high noon.

"Lucien awake! Lucien awake!" he cheered, throwing his tiny arms around Lucien's neck and rubbing his head under their chin with a happy purr.

Lucien looked down at the small pitch-black creature with glowing white eyes, about the size of a house cat. "Yes Sunny, Lucien is awake." They muttered, setting the imp down and petting the top of his head, between the small almost spike like protrusions on his head that were his ears. He stood and walked on two legs, always slightly hunched with his long arms almost touching the ground; both his feet and hands where more like claw like spikes than actual fingers and toes. His body was very thin and it almost looked like he could be so easily snapped in two, while his head was slightly two big for his slender build. But to Lucien, the combination of a big head, small body and large eyes was somewhat cute. And he was so easy to carry around, though he could just as easily sink into the depths of Lucien's shadow and away from light like the others of his kind; but no. Sunny loved the sunlight and being very close to Lucien. It was the main difference between the imp and his kind, other than his very miniscule size.

But looks were deceiving, for though he was small he gave Lucien a mighty and awesome power.

Lucien rubbed Sunny's head absentmindedly as they allowed themselves to rest and think back to what had exactly happened before they awoke in this cornfield. Which was extremely weird, there should be no fields of corn anywhere near Beggars hand.

Beggars Hand.

A shudder raced up their spine as the memories came flooding back. In the city known for it's crime. It was all just one big slum and filled to the brim with refugees, thugs, thieves and all other kinds of criminals. It was truly a city meant for the undesired, or anyone that wished to escape the iron grip of The People.

But it was also the perfect place for the Unwanted, the rebel organization formed to destroy The People.

Lucien had been living perfectly in Beggar's hand for a month before it happened. They'd found a job that included food and lodging in return for work, had a co-worker that made them laugh and whom they considered to be a friend and their boss had been quite the character, a gruff but rather honorable man. Despite serving stew made from rats.

Then…on that day it all went straight to Hell. The People charged into the city, guns, Users and Wielders blazing. The Unwanted came out from their hiding and an all out war broke out.

All of the negative emotions in one point, it started to attract Them. It was only thanks to the powers Lucien had gained from Sunny that the two of them were able to survive. They'd run through the war torn streets, trying to find shelter, bullets whizzing past them, Wielders from the Unwanted striking at them, trying to kill Sunny who had been cowering in Lucien's arms out of pure hatred and Users from The People lashing out at anyone that didn't share their uniform because they couldn't tell the difference from a rebel and a civilian.

They remembered running through the streets and then suddenly being knocked down by a blast of water from a User with the ability of Hydrokinesis they'd gained from merging with their imp counter part. Lucien didn't know why, but that attack…It'd been the last straw for them and something inside of them had just snapped.

They remember rising up from the ground, looking down at Sunny and seeing the imp's eyes glowing brighter than normal before there was a bright flash of light and then…


"Then you woke me up here." Lucien muttered out loud, their raven dark orbs looking at the content creature in their lap. "Do you know what happened to us Sunny?" they asked, removing their hand from his head to make him focus, ignoring the clicks he made in protest. "Sunny. What happened?"

Sunny blinked up at them, tilting his head to the side. "Attack."

"Yes I know there was an attack." They sighed. "What happened to us? How did we get here?"

"Voosh!" he shouted, throwing his long skinny arms into the air before jumping off their lap and starting to spin around in a circle, yelling 'voosh' over and over again.

Lucien sighed again, pinching the bridge of their nose. They were the only variation of Them that could speak the human language, but they were not very intelligent. Clearly not intelligent to properly re-account what happened to them.

Sunny stopped spinning around and fell back on what was his ass, his head moving slightly from him being dizzy. He shook it off and blinked up at Lucien, seeing and feeling their frustration and incredible sense of being lost. His ears flattened against his head and he got on all fours while slowly approaching Lucien. He jumped up onto their lap and put his head under their free hand. "I sorry." He said earnestly with a purr, looking up at them, their large mouth pulled down in a frown.

Lucien smiled softly down at the imp and rubbed his head affectionately. "Don't worry Sunny, you did nothing wrong." The reassured, wrapping their arms around the purring imp before attempting to stand up. They stumbled a little, but caught a stalk and though it wasn't all that strong, it helped them to steady themselves on their shaky legs. "Whatever happened, it seemed to have been very taxing on me." Lucien muttered to themselves, taking a deep breath before starting to walk, pushing the stalks aside by hand for if their legs were shaky they had no idea how their powers were fairing.

