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The night air was bitingly cold at the harbor, a gentle howl of wind rushing across the dark waters that churned and crashed against the concrete walls of the harbor loudly. It was almost hypnotizing for Lucien, staring down at the darkness and seeing it swirl chaotically against itself. He was snapped out of his trance by a hand landing on his shoulder. "I need your head here Lucien." Dante said lowly. "This is very important."

He grunted softly in acknowledgement. "I'm sorry…I've never seen so much water before though." He muttered his eyes looking up from the dark water to the brightly lit city not to far away, New York if he remembered correctly. It reminded him a little of Queens Hand, only it wasn't as bright nor were the buildings as tall.

"You've never seen the ocean?" the blonde asked with an arched eyebrow.

"No. The cities were in the middle of the continent and outside of them were the wastelands. It was all green fields of long grass, but it rarely rained and the largest body of water I ever saw was a pond." He put his elbows on the rail and leaned over slightly to look into the water better.

"Then you probably don't know how to swim." Dante stated, pulling him away from the railing, not wanting to have to jump in after him if he fell. "Come on, you can see the water all you want tomorrow. For now we have to go inside."

Lucien shook his head to clear his mind and became his 'robot' self. "Yes sir." He said softly, following Dante to the warehouse where Jeremiah was leaning by the door smoking a cigarette.

"Hey kid." Jeremiah said holding up his hand to stop him. "Ham it up a little."

He blinked. "Pardon?"

"He means make yourself seem more fearsome than you actually are." Dante explained.

"Right, so if you got any cool tricks to make yourself seem more intimidating, do it." The brunette stated with a nod of his head.

"I can do this." Lucien shut his eyes for a few moments before opening them again to reveal only the white of his eyes.

"Jesus!" Jeremiah shouted, jumping back in fright and grabbing onto his heart while Dante leaned down slightly to see what he'd done. "Yeah, do that." He muttered, patting his chest. "Where the fuck did your iris's go?"

He blinked his eyes and they returned to normal. "It's a trick a lot of Users can do. The real skill is being able to get our eyes to glow like our imps willingly."

"Can you do that?"

He shook his head. "Not willingly."

"As interesting as this conversation is." Dante said before motioning to the door and Jeremiah opened it.

"Oh this is gonna be fu-un." The raven smirked, following into the warehouse after Lucien and shutting the door behind him.

They walked through a small city of crates and containers, Dante leading them to the only part of the warehouse that was lit. As they grew closer Lucien could hear the soft murmur of many voices and he swallowed thickly before stopping when Jeremiah put a hand on his shoulder and leaned down to whisper something in his ear. He shot the man a confused look as he grinned and gave him a thumbs up.

He sighed before nodding and staying where he was, watching the men continue on.

Dante paused just outside of the circle of light, looking behind him and frowning not seeing Lucien. He shot a small glare at Jeremiah seeing him grinning before shaking his head and turning back around, stepping out from the shadows of the large stack of crates.

"Dante!" He looked toward the shout and nodded his head to his brother Lucca whom was barely two years older than him. Lucca clapped a hand on his shoulder with a grin. "You've been gone so long, we were starting to worry."

"I'm sure." He muttered, his blue gaze going over the rather large gathering. It was to be expected though. The head of the family and his three…four sons were meeting in one location.

"So where's this kid you stuck your neck out for?" Lucca asked looking behind him and only seeing Jeremiah.

"Oh he's back there." Jeremiah said pointing his thumb over his shoulder in the darkness. "He likes the dark. He'll come out when Dante calls him."

"Seems a little unnerving." Lucca hummed, rubbing his chin before shrugging. "But alright, come on Dante." He said waving his younger brother to follow him as he began to walk through the crowd of mafia gangsters.

Dante smiled slightly upon seeing his rather elderly, but still sharp as a tact, father sitting in a chair and looking every bit of the powerful intimidating man he was. Beside him where his two other sons and Dante's brothers, the eldest Matteo and the second eldest Enzo. "Father." He said respectfully with a small bow of his head. "I apologize deeply for my prolonged absence."

His father smiled at him and he felt his lips twitch up. "You have no need to apologize, you've been working very hard as of late. A little time off to recruit another into our fold is perfectly acceptable."

"Right so where is this kid?" Matteo asked gruffly after looking behind him and not seeing a new face.

He shot a look to Jeremiah before opening his mouth, "Lucien!"

Jeremiah looked up with a grin, but frowned seeing nothing. "Awe man he didn't do what I asked." He grumbled, rubbing his head.

Suddenly there was the sound of laughter from the far end of the gathering and Dante sighed, afraid that would happen.

"Look at this shrimp!" one man yelled, breaking through the crowd and pushing Lucien into Jeremiah. "I've picked things out of teeth bigger than him!"

"You alright?" Jeremiah asked as he stood up straight.


