Title: Kings Prince

Fandom: Narnia (Books - so don't expect it to be like the movies.)

Pairing: Peter/Prince Corin

Summary: Prince Corin has a proposition for High King Peter. Companion story set in the Kings series universe.

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: The character's belong to CS Lewis. The blame is mine.

Warnings: Underage.

Author's Note: I needed a break from all the angst I've been writing and somehow I've ended up writing this PWP (mind you it's now 4 chapters long) story out of a throw-away comment in Kings Parted about Peter and Prince Corin. You could read this as a prequel to the Kings series if you wanted to, but it really hasn't got much to do with the Edmund arc of that series, and I'd probably recommend reading it after you've read Kings Parted.

Also, I will put an underage warning on this, as one of the characters is only fifteen. But keep in mind that this is a medieval/Narnia story and in medieval times fifteen was above old enough to be in a relationship and most people were married by that age. However, if it squicks you, don't read it.

So, in an attempt to be clearer, here's a list of stories in the Kings series and stories in the Kings universe. (Not all of them are available yet.)

And I've now resigned myself to the sucky titles.

Main series - (Edmund's arc)

1. Kings Comfort (Peter/Caspian; Edmund)

2. Kings Love (Caspian/Edmund)

3. Kings Parted (Caspian/Edmund; Peter/Eustace)

4. Kings Battle (Caspian/Edmund; Peter/Eustace)

Companion stories set in the Kings universe - (Peter's arc)

1. Kings Prince (Peter/Prince Corin)

2. Kings Consort (Peter/Eustace)

Kings Prince - Chapter 1

"It will be lovely to see the Archenlanders again, particularly in such happy circumstances."

It was Queen Lucy who spoke and Peter looked at her fondly, even as he noticed the frown on his sister, Queen Susan's, face."

"Yes," she agreed. "But I do think that they are still too young to marry. Surely King Lune should have pressed them to delay for a while yet."

"You only say that as you have not yet found your own choice," Lucy said promptly, and Peter winced, but the words were tempered by the smile on Queen Lucy's face and thankfully Queen Susan laughed.

"But Prince Cor and the Lady Aravis have known each other for some years now, and not only that, they had a great adventure together," Lucy continued. "I think they know each other well enough, even if they are only fifteen, and you know that some couples marry even earlier."

"I, for one, wish this wedding was already over," King Edmund said, drawing his horse closer. "For it would mean that you two would stop talking about it incessantly."

"Edmund!" both sisters exclaimed, with varying degrees of annoyance and Peter cleared his throat, deeming it wise to intervene quickly.

"We shall reach the narrow part of the pass soon," he said, firmly, "and noon approaches. Shall we halt the company for refreshment before continuing on?"

The others agreed readily and Peter reined in his horse and held up a hand. Immediately the small column halted and those on horseback dismounted. A small stand of nearby trees provided excellent shade and soon most of the group of Talking Beasts, Fauns, Dryads and Humans were relaxing on the grass.

It was towards the end of the light meal that the Lord Peridan approached and knelt beside Peter.

"Sire," he said quietly. "A pair of riders have come through the pass."

Peter nodded and rose to his feet and he wasn't surprised when Lucy and Edmund followed him to the road. As the group on horseback neared it was easy to see that they were riders from Archenland and the slight tension in Peter eased, even before Lucy gasped in delight and ran forward.

"Prince Corin," she exclaimed. "Oh, and Prince Cor. How lovely of you to meet us but did you really think we needed an escort?"

"No, Queen Lucy," Corin said, laughing as he slid down from his horse. "But both my brother and I felt in sore need of an escape from the castle. There is too much going on there… and far too many flowers."

Queen Susan joined them and greetings were quickly exchanged. Peter studied the two brothers closely for he had not seen them for over a year – he had been absent in the north on their last visit to Cair Paravel. The resemblance between them was still strong but they had both changed. Prince Cor was slightly taller than his brother now, and his hair was fairer, whilst Prince Corin looked broader in the shoulders. And their expressions were different as well, Prince Cor seemed more prone to quiet reflection, and Prince Corin appeared to be as impulsive as ever.

"And what is this?" Queen Susan said, patting Prince Cor on the cheek and making him blush slightly, "Are you already seeking to escape your bride?"

"Not at all," the Prince replied. "I'm afraid I was led here under false pretences."

"I kidnapped him," Corin explained, and everyone laughed. "Well, it was our last chance for a frolic before he becomes a staid married man."