Best not to tempt fate.

They hadn't walked for long before they heard the sound of a machine. A machine meant people and people meant from help. Though Lucien would have to be cautious, they had no idea where they were or even if they spoke the same language.

They jumped up to try to catch site of the machine, but when they couldn't jump high enough for a look they gave up and stood still as they concentrated. Steadily their feet rose up off the ground and the stalks around them began to shake from the unseen force of Lucien's power. They opened their eyes and stopped when they could just barely see over the tall stalks, their body hovering inches off the ground.

Telekinesis was a treasure among gifts. At least to Lucien, they were sure every User felt that way about their power gained from their imps.

Their eyes quickly took in the sight of a very large but slow moving green vehicle with what appeared to be spinning blades in the front. Tractor. They thought almost rolling their eyes at their own stupidity. They could see that the man in the small control booth had a small child with him, sitting in his lap and pretending to steer the giant machine.

"If there is a child with him, perhaps he is kind." Lucien said out loud before dropping down to the ground in a small crouch. They set Sunny down in their shadow and without another word, he slowly sank into their shadow. Lucien's shadow darkened for a moment before it returned to normal. They looked down at themselves, taking in the dirty and haggard state of their clothing and sighed. "Well, at least I don't look threatening…Besides the tattoos." They muttered, then bent down and gathered up some of the soil. They shut their eyes and rubbed the soil over the jagged gray triangle tattoo under their right eye that went to their cheekbone, then rubbed it on their left cheek and down their neck, concealing the tribal tattoo of the scorpion on their face and neck. The tail laid along their jaw, the stinger laying close to their mouth before traveling in a small arch and then down their neck to the body. The pincers were actually hidden under their clothing, it was just the tail and the body that needed to be covered in mud.

For extra measure, they gathered up even more soil and rubbed it through their short shoulder length almost snow white hair, the dirt turning it a dull brown though the bright lavender tips could still easily be seen. They pushed their dirty bangs from their eyes so the soil the hair was covered in wouldn't get in their eyes. After throwing some more dirt on themselves to even it all out they took a deep breath and nodded. Show time.


The small radio in his hand beeped as he held it up to his mouth with his free hand, while the other one held onto his four year old son. He'd brought the tractor to a stop to speak into the radio and took out the keys to let his little boy play with the controls with no fear of him actually turning it on. "Jason this is Andrew from the field and seems like despite last nights storm there's no damage to the crop. Heh, the soil is barely even muddy." He said into the radio, releasing the button and listening to it crackled for a moment before a voice came on over it, "Roger that Andrews."

"Daddy!" his son suddenly said, tugging on his shirt to get his attention. "Lookit! Lookit!" he squealed, pointing out into the corn as it moved around before a person began jumping up and down, waving their arms in the air and yelling out loudly to get the man's attention. "That's one big goffer!" he said with a loud giggle.

Andrew put a hand on his sons' head and shushing him so he could hear the person.

"Please…Help…Me!" they were shouting as they jumped up and down.

Andrew brought the radio to his mouth and spoke quickly, "Jason we got a straggler in the fields. I repeat we've got a straggler in the field."

"What?" Jason's voice crackled. "Oh boy, uh, bring them in then? Just be careful."

"Don't have to tell me. Bring the truck out, make sure you drive through the path the tractor made this time." Andrew muttered setting the radio down and cupping his hands around his mouth. "Hey! Come on closer!" He moved his son and started to climb down the ladder on the side of the truck. "Trevor keep a hold of that radio alright?"

"Okay daddy." He said picking up the radio and pushing the button. "Hiya Jason, daddy is gonna talk to the goffer person."

Andrew walked a few steps before jumping back when the person stumbled through the crop and almost ran into him. "Oh jeez are you alright there?" he asked, putting a hand on the…was this a boy or a girl? He really couldn't tell. He put a hand on the person's shoulder and helped them to steady themselves.

They were covered head to toe in dirt, their clothes looked to have seen better days and they were huffing and puffing for breath like a dog on a hot summers day. "Trevor hand daddy his water." He called up and had to scramble to catch the plastic jug gallon. "I said hand Trevor, not throw!" he chastised before turning back to the bent over stranger that looked ready to collapse. "Here." He offered, unscrewing the jug and holding it to the person.