"Man why didn't you do what I told you? It would have been so cool."

"Because you're an idiot." He deadpanned blankly and the man grabbed his chest as if he was injured.

Dante held out his arm and Lucien stepped forward, his posture straight and his face devoid of any emotion. "Father this is Lucien." Dante said, ignoring the snort he heard come from Matteo.

"Isn't he a little young?" Lucca asked him, scratching the back of his dark brown head.

"His age is estimated to be about twenty four or five." Dante explained.

Lucien bowed at the waist to the mafia leader. "I am very thankful to your son for helping me in my time of need."

"Just Lucien?" the elderly man repeated. "No last name?"

"He has amnesia." Dante spoke up. "Officially he is referred to as a John Doe, but has taken the name Lucien as a substitute. He is going to be my body guard until he can repay his debt to me."

"You won't last very long with him protecting you." Matteo chuckled smugly, with a wave of his hand.

Ah so that's the guy that called the other night. Lucien thought, wanting to oh so badly wipe that damn smirk off his face, but he kept himself blank and calm.

"Come here boy, let me get a look at your eyes." The Don said making a motion for him to step forward.

He walked forward and bent his head down slightly so that the man could see them.

"So black. I can't even see the shine from the lights in them." He observed motioning for him to step back again.

"Dante please tell us what is so special about this…child." Lucien's fingers twitched at the word Matteo used to describe him. "That you've been gone for months."

The blonde smirked slightly. "Lucien, show them Sunny."

He shot him a look but nodded and whistled. Sunny jumped out from his shadow and onto his shoulders, clicking his tongue loudly and cackling.

"What is that thing!"

"It came from his shadow! It's a demon!"

Sunny hissed at the exclamations before calming down when Lucien reached up and scratched him under his chin before moving him from his shoulder to his arms. "Don't worry, he's harmless." Lucien said out loud to try and ease the panicked commotion.

"Son…what is this?" the Don asked slowly after getting over his shock.

"The same place this boy came from is the same place where my belt came from." Dante said, opening his suit jacket and going for his boundelor.

Sunny hissed and growled as Dante pulled the gauntlet from the belt before diving back into Lucien's shadow.

He pulled on the gauntlet and gripped it tightly into a fist. "As you can see, the little demon is terrified of this gauntlet and the demon is where Lucien draws his powers."

"What powers might that be?" Enzo asked, speaking up for the first time since Dante arrived.

Dante looked at Lucien and nodded slightly.

Lucien blinked his eyes, his pitch-black iris's disappearing leaving only the whites of his eyes behind. He held out his hand toward a random crate, making a rising motion and the crate slowly levitated from its perch. He closed his hand into a fist and the crate shattered. He lowered his hand and the remains of the crate fell to the floor, blinking his eyes until they returned to normal. "I assure you that I'm not going to harm anyone." He muttered softly, holding up his hands. "Please don't think of me as a monster, I am still as human as the rest of you."

"This…is very much to take in." the mafia head muttered rubbing his forehead tiredly. "How did you come about this young man?"

Dante put his gauntlet-clad hand on Lucien's shoulder. "When I was passing through Nebraska, my belt lead me to a small church. Inside I saw a mad man trying to drown him in the baptismal font shouting how he was doing God's work."

His face twitched at the mention of the man, rolling his shoulders as his scar started to itch. "Had he not pull me out, I would have died."

"Why did you not just do what you did to that crate?" Lucca asked, pointing in the direction of the smashed pile of wood and packing peanuts.

"I was an idiot and did not wish to hurt him because that would have proved him right."

"This could have so many possibilities for us." Matteo thought out loud. "No fingerprints left behind, no traces-"

Dante interrupted his muttering to say, "Lucien's only job will be to protect me. He doesn't want to use his gift in a way he feel would be irresponsible."

"What!" Matteo shouted. "Do you have any idea how much of a waste that is! You can control him with that belt can't you?"

Lucien huffed and turned his head away. "The glove only affects Sunny and he is untouchable in the confines of my shadow. The only control Dante has over me is the debt I owe him. I came from a very war torn and violent place and I bare far to many scars from it mentally and physically. I refuse to add the blood of others on my hands and I refuse to fall into crime. Protecting Dante shall be my one and only duty for that is what we agreed upon; nothing you can say nor offer will change my mind. As soon as my debt is repaid I shall leave and breathe not a word of my experiences amongst you to anyone."

Sunny hissed from within his shadow and he turned around, throwing out his hand and the gun pointed at his back flew from his would be shooters hand and into his. "Guns don't work on me." He said in a chilling tone of voice, his black iris's vanishing into the white of his eyes. Well that was a lie, but it was best to have them fearing him than use him as a punching bag.