"Aravis will be furious you know," Cor replied, tapping his brother on the arm. "We may end up attending your funeral instead of my wedding."

"Oh, pish," Corin said, scornfully. "I'm not afraid of your bride. Besides," he added earnestly, ruining the effect, "I left a note."

The Princes joined the Narnians for the rest of their meal and then they all mounted up again and set off along the road. Peter found himself riding beside Prince Corin and was a little surprised for he had not spent as much time with the young Prince as the others had and when he had last seen him, Corin had spent most of his time with Edmund and Lucy.

"My father is very pleased that you are able to visit our kingdom again, your Majesty," Corin eventually said and Peter smiled.

"Yes, I am sorry it has been so long," he said.

"Are the giants of the north finally subdued?"

Peter nodded. "Yes, thankfully," he said. "I think it will be many years before they rise in numbers again and they will be wary of Narnia for longer than that."

"I wish that I could have joined you," Corin said, with a sigh. "But my father would never have allowed it."

"Better that you did not," Peter replied. "It was ugly fighting with very little of honour in it. The giants of the north are not like the giants of Narnia."

Corin was silent for a time and Peter began to wonder if perhaps he had offended the Prince but he could not help feeling that Corin had been too young to have faced the sort of battles that had occurred in the north, and he wasn't going to apologise for it.

"And how fares your father the King?" Peter asked, finally breaking the silence and he smiled when Corin gave him a shy, grateful look. Still, he was puzzled by it for Corin had never seemed to show any type of bashfulness before.

"He is well but he could be better," Corin said, quietly. "He took ill in this last winter and has never seemed to fully regain his strength, and in confidence I must tell you that our Physician has warned Cor that the throne will fall to him in only a few short years."

"Ah," said Peter, his heart swelling in sympathy as he saw the grave look on Corin's face. "I am sorry to hear that. Our brother King has ever been a good friend." He looked forward to where Prince Cor was riding with Edmund and nodded thoughtfully. "This wedding may then be fortunately timed."

"Yes," Corin agreed. "Although neither of them wanted to delay it at any rate." He sighed and then grinned at Peter with a hint of mischief. "I feel that I am fortunate indeed to be the second-born. Not least because, with luck, I will never have to marry."

Peter gave the Prince a sharp look for there was something in his tone that added a deeper meaning to his words. Corin met his gaze squarely but with a flush in his cheeks that Peter could not ignore, and it made his pulse quicken. He sternly suppressed it for there was a small chance that Corin's remark had been made in innocence and he had long made it a rule to only hunt this sort of quarry if he was sure of his prize.

"I see," he said, thoughtfully, and a part of him hoped that his short reply would draw Corin into revealing himself further.

But it seemed that the young Prince suddenly lost his nerve, for his eyes dropped as the blush in his cheeks deepened, and whilst this response was quite illuminating for Peter, it also made him wary.

He had been the target of young male infatuation before and often he had returned the interest, and acted upon it, but it was always with the risk that the infatuation would get out of hand… and Peter was very conscious of his duty to Narnia. One day both Susan and Lucy would marry but their heirs would not be Narnia's heirs, and Edmund had become a young man who seemed oblivious to the idea of romantic love when it was directed at him. This might one day change, and Peter hoped it would, for it seemed unnatural to him, but he knew that he could not look to Edmund to fulfil a duty that was Peter's to bear.

Still, Corin would have more understanding of this than most, and Peter had to admit he found the young Prince very attractive. It would definitely be enjoyable to have him in his bed, if that was what Corin was aiming for, but it would have to be Corin who made the approaches, for Peter would not set out to seduce the son of his brother King.

Unfortunately, or perhaps thankfully, Peter was not certain, the road through the pass narrowed at this point and they were forced to ride in single file.

They reached the castle of Anvard early in the evening and were greeted by King Lune and a smiling Lady Aravis. Peter was saddened to see his friend looking less hale than he had before and he was glad that he'd had the warning that Corin had given him.

He was still speaking with the King when he realised that the ladies had disappeared and Corin was standing beside him.

"Ah, here is Corin to show you to your quarters," King Lune said, wheezing slightly. "I hope that you will find them comfortable, my friend."

"I know that I will," Peter assured him and then he followed Corin from the great hall.

"Cor's already dragged Edmund off to look at some dusty old book," Corin said. He appeared to have recovered his composure from their earlier conversation and he was smiling at Peter with his usual spark of mischief in his eyes. "And the ladies are looking at Aravis' wedding gown, I'll wager you."