Dirty brown hair moved away to reveal a sweaty and dirt smudged face as well as pitch black eyes; Andrew had trouble finding a pupil they were so dark. Those eyes looked at the jug and they practically bugged out of their head. It almost made him grin, but this wasn't the time. "Go ahead." He said holding it closer to them. For an instance Andrew was reminded of a wild animal as the person looked to him then at the jug, repeating this a few times before taking the rug and tossing their head back , taking a few steps back as they drank the water as if it was their first time. Andrew pushed up his red ball cap watching them chug, wondering how they could do that without breathing.

Finally the person gasped and moved the jug away from their mouth bending over again, this time coughing and sputtering. Andrew patted their back until the coughing fit subsided. "Tha-thank you." They coughed, rubbing their mouth with the back of their dirty hand before holding the water back up to the man.

Andrew shook his head. "You can finish it. Just pace yourself." He chuckled before becoming serious again. "Now what are you doing in my fields?"

"I have no idea." They answered, yeesh Andrew couldn't even tell if they were male or female by their voice. It was so low and monotone. "I just…woke up here…I have no idea how I got here or where I am." They muttered looking around, the loss and confusion clear on their muddy face.

He took a deep breath. "Kid I think you have amnesia there…Great." He grunted under his breath, moving his hat up to scratch at his buzz cut.

Well…That's partially true. Lucien thought, watching the farmer as he struggled to think of what to do with them. Wait this could work. If I play it right, then I can use amnesia as an excuse as to why I know nothing about where I am. Perfect! They thought. They didn't particularly enjoy lying, especially since it seemed like this man was genuinely kind hearted but they couldn't very well tell them the truth about themselves. Or Sunny.

"Do you know your name?" the man asked, breaking them from their thoughts.

"…" they pretended to think long and hard at the question before sighing and shaking their head. "No, I don't. I'm sorry." The apology was genuine, they were sorry for intruding upon the man and for lying to him.

"Don't be, it isn't your fault." Andrew said quickly, offering them a friendly smile. "Come on, we can get you cleaned up at my house and maybe the police can help you."

"Really?" they asked, truly stunned by the hospitality in this man. "Thank you so very much." They said bowing slightly to the man, careful not to spill the water from the plastic jug.

"Well you seem like a polite…I'm sorry for asking this out right but are you a boy or a girl? I can't make heads or tails of it." He said sheepishly with a laugh.

Lucien looked at him startled, though not because of the question, but because they hadn't thought about how they would play this. They purposefully kept their sex a secret back in Beggars hand, annoyed the hell out of everyone they met, but they felt it was a safe precaution to protect themselves from The People. Here…Well Lucien could already tell that this seemed like a completely different place, how they got here they would probably never know. Point was…The People weren't here, there was no reason to hide their sex. I'm already lying to him about everything else…sorta…It won't kill me to be honest here. They thought, their grip tightening on the jug of water.

But Andrew took their sudden silence and small show of frustration as something completely different. "Do you…Do you not know?" he asked looking completely and utterly stunned.

Lucien looked up in surprise and felt heat rise under the flesh of their face. Go with it. They told themselves and slowly nodded their head.

"Hot da-I mean darn." He hastily corrected himself, knowing his son was listening curiously to their conversation. "Well…That's easy enough to check right?" he said nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

They nodded slowly and pulled the collar of their poncho away to pretend to look down at their chest. "…I seem to be male." He said flatly, releasing his shirt collar. "That was rather…embarrassing." He muttered, suddenly feeling very vulnerable after letting that piece of information known. "I was so preoccupied finding someone…"

Andrew shook his head. "No don't worry about it. It's understandable, I mean I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now."

Lucien looked up at him and smiled slightly. "Thank you."

Both of their heads turned to behind the tractor as the sound of a vehicle pulled up behind it with a squeak of breaks and a crunch of foliage of the flattened stalks. "Come on that's Jason." Andrew said, putting a hand on his shoulder and guiding him through the small amount of stalks between them to the vehicle that had pulled up.

It was a white rather old looking truck, with dried mud caking the tires and a dry splatter of that mud was likewise on the lower end of the truck, which had a light dusting of dirt on it. The driver's side door slammed shut and a young man that Lucien assumed was close to his age, which was twenty-four or so, walked over to them, looking at Lucien curiously. "So what's going on? Trevor said something about a goffer person." He said with a hint of an accent Lucien had never heard before.