Dante glared at the man, recognizing the man as one of Matteo's. "Clearly it is time for us to depart." He said, taking the gun from Lucien's hand and giving it to Jeremiah, who accepted it happily. "I'm sorry for the commotion father, but I will be keeping Lucien by my side until his debt has been repaid."

His father rubbed his face rather tiredly. "No, stay. The five of us must discuss this." He said sternly.

"Eh, you aren't going to leave Lucien and me alone with these guys are you?" Jeremiah asked Dante, scratching his chest and pointing to behind him.

"It seems I will have to." Dante answered him, turning his gaze to Lucien. "Don't hold back if you feel your life is in danger."

"Yes sir." He said softly, nodding his head slightly and watching him as he left with his father and brothers, going further into the large stack of crates.

"Come on kid, let's go over here." Jeremiah said, grabbing his arm and pulling him off to the side, before he was halted by a man blocking his path. "Look dude, there's no chance in hell you guys can lay a finger on him so don't even think about it." He said with a scowl, pushing Lucien behind him.

"He disrespected our boss by talking back like that." The man growled, cracking his knuckles. "Let's see how well he fights without those powers."

"Yeah, well, to be honest that asshole needs to be brought down a peg." Jeremiah drawled casually.

The man snarled and pulled his fist back before throwing it out for the other males face. His fist stopped in mid air and he cried out when he was suddenly lifted up and thrown into the men that had been closing in behind them.

"Hey I could have handled that." The raven almost whined down at Lucien, who merely shrugged. "You should probably use that thing to get us somewhere safe until the boss comes back." He said seeing the rest of the gangsters only get angrier.

"Alright." Lucien nodded before they both shot up from the ground, Jeremiah letting out a yell of surprise. He settled them both on a catwalk far above the lights below where it would be difficult to see them. He looked to his side and frowned down seeing Jeremiah crouched over and shaking. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a little shaken." He answered slowly standing up. "You really can fly."

"I suppose you can call it that." Lucien muttered looking down at the grouping below them. "There are so many of them."

"Yeah that's a combination of Enzo's men, Lucca's men, Matteo's men and of course the Don's men." He explained, wishing he could smoke but the light would just give the group down below something to shoot at.

"Where are Dante's men?" Lucien asked curiously, making the raven chuckle.

"Kid, we're it." He said leaning his elbows on the catwalk railing. "Dante used to have just me for the longest time, now he's got us."

His eyes widened in surprise. "Why just us?"

"Well, no one wants to work under him. See he's the bastard child of the Don and a woman he met after his wife passed away giving birth to Lucca."

"If his wife passed, why is he called a bastard?" Lucien questioned with a scowl.

"Because he wasn't married to her and he didn't marry her. Hell he didn't know he had a son until Dante showed up at his door when he was fourteen after his mother had died. Even though it was a shock to him, the man let Dante into his home and treated him well. Matteo has always felt that Dante doesn't deserve the position he has and a lot of the family agrees with him. Matteo made sure that Dante got all of the really dirty and dangerous jobs when he turned eighteen, in hopes of killing him off. But Dante thrived for about two or three years and then he met me." He said with a grin. "I've been his right hand man and driver for about eight years now."

"Wow." Lucien breathed, sitting down. "After you saying that, I almost don't want to leave after my debt's been repaid."

"Hey, don't let Dante hear you pity him or he'll rip you a new one." Jeremiah warned him, reaching down and patting his head. "Let's just hope that the Don doesn't give into his eldest sons demands that you be shared amongst the gang."

He scowled. "No way would I do that willingly."

The older man grinned down at him. "You'd go down' fighting wouldn't you?"


He laughed and sat down next to him. "I get the feeling we'll get along great. If you want I can show you all of my old haunts in the city."

"You come from New York?"

He puffed out his chest proudly. "Born and raised! I'm not Italian like the rest of these jackasses so they hate it when I give them shit."

"Dante is back." Lucien said standing back up. "Ready?"

"Ugh, sure."

Dante looked up and watched Jeremiah fall down on his ass in front of him. "Damn brat! I know you did that on purpose!" he shouted, shaking his fist up at Lucien who floated gently back down to Dante's side.

"Jeremiah shut up." Dante said, the man standing up and dusting himself off with a grumble. He looked over his shoulder slightly at his brothers before putting a hand on Lucien's shoulder. "Come on we're leaving."


"What happened?" Lucien asked when they were safely in the car and driving away.

"We talked." The blonde muttered, taking out his pack of cigarettes. "You don't have to worry, you'll be staying with me. I made sure that my brothers don't come near you. Lucca I'm not really worried about, but if any of Matteo's or Enzo's men approach you; don't go easy on them. Especially be wary of Enzo's."

"I never liked Enzo." Jeremiah said with a scowl. "That asshole is so quiet, you can fucking tell he's planning something."