They reached a wooden door and Corin flung it open and as Peter stepped through he recognised the room as the comfortable apartment he had occupied the last time he had visited Anvard. He walked over to the window.

"Ah, I remember this view," he said. "It is a fine one." He turned to face Corin, who had followed him into the room. "How long before the banquet?"

"About an hour," Corin said, and Peter could plainly hear the nervous tension in his voice. He watched as the Prince swiftly turned and closed the door, and his brow rose when Corin stood for a moment with one hand resting on the solid wood. When Corin finally turned, Peter smiled and undid his sword belt and laid the weapon on a nearby table, all the while conscious of Corin's eyes following him.

"Would you like some refreshment?" Corin asked, and Peter turned to see him holding a carafe of ruby wine.

"That would be welcome," Peter said. "Will you join me?"

He saw the flush rise in Corin's face again and wondered if he had been wise to make the offer but Corin nodded and then quickly poured out two glasses of the wine, and handed one to Peter.

Peter sipped the fine wine appreciatively but his brow rose again as he saw Corin take a deep draught from his glass.

"You are thirsty," he said, but Corin shook his head.

"No," he said. "I'm trying to find my courage."

"Never look for it in a glass," Peter said gently, and when Corin looked at him, he smiled. Probably with too much encouragement, he thought, but it was becoming obvious that he was going to find out what was going on in Corin's head in the next few minutes.

Corin took a deep breath. "I wanted to ask a boon of you, High King Peter."

"Ask it, Prince Corin," Peter replied, with an amused smile.

"The day after tomorrow my brother will marry," Corin said, his gaze focused on the glass in his hand. "He chose to save himself for his bride, and she will be his first. And I, too, have never…" He faltered and lapsed into silence and Peter decided to take pity on him.

"Are you asking me to be your first?" he asked, quietly.

"Yes, but only if you… I mean, only if you want to."

It was a nervous reply and Peter found himself reaching out and taking Corin's hand, and finally the Prince looked up at him.

"I would," he said, and the flare of excitement in Corin's eyes resonated in his own quickened pulse. Still, there was need for care here, he thought. "But, are you sure that there is no one here in Anvard who-"

"No," Prince Corin said quickly. "I had… I had already thought of you before and when I saw you again today I knew I wanted it to be you."

"And you understand what it means if we do this?" he asked, and when Corin looked puzzled Peter gently squeezed the hand he was still holding. "I cannot stay here in Anvard with you, and you cannot be with me in Narnia."

Corin's confusion cleared and Peter was surprised and then pleased to see the amusement in his eyes.

"I'm not asking for your hand in marriage, King Peter," he said with a teasing note in his voice and Peter could not hold back his laughter.

"Very well, then," Peter said, tugging on the hand that still rested in his and pulling Corin into his arms.

Corin came forward easily but as Peter's arms settled around his waist, he flushed and his previous nervousness seemed to return. Peter placed a gentle hand under his chin and made him look up.

"Tell me," he said, running a thumb over Corin's lower lip, "will I also be the first to taste your mouth?"

Corin's flush deepened but he met Peter's eyes bravely and nodded. Peter smiled and finally let his tightly reined desire flow free. He saw the anticipation in Corin's face and he lowered his head and brushed his mouth against Corin's slightly parted lips.

He could feel the fine trembling in the hands that rested against his chest, and in the lips under his, but those lips were also eager and Peter did not hesitate to press deeper into the kiss.

Corin met him, his hands gliding around Peter's shoulders and up into his hair, pulling him closer, and moaning softly when Peter's tongue finally slid against his. It had been many months since Peter had indulged in this sort of dalliance and the sound of that moan made the heat pool in his stomach. He could feel himself already starting to harden, and his hands began to roam, exploring the strong lines of the Prince's body.

Then, suddenly, the door opened and before Peter could even begin to think of pulling away he heard Edmund's voice.

"I say, Peter, I think… oh, oh sorry, sorry, I'll go."

He raised his head just in time to see Edmund leaving the room, hurriedly closing the door behind him, and he couldn't help laughing.

"He will never learn to knock," he said, and then looked at Corin.

It was quite a sight. Corin's eyes were dark and his lips were full, wet and still parted and it was a hard fight in Peter not to take them again. Instead he gently let the Prince go and stepped away.

"It will soon be time for the banquet," he said, "and we both should get ready."

He saw the look of disappointment in Corin's eyes and pressed a quick kiss to his brow.

"Come to my room afterwards," he said with a smile. "And don't drink too much wine."