"…I look like a goffer?" Lucien asked looking at Andrew as he laughed and scratched his chin.

"Well. Trevor is four. Speaking of which I have to get back to him. Jason you take this fellow here to the house and get him cleaned up and call the sheriff to pick him up. He's got amnesia." Andrew explained to Jason before turning to the dirty and small male next to him. "Jason will take you to my house and then my wife will get you situated. If you're hungry just let her know." He patted Lucien's shoulder and coughed at the dirt that flew up from the poncho. "We'll have to figure out a name for ya though."

"Unless you like Goffer." Jason said with a chuckle, waving the young man over to him. "So…You're a guy?" he asked after they got into the truck, the inside matched the outside very well, being that it was dirty and a bit beat up; but Lucien hardly mined.

"Yes…why is that hard to believe?" Lucien asked curiously, wondering what passed for male and female in…wherever they were.

"A bit…you're a little small and your hair is kinda long and there's, ya know," he took his hand off the steering wheel and gestured to his own square shaped face. "Facial structure."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No! No!" Jason said quickly afraid he might have offended the stranger, but a quick look told him that the young man was only confused and curious. "You really don't remember anything huh?"

Lucien looked away and down at his feet, seeing bright eyes look up at him sadly from his shadow. "No…Not a thing." He muttered, the feelings of when he actually lost his memory bubbling to the surface after months of him repressing them. The loss, the confusion, the helplessness and the pure frustration and anger.

"Wow." He muttered as he pulled out of the cornfields. "I can't…I can't even begin to imagine how that feels."

"It is…Frustrating to say the least." He muttered, his grip tightening on his seat.

"Well don't get angry with yourself, I'm sure we'll figure something out for you." Jason said offering a supportive smile to the dirty stranger.

He blinked his pitch black eyes before returning the smile slightly. "Right, thank you."

"Don't mention it."


"My god!" the exclamation from the woman made him flinch and he repressed the urge to run. "Jason you didn't say he was this bad."

The taller of the two males shrugged slightly. "I said he was dirty Martha. He's dirty."

Martha waved him off and ushered Lucien inside of the house, after he took off his shoes, his bare feet lightly padding on the hard wood floor of the entry way. He looked around the two-story house with a sense of awe and alienation. He'd never seen such a home before. It was so…so…warm.

He was so distracted taking in the décor and the over all feeling of the home that he tripped on the stairs and stumbled a little. "Oh are you alright?" the kind brunette woman asked him, reaching a hand down and helping him back up.

"I'm alright…I don't think I've ever been in a house like this before." He muttered looking around in wonder. "Or maybe I have." He shook his head and turned back to the woman with a small smile. "Thank you for opening your home to me."

She blinked before smiling back. "You are very welcome. Come on, let's get you cleaned up. I think there's some clothes laying around that should fit you." He followed her to the bathroom and she left him alone in the small white and blue tiled room; telling him to take as long as he wanted.

Lucien spent a few moments admiring the simple bathroom. While he was sure it was very normal in this place, it was a foreign site to him. Especially after he'd moved to Beggars Hand.

Sunny rose from his shadow and jumped up onto his shoulder as Lucien stepped further into the bathroom, but stopped when he caught sight of the mirror and all but froze seeing the shocked dirty mongrel looking back at him. He'd never seen his reflection in such a clear mirror before. He hadn't really looked at himself both out of lack of any real interest and the shortage of surfaces to look into where he had lived. He didn't think he looked…so pathetic. But there he was, a short height, an oddly shaped face that made it almost impossible to discern if he was male or female, strange slightly narrow almond shaped eyes, his lithe frame appearing to be swallowed up by the poncho he wore and making him see smaller than he was and finally a set of pitch black eyes that were actually pretty common on Users…He'd just never seen them on himself before. Throw in the caked on dirt and it was no wonder these people were so ready and willing to take him in.

He was truly pitiful.

While Lucien was having this startling revelation, Sunny was having fun making faces in the reflective surface, cackling at himself as he did so. He stopped and looked behind him after seeing Lucien take a seat on the edge of the tub/shower he was supposed to be bathing in. Flattening his ears the small imp jumped down and slowly approached their human counter part, whom was looking at his hands. Sunny cooed softly before rubbing up like a cat against Lucien's leg. "Clean, clean." He said jumping up onto his human's lap.