He slowly nodded, taking what they both said to heart. This was a lot more dangerous than he thought. "Sounds like you're protecting me rather than me protecting you." Lucien said with a chuckle, looking out of the dark window and squinting his eyes to try and see the water of the harbor as they drove on.

"Don't worry. You'll get your chance soon enough." He said with an exhale of the cigarette. "We get a break for a few days before we have to fly to California."

Jeremiah groaned and slammed his forehead on the steering wheel. "Fucking really! Why does your father let your brother push you around so much like this?"

Dante didn't say anything to that and Lucien frowned at him slightly. "Can we see the ocean tomorrow?" he asked to change the apparently touchy subject.

"D'aww, how cute." The driver said with a snicker.

The blonde glared at the back of his head, very tempted to take out his gun and shoot him. "Yes, we can see the ocean tomorrow."


"Dante you're an uncaring asshole, but I love your apartment!" Jeremiah exclaimed, flopping himself down on the white couch in the spacious living room.

"Wonderful thing to say to your boss." Lucien said, rolling his eyes while taking off the tie from around his neck. He let his eyes roam over the large apartment. He supposed it was meant to be 'modern' or whatever it was called from what he saw on television. But it was just so…empty feeling and cold.

"Get off my couch." Dante said kicking Jeremiah off it. "This isn't a hotel. You have your own place."

"My place is a hole in the wall that I never see." The raven grumbled. "Come on it's late, let me stay… Help me out here kid." He asked Lucien when he saw Dante wasn't budging on his decision.

"Sorry but after what happened on the plane you are forever on your own." The white haired male muttered, walking by to look at what he supposed was his new living arrangements.

"You're pissed about that! Come on you sounded like you liked it." He said with a grin, waggling his eyebrows before a pillow flew off the couch and pressed against his face.

Dante chuckled. "As fun as it is to watch you smother Jeremiah, I still need him alive."

Lucien waved his hand and the pillow flew away. "Brat." The man panted. "So I can stay? You owe me for keeping me in fucking no-where Nebraska for like three months."

The blonde let out a breath through his nose. "Fine, but you wake me up and I'll shoot you."

"Awesome! Hello guest room!" he cheered, clapping his hands together and standing up.

"Where am I sleeping?" Lucien asked curiously before blushing when he felt an arm wrap around his waist. "Right." He muttered, glaring at Jeremiah when he laughed and he made the pillow return to over his face.


Dante turned off the light in the bathroom after he finished his shower, looking across his dimly lit bedroom to the young man sitting in the clear sphere chair hanging from the ceiling in front of a set of windows.

Feeling eyes on him Lucien tilted his head slightly and shot him a wary look. "My ass really needs a break."

He found the blunt and crude statement rather amusing. "Don't worry, it's safe for tonight." He assured him with a chuckle in his voice.

"You know the buildings in Beggars Hand are about twice as big as these." He said while pointing out the window. "The ones in Queens Hand would probably blow your mind."

"You almost sound homesick." Dante observed, walking over and resting his arm on top of the chair. "I thought someone like you would be thrilled to be in such a nice place like this apartment."

He picked at the hem of his boxers and shrugged slightly. "I guess it's nice…It's just so…cold though. Doesn't feel like a home."

"Well, I'm hardly here." He said, running his hand through his hair to push it out of his face. "But I'm sure Jeremiah told you all about that."

He looked up at him with a small frown. "Yeah, he did. Sorry."

"Don't be. If I really hated what I do I would leave."

Lucien hummed and made the chair sway slightly with a small telekinetic push. "Whatever happened to the man that tortured me? I heard he was in a mental hospital."

Dante arched an eyebrow down at him looking slightly bemused by the sudden question. "Afraid he'll come after you again?" he asked reaching into the chair and rubbing the top of his head. "I don't think you have to worry about that."

"Well if fate has proven one thing, it certainly doesn't like me. With my luck, he'll come back a wielder." He muttered, shooting a look at the seemingly harmless belt hung up on the headboard of the bed before turning his gaze back out the window.

The blonde huffed. "You worry to much over something that will never happen."

"What were the odds of you being a wielder and saving me back in that church?" he asked blankly.

He turned the chair to face him and leaned his head down close to his face. "Alright. If he comes back I'll just shoot him between the eyes before he can touch you or Sunny." He tapped the spot between Lucien's eyes to illustrate his point, before smoothing his bangs out of his face. "Feel better now?"

He slowly nodded. "I suppose." The idea of someone being shot like that didn't sit well with him, but he figured that it was Dante's way of trying to reassure him.

"Good, now it's late and we should sleep." He said moving away from the chair and to the bed.

"Isn't it a little weird sharing a bed with me when you don't plan to actually have sex with me?" Lucien asked curiously after getting up from the comfortable chair.

"You want to sleep in that chair instead?" he shot back.

He looked back at the chair and shrugged. "I've slept in far more uncomfortable places."