Corin laughed and then quickly left the room, and Peter sat down on the bed and reflected that this wedding was going to be far more enjoyable than he had anticipated.

Peter washed and dressed quickly and when he left his room he found Edmund waiting for him in the hallway outside. He raised an eyebrow at the sight of his brother and Edmund smiled sheepishly.

"I know, I know," he said. "I must knock. I don't think I'll forget again."

"What was it that you wanted to say to me?" Peter asked, and Edmund looked at him blankly.

"You know, I don't remember," he said, grinning. "I think the surprise actually shocked it out of my head. You waste little time."

"Ah, you have it wrong," Peter said, winking at Edmund. "It is the Prince who has seized the opportunity. He has swept me off my feet."

They were both laughing as they entered the banquet hall and took their places. Peter, seated next to King Lune enjoyed a lengthy conversation with his old friend, but the banquet was not a long one in deference to those who had spent the day travelling. Once the meal was over, and the musicians entered, the atmosphere quickly became informal, and there was some dancing.

Peter, though, stayed by King Lune's side until the old King retired, and then he danced once with the Lady Aravis and his sisters before settling on a cushioned bench. He was not surprised when Prince Corin quickly joined him.

He allowed his eyes to wander over the Prince's body in open appreciation, smiling at the flush that this caused, and he couldn't ignore the sense of anticipation that he was beginning to feel.

He leaned forward, using the noise in the room as an excuse to press his lips to Corin's ear, and delighted in the small shiver that ran through the Prince.

"Are you ready?" he whispered, and after a moment Corin nodded.

"Then come with me," Peter said, rising from the bench and holding out his hand.

Corin took his hand and they quietly left the banquet hall.

Peter poured two small glasses of wine and handed one to Corin. He smiled to himself as he caught Corin's eyes lingering on the bed and he could see that the Prince was a little disappointed at the delay but Peter had decided that he wanted to draw out the moment and savour the anticipation.

He took a sip of the wine and sat down on the small sofa in front of the fire, gesturing for Corin to join him. As soon as the Prince was beside him, Peter curled a hand around the back of his neck drawing him in close, and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.

Corin responded immediately, but Peter quickly moved his mouth to Corin's throat, teasing the skin there with gentle kisses. As Corin let out a soft moan, Peter nipped his earlobe.

"What would you like to do tonight?" he whispered.

"Ev… everything," Corin stuttered, as Peter dragged an open-mouthed kiss down his throat to his collarbone.

"Hmm, everything is a lot you know," Peter said, raising his head to smile at Corin, "and we're both a little tired. It's been a long day. Besides, why rush through everything when we have more than a night? We've plenty of time to go slow, try everything and do it right, and then you can decide what you really enjoy."

"Yes, but can we please do something," Corin said quickly, and Peter laughed whilst the Prince looked completely embarrassed over his outburst.

Peter didn't reply, except to stand up and pull his doublet off. When he looked down again, Corin's eyes were focused on Peter's bare chest, and for a moment he didn't notice that Peter was holding out a hand to him. Finally he took it, and Peter felt the quiver that went through him, when he pulled him onto his feet and into his arms.

Their lips met in a heated kiss that didn't break until Peter tugged Corin's doublet over his head. The feeling of their bare skin pressed together drew gasps from both of them, and Peter could feel himself hardening quickly. A hand pressed to Corin's groin told him that the Prince was in the same condition, so he slid Corin's breeches down his legs as he dropped to his knees.

He looked up when he heard Corin's eager moan, and held his eyes with his own as leaned forward and took the Princes' shaft into his mouth. A loud, keening wail dropped from Corin's lips as his eyes clenched shut and his fingers pressed tightly into the hard muscles of Peter's shoulders. Peter took him in deeper, his hands on Corin's hips tightly holding him steady.

Peter swept his tongue around the head of Corin's erection, enjoying the clear fluid already leaking from him, and then sucked him deep into his mouth again. Above him, Corin groaned, and Peter could feel that he was trembling. When his stance wavered, Peter released him and stood, ignoring the disappointed moan that turned into a startled gasp when Peter lifted him over his shoulder and carried him to the bed.

Corin laughed in delight as Peter finished undressing them both, and Peter could not resist leaning forward and pressing a hard, hungry kiss to his lips. He pushed forward and Corin gave way before him, lying back on the bed and instinctively raising his knees around Peter's hips. For a moment, Peter was tempted to simply rut against him, for his own need was now burning hot, but instead he rose to rest on his arms and knees, and took his time exploring Corin's throat and chest with his mouth.