Lucien looked away from his hands and down to the smiling creature. He patted his head and rubbed one of his ears. "Yes we'll get clean." He murmured before standing up, Sunny jumping into the tub and starting to look at the containers of soap lining the small ledge. Lucien undressed himself with his back to the mirror, not wanting to see the sorry state of his body. After his dirty clothes fell to the floor, he had to unwrap a few old bandages that were around his right arm and his chest and shoulder. Injuries he'd gotten two weeks ago from a crazed wielder that hated User's with a passion. He'd been lucky that he wasn't alone that day, or he would have surely been killed. All because he was a User, he'd done nothing wrong to the girl; gave her no reason to attack him. I won't have to deal with that kind of prosecution here, so long as Sunny is quiet. He thought staring at the dirty and bloodied bandages before letting them join his pile of dirty clothes.

He stepped into the shower, making Sunny move behind him, which allowed him to discover a small bag of what appeared to be toys. Lucien shut the curtain and stared at the knobs before him, slightly confused as to how to operate them. Is red for warm? He thought and turned red one. The pressure of the water that came out startled him and he moved back slightly, blinking his eyes at the consistent and relatively strong streams of water gushing forth from the silver head. He put his left hand out under it and watched with fascination as dirt began to melt away to reveal very lightly tanned skin and the thin tribal tattoo that traveled from his thumb and wrapped down around his arm to his elbow like a length of chain.

A large smile spread across his face and he stepped under the water, tilting his head back and letting the warm water cascade down his face, neck and chest. A small huff escaped his smiling lips and then that huff turned into a chuckle until finally he was laughing. He didn't care if he was heard or Martha thought he might be deranged. He'd never thought such a mundane task like bathing could make him so happy, to the point that he felt like crying. He sensed that Sunny was startled and he turned around to look at the creature and the small mess he'd made with the toys he discovered. He opened up his arms and Sunny blinked before grinning and jumping into his arms, cuddling against his humans' damp chest with a content coo.

Eventually his laughter died down and he set Sunny down to begin cleaning himself. It took him a bit to figure out the different bottles but soon he was washing his hair and enjoying the scent created from the lathered soap. Next he washed his body, being careful of his scabbed over wounds that would eventually become scars to decorate his body. It was his torso and right arm that held most of his collection of different scars, all from his travels and his residence in Beggar's hand. He hardly paid attention to them anymore though. The reason his right arm was covered more so than his left was because that was what he instinctively threw up to block an attack with and his torso, well that was obvious, that was where people and animals went for the kill after all. There was some particularly bad scarring on his back from where a It had jumped out of nowhere and attacked him. The large van sized creature had mauled his back pretty well before Lucien had thrown it off with a powerful blast of telekinetic energy. He couldn't see it but he knew that from his left shoulder to his right hip there were four large diagonal scars that the beasts' claws had left on him. The wounds had almost killed him, the only things didn't keep him from passing out from the pain was pure adrenaline and the primal need to survive.

Now and then some of his old injuries still pained him, but they were nothing more than dull aches compared to when he'd originally gotten them; especially when compared to the mauling on his back.

After he was clean, he stayed a little longer in the shower; shutting his eyes and tilting his head back; just letting the water flow down his form and enjoying it.

Sunny yawned, the warm water and steam making him tired. He slunk back into Lucien's shadow and the young man took that as a sign that it was time to get out.

He pushed the curtain to the side, looking down as he stepped over to the tub he looked back up and once again found himself frozen at the sight of his reflection. He had underestimated the condition of his body. He pushed his wet white hair out of his face, easily slicking it back so he could really take in his entire face now that it was clean. Hell he couldn't stop looking at the image before him; it didn't seem right. That couldn't be him. It was someone else.

Had to be someone else.

Has to be…


"Ow!" Jason yelped when his sneaking hand was struck with a metal spatula, preventing his attempt to steal a grilled cheese sandwich. "Darn Martha you hit hard for a little lady." He said, rubbing his hand, his green eyes still zoned in on the platter full of grilled cheese sandwiches. The spatula smacked him on his head and he yelped again, looking at the smirking woman with a halfhearted glare as she spun her spatula around on her finger. "Mean." He pouted before grinning, running a hand through his short somewhat spiky chestnut brown hair. "When can I have one?"