Dante rolled his eyes and pulled the covers back. "Stop being an idiot and come here."

"Not an idiot." He grumbled with a pout, trying to walk past him to the other side of the bed, but cried out in surprise when arms wrapped around his waist and he was pulled down onto the bed. "That better be your elbow." He muttered in irritation, shifting around until he was in a comfortable position lying beside the other male. "I still say this is weird."

"Would sleeping with you make it less weird?"

Lucien shot a look at the smirking man before turning onto his side and pulling a pillow over his head. "Goodnight." He said, his voice muffled from under the pillow.

Dante chuckled and turned away from him as well. "Goodnight."


Lucien grunted softly feeling a small weight jumping up and down on his back. "Nngh, go away Sunny." he muttered tiredly, reaching behind him to shoo away the imp.

"Hungry." Sunny growled, jumping onto his back and shaking his shoulders.

Lucien groaned and slowly opened his eyes, looking over his shoulder to shoot a sleep filled glare at the black mass on his back. "Alright, I'll feed you. Get off and give me a minute." He sighed, letting his head fall back down on his firm and warm pillow.

That was moving.

He blinked his eyes a few times before sitting bolt up right, heat rising to his face when he realized he'd been sleeping Dante's chest. Said man cracked open a tired eye and reached his hand up, grabbing Lucien's arm and tugging him back down. "Go back to sleep."

"Hungry!" Sunny yelled, making Dante growl in annoyance.

"He won't stop until I feed him." Lucien said softly, moving the arm wrapped around him off.

The blonde grunted and turned onto his side, giving up trying to keep the young man in bed in favor of going back to sleep.

The User yawned softly and looked out the window, his eyebrow twitching seeing that the sun was barely coming up enough to dimly light the sky. Sunny jumped off the bed and sat on the floor waiting for him to get up eagerly. Lucien glared down at him when he almost tripped over him but continued walking through the apartment until he reached the kitchen.

He tried the fridge and found it empty, he tried the multiple cupboards and found cookware but other than a can of coffee he couldn't find any food. "He really wasn't joking when he said he's never here." Lucien thought out loud, deciding to at least make some coffee to wake him up. He never had coffee before he came to this place and at first he didn't like it, now he loved the caffeinated beverage. Especially when he was this tired.

"Sorry Sunny, there isn't any food." He sighed, sitting down on the kitchen floor and patting his head.

Sunny growled and sat down, glaring up at his human. "Hungry!"

"What do you want me to do?" he asked with a groan, pushing his bangs out of his face. When the imp just continued to growl he hung his head and stood up. He didn't want to wake up Dante; he had a feeling the man wasn't a very good morning person. So that left only one other person.

He pushed open the door to the guest room and shook his head at the man sprawled out on the bed, snoring loudly. "Jeremiah." He called out, standing by the bed with his arms crossed over his chest. "Hey, Jeremiah. Get up." He said, kicking the bed to shake it.

The man snorted and blinked open his brown eyes, looking up at Lucien with a glare. "Fuck, what?" he asked with a growl.

"There isn't any food in the kitchen."

Jeremiah turned his back to him and pulled the covers up over his head. "So?"

"Sunny's hungry and I'm starting to get a little hungry as well." He said, rubbing his stomach when it growled.

"The hell do I look like your mommy? You're a grown ass man, take care of yourself." The raven griped, sticking his hand out from under the covers and shooing him away. "If you want food, go and get it."

"I don't have any money."

Jeremiah grumbled and threw the covers off as he sat up, grabbing his discarded pants and pulling out his wallet from the pockets. "Here. Get something for Dante and me while you're at it." He said holding out the money for the younger man to take. "Whatever is fine."

He slowly took the money with a frown. "But-"

"Dear god I will shoot you if you don't leave me alone!" He snarled, pulling the covers back over himself and signaling the end of the conversation.

Lucien furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at the pile of money in his hand. He was going to say that he didn't know the city, but with how big it was there had to be some place close by with food. So he drank some coffee, put on the only clothes he had which were the dress shoes, pants and shirt from yesterday; minus the vest and tie and left the apartment.


Dante frowned as he examined his somewhat quiet apartment, the only sound being his drivers loud snoring coming from the guest room. The sun was well up in the sky and shined a warm glow through the large windows of his living room. But there was someone missing…and there weren't that many places for him to hide.

He made his way to the guest room and turned on the light, ignoring the protest coming from Jeremiah. "Where's Lucien?" he demanded.

"The fuck time is it?" The raven-haired male asked, lifting his head to look at the clock.

Dante kicked him in his side to wake him up and get his attention. "My bodyguard is missing. Where is he?"

"Ow! Damn that hurt!" He groaned, pushing himself up and rubbing his side. "Oh, the kid? He came in here saying he and the little thing were hungry. So I gave him some money to go get some food." He said with a small wave of his hand.