Corin was delightfully responsive, arching up into Peter's embrace, and the sounds he made were almost sinful. Peter couldn't help smiling against the Princes' skin as he took a tight nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue against it and Corin cried out in pleasure.

Nor was he passive, for his hands danced over Peter's skin, or wound into his hair, and at one point he grasped one of Peter's hands and brought it to his mouth, sucking on his fingers one-by-one, until Peter was gasping against Corin's tight stomach and had to quickly pull his hand away.

Finally Peter knelt between Corin's spread thighs and took his shaft into his mouth once more, one hand caressing his balls, whilst the other held his hips still. He did not expect the Prince to last long and he was not surprised when after only a few moments his mouth was filled. He raised his head and stroked Corin through his release, smiling as he watched the strained bliss on his face.

After a moment, Corin's eyes opened and Peter held his gaze as he leant forward and licked the seed from Corin's stomach. He heard the breathless moan above him and dropped one last kiss to Corin's chest before he settled beside him.

Corin immediately pressed close, whispering Peter's name in his ear, and a small shiver of delight went through Peter at the sound. He could easily get used to hearing his name on Corin's lips like this, he thought, and so it was probably a good thing that they would only have a few nights together before they were separated. For it would not be wise for either of them to become too attached.

A firm hand brushing along his chest distracted Peter from his thoughts and when Corin turned his face up, Peter took his lips easily… and with a hint of desperation for the ache in his own groin still needed to be eased. Fortunately the hand on his chest wandered downwards quickly, and Peter could not stop himself from thrusting his hips when Corin finally took him in a tight grip.

Corin drew back from the kiss and licked his lips. "May I?" he asked in a voice that was breathless.

"Whatever you want," Peter said, and he could hear the raw need in his own voice.

Corin's eyes widened slightly, and then he was moving. Peter rolled onto his back as Corin settled between his legs, and he fought not to thrust upwards when he felt the first tentative lick.

Corin was only hesitant for a few moments and when he finally took Peter's shaft into his mouth, Peter propped himself up on his elbows for he wanted to see it, as well as feel it. Corin's eyes were closed and his mouth was stretched wide around Peter's girth, and Peter could not resist reaching down and tracing a finger around Corin's taut lips. Corin's eyes flew open and a slight flush tinted his skin, a flush that Peter guessed was a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, but the Prince did not pull away, or drop his gaze. Instead he drew back slightly, licked around the head of Peter's shaft, and then slowly sank his mouth back down trying to take Peter as deep as he could. Peter felt him choke and pushed him off slightly, smiling with encouragement, even whilst he ached to thrust hard and deep into Corin's hot, wet mouth.

Finally Peter could take it no longer, he was close and he needed release, not this sweet torture, so he gripped Corin's arms, pulled him up and rolled them both, settling between Corin's legs and thrusting down hard. Corin moaned, wrapping his legs around Peter's hips and holding tightly to his shoulders, and as Peter moved against him, he could feel that Corin had an erection once more.

Corin began to meet Peter's thrusts, and they rutted together, hard and fast. Peter slid his arms under Corin's back and gripped his shoulders, using his body for leverage, and he could feel Corin's harsh breathing against his ear. He turned his head and took Corin's mouth in a deep, messy kiss. Peter could feel the tingling pressure starting, and when Corin suddenly climaxed beneath him, he let go, riding the pleasure for as long as he could.

They were both still gasping for breath when Peter finally rolled onto his back. It had been intense and Peter knew just how good it would be if he were actually inside Corin, and his hips gave an involuntary jerk at the thought. He laughed to himself softly and Corin leant up beside him and looked at him curiously.

"What is it?"

Peter shook his head. "Nothing," he said. "I'm just already looking forward to the next time."

Corin flushed but looked pleased and when Peter ran a finger over his lips, he gave it a gentle nip. Then he looked around the room, dim in the firelight.

"May I stay?" he asked quietly, not meeting Peter's eyes.

Peter reached up and turned Corin's face towards him. "Of course you may," he said, gently. "Did you think I would kick you out of my bed as soon as we were finished?"

Corin's eyes dropped and he bit his bottom lip nervously.

"I don't really know how this works," he said, and Peter pulled him down into his arms and pressed a quick kiss to his mouth.

"There are no rules," he said. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to, but I personally would like to spend the night together."

Corin sighed as Peter pulled the blankets around them and then he settled into Peter's arms again.

"I'd like that too," he said.

To be continued.