"After that poor boy upstairs eats. He's gotta be mighty thin." She said going to the sink to wash off the spatula. "Take him those clothes over there." She instructed gesturing to the folded up jeans and light blue button t-shirt. "Behave." She winked with a giggle as Jason gathered up the clothes.

He laughed. "Oh I don't know he's awfully cute." He said sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. "Not my type Martha sweets. I like 'em tall and broad in the shoulders." He winked before turning around and making his way to the front of the house where the stairs were. His large stature thundered up the stairs, with a light spring in his step as he walked to the guest bathroom. He knocked on the door lightly, "Hey buddy I got you some clothes here." He waited a few moments and frowned hearing nothing in reply. "You alright in there?" he asked again.

Still no reply.

Worry started to seep into his gut and he grabbed the handle. "I'm coming in." he warned before opening the door and felt like shutting it again once he saw what laid behind it. The stranger wasn't as thin as he thought, there was a little muscle to that body, but that wasn't what made his mouth drop open and the clothes fall from his suddenly limp grasp.

He was covered in scars. They crisscrossed and were scattered on his chest and arms like some kind of twisted work of art. Jason even saw a few scars that looked to have been made by bullets passing through him or grazing him. But the worst was on his back. Four angry red scars that looked like they were made from some kind of animal, there was barely half an inch of unscarred flesh between the wounds. He didn't even notice the tattoo's until he heard a strangled sound that sounded like someone trying to swallow down a hiccup. He spotted clenched fists before looking up at the freshly clean stranger, his eyebrows shooting up seeing him glaring at the mirror. It looked like the little guy was glaring bloody murder at his reflection.

Jason reached out and put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention and to hopefully calm him down.

Black eyes snapped toward him and he saw a brief flash of fear in them before he threw his arms up to protect himself while stumbling backwards; yelling, "Don't touch me!"

Jason stood up straight and blinked a few times in surprise. "It's alright." He said gently, holding up his hands and slowly walking toward the shivering male. "Come on it's your buddy Jason, remember? I'm not going to hurt you." He explained softly, watching scarred and tattoo arms lower to reveal one black eye. It blinked and suddenly it seemed like he'd snapped out of a trance.

He lowered his arms and pressed his hand against his forehead. "I-I'm sorry…I was somewhere else." He muttered, leaning his back against the wall.

Jason flinched, honestly surprised that putting pressure on those scars didn't hurt him.

"Is everything alright up there!" Martha yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Jumping slightly Jason poked his head out to shout back, "It's fine! We'll be down in a bit!" shutting the door after hearing her hesitant 'alright'. He rested his head against the hard surface for a moment, letting out a slow breath, mentally preparing himself before turning around and looking down seeing that the other male was now sitting on the floor with his face cradled in one of his hands and staring down at the ground. Jason rubbed the back of his neck, slowly walking over to him and then taking a seat on the floor in front of him. "So…This is what you look like clean." He said with a small smile.

Black orbs looked up at him from under wet bangs before looking away. "I looked better dirty." He muttered softly. "I looked pitiful, but at least I didn't look so damned deformed."

"I wouldn't say deformed." He said, shifting a little so he could cross his legs. "Sure you look…different, but like my ma said, without different looking people in the world; it wouldn't be as interesting as it is. Personally I wouldn't have tattooed my face like Mike Tyson, but that's just me."

"…Who's Mike Tyson?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and letting his hand fall down to his lap.

Jason chuckled slightly and waved it off. "Don't worry about it. Point is, you don't look deformed. A little thin, but that's nothing that Martha's special grilled cheese sandwich's can fix." Those black eyes just stared at him blankly. "You gotta be kidding me. You don't remember what a grilled cheese sandwich is?"

"I imagine it has something to do with a grill, cheese and bread." He deadpanned in a monotone voice.

Jason put his head in his hands and shook his head before standing up. "Well get dressed and-" he cut himself off when he spotted the pile of dirty and bloody bandages with his clothes. "Are you hurt?" he asked with a worried frown walking closer to the shorter male as he stood up. His eyes widen spotting the scabbed gashes on his right shoulder, across his chest over his heart and on his right arm.