Dante shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You're an idiot."

He scowled up at the man. "Ah the first insult of the day. How am I an idiot? There are plenty of places around and he's a big boy he can take care of himself."

"Jeremiah," he said slowly, pressing his hands together to keep himself from punching the idiot in the jaw. "Think very carefully about Lucien, where he's been so far and why this makes you an idiot."

The blonde could almost see the wheels turning in Jeremiah's head before something clicked and his eyes widened. "Oh shit he doesn't know the city!" he shouted, jumping out of bed. "He could be anywhere!"

Dante clapped his hands. "Very good. Now your reward is going to be me testing out my gauntlet on you." He stated, his hand going toward the boundelor around his waist.

Jeremiah held up his hands with a nervous grin on his face. "N-now hold on. You don't have to be so pissed. He couldn't have gotten to far."

"I'm back!" Lucien's voice suddenly shouted from the front door. "You guys awake yet?"

"Thank you sweet mother of God." Jeremiah said falling back on the bed in relief before crying out in pain when Dante kicked him in his crotch. "The fuck man!"

Dante ignored him and left the guest room to make his way to the kitchen, seeing not only Lucien setting a brown paper bag on the counter but Linda standing beside him with a small bag in her hands and an amused look on her face. "If you boys can't take care of your pet then I'm going to have to take him away from you." She said in a 'tsk, tsk' manner with a small grin on her lips.

"I'm not a pet." Lucien muttered, Sunny jumping up onto the counter and waiting eagerly to be given some food.

"You found him?" the blonde asked, hearing Jeremiah stumble in behind him.

She nodded. "You two got lucky," she wrapped her arms around the User and pressed her cheek against his head. "Poor thing was so turned around that he was going in the opposite direction of the apartment."

"Please get off me, I wasn't that lost." He objected under his breath.

"Of course you weren't." She giggled, mussing up his hair. "Well guess you were right to ask for this." She said holding up the bag to Dante. Linda moved it away from him when he tried to take it. "Uh-uh. Don't I get a reward for finding your pet?"

"I'm not a pet damnit!" Lucien barked, pushing a white container to Jeremiah when he sat down.

Dante grabbed the container and held it to Linda. "Here."

"Hey that's mine!" the driver protested.

"I don't reward stupidity." The blonde said blankly, making Lucien snicker.

Linda opened the container and made a face at the food inside. "No thank you, this is far to fattening."

"Yeah then your broom won't be able to carry you anymore." Jeremiah said with a smirk.

She shot him a look, shutting the container. "You know I was going to give this back to you, but never mind. Here you go Sunny." she smiled, pushing the container in front of the imp. The first time she saw it, or him rather, she had been a little unnerved. But quickly she discovered that Sunny acted much like a cat, not just his size but his behavior as well. He loved sitting on Lucien's lap and being petted, he was virtually curious of everything and one time when they were discussing his trial back in Nebraska; he had chased around the light that was reflected off Linda's watch. He really wasn't all the threatening, in fact he was rather cute.

"Wait!" He jumped across the counter to grab it, but the imp cackled and jumped down to the floor with the food. "Damnit! Give it here you little monkey!" he shouted, running after the imp. "I paid for that shit!"

Lucien eyed the bag Linda handed over to Dante. "What is that?" he asked curiously.

The red headed woman winked at him. "Something just for you."

"…I feel like I should run." He deadpanned, backing away from them.

She rolled her eyes and patted the stool next to her. "Don't be a baby and come sit here."

"Tell me what you're going to do." He demanded.

Linda pouted slightly. "That isn't fun." She took the bag from Dante and pulled out one of two boxes in it, throwing it to him.

"Careful with that it was expensive." The blonde muttered, a little irritated that she was throwing it around.

Lucien opened the small cardboard box, greatly curious as to what was inside. He blinked his eyes when he opened the top before pulling out an earring. It was a strange looking upside down golden cross on a few links of gold chain, with a small red stone in the middle. "Jewelry?" he asked with a small frown and looking up at Dante. "Why? And did it have to be an inverted cross?"

"That was my idea." Linda chirped with a grin. "Call me a sadist."

"Think of it as the symbol of your debt to me." Dante said to him, looking at him with a very serious and strict expression. "I want you to keep it on at all times, when your debt's been repaid I'll take it off."

He turned his attention from Dante back to the earring and held it up to the light to study it, the frown remaining firm on his lips. "I don't like it, but doesn't seem like I have much choice." He sighed.

Linda grinned and took out the other box in the bag. "Don't worry, it won't hurt that much." She said while pulling out the ear pierce gun from the confines of its box.


He flicked the newly placed earring back and forth, resisting the urge to tug on it. "Ugh, this feels so weird." He muttered. "My head feels heavier."

"You get used to it." Linda grinned, brushing her hair aside to reveal her own set of hanging earrings. "There's something I've been curious about you though." She hummed, tapping her chin in thought. "What was the fashion like where you're from?"

Jeremiah snorted before laughing. "Really? That's what you ask him? What was the fashion like? He's from another flipping dimension and that's what you want to know? Fuck that tell me about the weapons."

Lucien's eyes twitched and he looked away. "I'd really rather not."

Linda slapped the driver on the arm. "See? All you did was upset him. My question was harmless at least."

"Your question was idiotic!"

"Says the bone head that sent out a new comer in New York City for food!"

As their argument continued Lucien rolled his eyes and stood up to leave the kitchen, feeling Sunny close on his heals. Ugh, they sound like an old married couple. He thought, shaking his head. Wonder where Dante went too? He scratched his head not seeing him in the living room making the only place he would be was his bedroom. Do I dare go in there?

"What'd you say about my hair!"

Forget married couple they're like teenagers. He thought quickly making his way to the bedroom. He shut the door behind him and blinked when the noise completely stopped. Oh great it's sound proof. He deadpanned, feeling his eyebrow twitch. He patted the door before turning away from it and looking around the room for the blonde man, quickly seeing him sitting back in that sphere chair by the window. A relaxed posture to him with a cigarette in one hand and his gaze turned down below him but it didn't look like it was fixated on anything. "Not worried about snipers?" he asked when it looked like the man wouldn't notice him as he approached.

Blue eyes turned to look at him before he looked away. "The windows are bullet proof."

"That really doesn't surprise me." He said, clapping his hands and walking around the bed toward the window. "What are you looking at?"

Dante let out a slow exhale of smoke as he inquired, "What are you doing?"

"Um, talking to you?" Lucien asked. "Linda and Jeremiah are screaming at each others like monkeys and I came in here to hide…am I not allowed to talk to you? Because I think we talk a lot."

The blonde rubbed his eyes somewhat wearily. "Right, forget it. It's nothing."

Lucien tilted his head to the side and walked closer, putting his hands on the chair and leaning down to look at him better. "You look tired."

He grunted, pushing his loose bangs from his forehead. "Don't worry about it." He stated, motioning for with his hand for Lucien to move.

The User huffed and sat down next to the chair. "How long am I going to be with you?"

He gazed down at him from the corner of his eye for a moment then looked away again. "Awhile."

That's specific. Lucien thought, feeling a little annoyed but did his best to brush it off. "Are you thinking about what we have to do in California?"

Dante shut his eyes and a stream of smoke trickled out of his mouth.

Lucien waited for him to say something but when he didn't he frowned and sighed. Obviously the man wanted to be left alone to think about whatever it was he was thinking, but he didn't want to leave the room and listen to Jeremiah and Linda yell at each other. He leaned his head against the chair and remained silent, looking out the window as well. He started when a hand suddenly dropped down onto his head and eyed the man from under his messy bangs seeing blue eyes staring back down at him. The hand moved from the top of his head to under his chin, gently pulling him up from the floor and onto his lap. "You don't want to do that again do you?" he asked warily, leaning away from him slightly.

"That was my first thought." He spoke softly, reaching his hand up to rub Lucien's freshly pierced ear, trailing his fingers down the chain and to the small golden cross. "I need to take my mind off of what I'm thinking about. How about you sing me the rest of that song?" he suggested, pulling him closer to his chest.

Ebony eyes stared at him with surprise. "You remember that? That was what, over a month ago?"

Dante tugged on the earring lightly. "So? I want to hear the rest of it." His lips twitched up somewhat before he pressed them behind his ear; gently nipping the skin. "Of course I can make you sing a different way." He whispered gruffly against his flesh.

Lucien flushed and he shook his head to make the man move away from his ear. "Alright I'll sing it." It was a little weird to sing it purposefully; mostly he just did it without thinking about it, but it was better than having sex again with the very rough man. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. "Saa mite goran kanashii ohanashi. Saa hankachi no youi wasurezu ni. Aru tokoro ni majo ga itasou na. Aru ouji to koi wo shitasou na. Toki wo tomeru mahou wasureru kurai no. Shiawase na toki wa sugiteyuku."

He leaned back into the cushion of the chair, watching soft pink lips move to fluidly sing and spell the tale of the song. Come, listen to this sad story. Come, don't forget to prepare a handkerchief. It seems that there was a witch in a land and it seems that she fell in love with a prince. Let's forget about the magic that stops time. Now is a time of joy. He mentally translated to himself, resting his head on his hand.

"Juujika ni dakare sora aogu. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite! Inori no koe nado kakikesare. Opus transit in otium. Kono ai sae majutsu to yobu no nara. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite! Nikushimi no honoo wo hanatsu ga ii. La mortz est super nos!" He kept his voice very even, with small raises here and there to punctuate certain words.