Lucien looked down at the gashes and poked the vertical one on his chest. "That appears to be true."

"Why are you being so calm about that!" Jason almost yelled, startling his companion.

"…" he stared at Jason before looking down at his scar ridden torso. "Evidently I seem to be used to it."

"Ugh, you're like a robot." The taller of the two muttered, slapping a hand over his face. "I think there's a first aid kit in here somewhere, sit on the toilet and no more poking your injuries." He said firmly to which the young man silently followed and took a seat on the toilet.

Lucien watched Jason for a few moments, rummage through the cabinets under the sink before looking away and beginning to hum without really thinking as he waited. Not to soon after that he began to sing softly under his breath, "Saa mite goran kanashii ohanashi. Saa hankachi no youi wasurezu ni. Aru tokoro ni majo ga itasou na. Aru ouji to koi wo shitasou na. Toki wo tomeru mahou wasureru kurai no shiawase na toki wa sugiteyuku."

Jason finally found the small white kit and pulled his head out from under the cabinets, pausing when he was about to open it and heard the muttered singing.

"Juujika ni dakare sora aogu. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite!" feeling eyes on him Lucien shut his mouth and looked over at Jason blankly. "What?" he asked.

"What was that song you were singing?" Jason asked opening the kit and taking out what he'd need.

"I was singing?" He asked, a little surprised. "Huh…Not sure…Just kind of came to me, wasn't really thinking about it." He said, moving away a little when Jason knelt down next to him, his eyes staring warily at what was in his hands. "What is that?"

"It's called a disinfectant wipe. It'll sting but it will kill any bacteria." Jason said reaching out and gently rubbing the gash on his shoulder, making him hiss sharply. "Told ya." He chuckled, tossing the wipe into the trash can next to the toilet before getting to work putting a large bandage on it. "You seem a little paranoid."

"Wouldn't you be?" He asked, trying not to flinch as Jason wrapped gauze around his shoulder. He hissed again when the wipe swept over the gash on his chest, inhaling sharply. "Stings like a bitch."

Jason laughed. "Hearing swear words out of you is funny." He explained when the stranger shot him a small glare for the laugh. "There, lift your arms." He said after putting a bandage on gash over his heart. He started to wrap the gauze around his chest, but stopped seeing a small tattoo on the under side of his right arm, just above his (oddly hairless) armpit. "Huh, Saint Lucien?" he said out loud, squinting his eyes at it. "Strange little tattoo."

"That's the strangest tattoo on me?" he deadpanned, giving Jason a blank look that the young farm hand was beginning to believe said 'dumbass'.

"Hey I can snap you in half." Jason said with a shake of his head before studying the tattoo again. "Looks old. Lot older than your other tattoo's."

He hummed softly, knowing this was the perfect chance for them to start calling him Lucien. "What was it again?"

"Saint Lucien."

"…I need a name." he said lowering his arms when Jason was done and offering him his injured arm to give the same treatment. "How about Lucien?"

"Lucien?" Jason asked, making a face. "You want that for a name?"

He shrugged slightly. "Why not? I need one and I don't like goffer."

"I like it." The brunette grinned, his green eyes dancing with amusement.

"I'll call you goffer than." Lucien said smirking slightly and startling the other man. "That's what I thought."

Jason huffed and cut the gauze on his arm. "Well there, that should hold you over until the sheriff comes to get you."

"What's a sheriff?" Lucien asked curiously, standing up from the toilet and raising an eyebrow at the sigh Jason let out.

"You know the sheriff, the man or woman that keeps the peace? A police officer?" Jason said slowly as if he were speaking to a child.

"Ah," Lucien grunted with a nod of his head. "Also talk like that to me again and I'll snap you in two."

The larger young man burst into laughter. "You? Snap me in two?" he said between chuckles, patting the counter as he bent over laughing. "Yeah right!"

Lucien's eye twitched and he walked up to the man, pressing his naked body against him, abruptly ending his laughter and looking him straight in the eye. "Wanna try it?" he growled, pulling him down by his shirt.

Jason swallowed, though not for what probably Lucien thought it was for. He put his hands on his arms and pushed him away from him. "Just get dressed." He said looking at anywhere but Lucien.

Lucien blinked watching him gather up his old clothes and bandages before leaving the bathroom. He looked down at his shadow as Sunny poked his head out of it. "Didn't think I scared him that much."