Held by the cross, I look up at the sky. (Repent! Repent!) Silence these voices of prayer. Dedication reduced to nothing. If you go so far as to call my love black magic. (Repent! Repent!) Then I will destroy all with the flames of my hatred. (Death is weighing upon us.) Dante move his hand to Lucien's waist, wrapping his arm loosely around him and slipping his fingers under his white shirt. He was surprised to hear a little mixture of Italian and Latin in the song, he thought it would have all been Japanese. "Keep singing." He muttered when Lucien stopped to shoot him a look.

The white haired male eyed him suspiciously before shutting his eyes again and continuing, "Saa mite goran moeru you na sora wo. Saa wasureru na seigi no honoo wo. Aru tokoro ni majo ga itasou na. Aru ouji wo taburakashitasou na. Miryou suru mahou ni torawareta mono no. Shiawase na toki wa sugisarishi."

He slowly rubbed the skin under his fingers in a circular motion, making it slight so Lucien wouldn't take to much notice of it and stop again. Come, take a look at the burning sky. Come, don't forget the flames of justice. It seems that there was a witch in a land and it seems that she deceived the prince. To those who were captured by her alluring magic your times of joy are over.

"Juujika ni tsunagi akuma yobu. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite! Ashiki jumon wo sakebu mae ni, Virtus migrat in vitium. Kano tsumi naru majutsu ni shinpan wo. Nunc cuncta rerum debita. Kono seinaru honoo wo hanatsu ga ii. Exorbitant a semita." He didn't take notice of the hand, rather the more he sang the more his mind began to calm, he forgot where he was and the amount of emotion in his subtle voice increased.

A demon calls out, tied to a cross. (Repent! Repent!) Before shouting its evil spell. (Virtue reduced to vice.) If you judge that to be a crime of witchcraft. (Now, everything there is) Envelop her in the sacred flames of righteousness. (has derailed from the right path and gone mad.) Such a morbid song and from the way that Lucien sang it, seems that he knew that as well though Dante wasn't sure if that was consciously or not.

"Kaku munashiki hito no orokashisa. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite! Ano yuuhi no aka wa moetsudzuke. La mortz est super nos!" He took a small pause to catch his breath before humming softly for a few moments. "Toki wo tomeru mahou wasureru kurai no. Shiawase na toki wa sugiteyuku."

The foolishness of empty-headed people. (Repent! Repent!) That evening sun's red will continue to burn. (Death is weighing upon us!)... Let's forget about the magic that stops time. Now is a time of joy. He slowly moved his hand further under his shirt, stopping to run his fingers over a small scar above his waist; his gaze remaining fixated on the young mans face seeing his eyes moving rapidly under his lids.

"Juujika ni dakare sora aogu. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite! Inori no koe nado kakikesare, Opus transit in otium. Kono ai sae majutsu to yobu no nara. Nunc cunta rerum debita. Nikushimi no honoo wo hanatsu ga ii. Exorbitant a semita."

Held by the cross, I look up at the sky. (Repent! Repent!) Silence these voices of prayer. (Dedication reduced to nothing.) If you go so far as to call my love black magic. (Now, everything there is) Then I will destroy all with the flames of my hatred. (has derailed from the right path and gone mad.) Sensing that the song was coming to an end he moved his hand from under his shirt and up to the back of his neck.

"Kono akaku moeyuru hi no you na. Penitenziagite! Penitenziagite! Chi no namida no wake wo wasureru na. La mortz est super nos!" Lucien snapped his eyes wide open after he finished singing, leaning back against the enclosed sides of the chair with wide eyes.

Like this red, burning flame. (Repent! Repent!) Don't forget the reason for your bitter tears. (Death is weighing upon us!) Dante raised an eyebrow seeing the younger males face become white. "What's wrong with you?"

He pressed a hand against one of his eyes, trying to recall that face for some kind of detail, but it eluded him. "I…I think I just remembered something or someone."

The statement made the blonde sit up slightly. "You did?"

"Yeah, it was a face b-but I can't tell if it was a man or a woman or what they looked like." He stammered, moving his hand to his hair to grip and tug on it. "I want to remember. I need to see that face damnit!" The chair swung after his outburst, the windows giving a loud shudder as well.

Dante pulled him down and pressed their lips firmly together, wrapping his other arm around him when he tried to push away. He held him there until he stopped struggling and just slumped against him. The blonde pulled away feeling something wet fall on his cheek, blinking down seeing tears leaking from Lucien's partially shut eyes, his mouth formed in a tight line; trying to stifle the sounds of his crying. It startled him really, he wasn't used to crying. People had fallen to their knees before him begging and crying for their lives but obviously he'd just shot them, as was his job.

Clearly he couldn't just shoot Lucien to get him to stop crying. But he was very much out of his element with this. He eased Lucien off of him and onto the chair before leaving the room.