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Chapter 27: Final pt1: Remind me who I really am


(No one's POV)

Today was the day.

The final battle for Wally.

And only one side would win.

The votes have been counted.

The story shall come to an end.

And all shall be revealed.


(Wally/Blitz's POV)

It was an ordinary day, well as ordinary as it can get in a villains secret hideout. Yet to me it's normal, my daily life. It's getting hard for me to imagine that only a few months ago I was a sidekick to the famous 'Flash', and a part of a team of other sidekicks trying to prove our worth to our mentors. I'm starting to think that I should be thanking Klarion for beating the crap out of me that day, if he hadn't caused my uncle to go over-the-top like he did, I'd still be the Flash's shadow.

Kid Flash.

What a degrading name. I'm not a 'Kid'. He just liked calling me that so he could feel superior to me. I bet he laughed about how willing I was to be his sidekick when I wasn't around to hear him. I wonder if Aunt Iris knew about it… Did she laugh too?

It pains me to think that my aunt may not have loved me anymore than my uncle did…

But I should stop thinking these thoughts. I have a new family now; the Rogues. I don't need, or want, anyone else.

So why can't I stop thinking about them?

I shouldn't care anymore.

I also can't stop thinking about my team… and what they tried to do to me. I'm not sure if it's more nice or scary that they wanted me back so badly…

All this thinking is making my head hurt…

I let out a depressed sigh as I looked around the living room. James, Hartley, and me are watching a movie together –but it seems like I'm focusing on everything but. I've never been all that great at paying attention, but this is ridiculous! I may as well not even be in the room with the way I'm acting. I think Hartley's starting to notice that I'm not paying attention. He keeps looking over at me, a strange look in his eyes.

Now, I'd never EVER admit this out loud but… that look is starting to scare me.

This is making my head hurt even more…

A groan of pain passed through my lips.

Hartley grabbed me and forced me to look at him. "Is something the matter?" He asked me in a gentle tone. "Are you getting another one of those nasty headaches from thinking again?"

I lowered my head in shame. "Yes," I admitted softly, then quickly elaborated so not to upset Hartley. "It was about my former friends and the Flash –I'm still scared that they'll come after me again soon!"

Hartley shook his head at me. "Let me worry about the so-called heroes," He told me as he ruffled my hair. "Just relax. You don't need to think anymore; that's my job."

I relaxed at his words. "Ok…" I responded as I leaned back into the couch, finally allowing myself to actually watch the movie.

What was I think about again?

Oh well, must not have been all that important…


The movies over now. It was funny! I still can't remember what I was thinking about earlier though.

I also have this weird feeling –like something's about to happen, but I don't know what.

Hmm… maybe I should ask Hartley what he thinks?

Er… maybe not.

Hartley's been a little on the possessive side since my former friends kidnapped me last week. I can understand him wanting to keep an eye on me… but he follows me everywhere! And I mean everywhere! I'm starting to think he doesn't trust me to be left on my own.

Maybe he doesn't. After all, the last time he left me alone I got myself kidnapped by a bunch of brain dead sidekicks.

Talk about embarrassing…

"Wally!" James said to get my attention.

I looked over at me friends. "Ya?" I responded.

"You were all zoned out again," he told me, sounding concerned. "Are you feeling alright? Should we tell Hartley you're sick?"

I shook my head. "It's not that," I said, glancing around the room to see if Hartley was eavesdropping. For once the older boy's attention seemed to be more on his book than on James and me, so I deemed it safe to continue. "I just keep having this weird feeling, like something's going to happen. I can't shake it no matter how hard I try."

James tilted his head in confusion. "I don't know much about bad feelings," He said, "But if something's bothering you, it's best that you tell the others too. After what happened last week, it's best not to take any chances."

"It's not a 'bad' feeling… just weird," I corrected, looking around nervously. "Makes me anxious."

James laughed and hugged me. "Well don't worry!" he told me. "Everything's gonna be alright!"

"I know," I agreed. "I got my family protecting me."

I allowed myself to relax.

I was just freaking out over nothing. I mean look at me, I don't even believe in weird feelings but I was letting one get to me. Must be going a little stir crazy from not being allowed to leave the house in forever…

That has to be it…

A loud crash interrupted my thoughts.

I jumped up in fright and looked around. The sound didn't seem to have come from in here… it sounded like it came from the entrance!

I looked over at Hartley and found that the older boy was already pulling out one of his musical instruments –ready for battle. He looked down right furious, but at what I did not know. Without a word he stormed over to James and me and grabbed us. He dragged us quickly upstairs and pushed us into my room. (Probably because it was the only room in the house that has had bars put on it already)

"Stay in here and lock the door," he ordered us. "Do not leave until I come to get you."

"What's going on?" I asked worriedly, this whole situation frightening me.

Hartley pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "I do not have time for this…" he mumbled before speaking up in a demanding tone. "Don't argue. Just stay put."

I nodded reluctantly. My mind wondered, trying to deduce what could possibly be going on to make Hartley so agitated. But I came up empty…

"Are we being attacked?" James questioned. "Why can't Wally and I go fight?"

"Too dangerous," Hartley told him, looking annoyed. "Now both of you be good little boys and stay. In. Here."

James and I looked at each other before nodded. "Ok," We both responded at the same time.

Hartley smiled at us reassuringly before shutting the door.

As instructed I locked the door after it was shut. I then waited patiently for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of crashing and the buzz of yelling, with James before I found myself unable to remain silent. "What do you think's going on out there?" I asked my friend in a low whisper, as not to alert anyone who might be outside the door.

James bit his lip and glanced at the door. "I don't know…" he admitted. "Maybe… oh no…"

"What?" I asked James, curious, yet frightened, to know what he had come up with.

"Those sidekicks must be back!" James exclaimed in horror.

My eyes widened in shock. "This is bad…" I whispered half to myself. "But a full on attack isn't what they're trained for… someone else must be co-ordinating the team."

"The Flash?" James guessed.

I nodded in agreement. "That would be the most likely option…" I trailed off as I looked fearfully at the door, frightened that it may be flung open by the enemy at any moment. "But what do we do if one of them manages to sneak past their defences and find us?"

"Then we fight them!" James exclaimed, jumping up, a determined look in his eyes. "We're Rogues! Not defenceless children! We can take on one measly sidekick!"

"And what if it's the Flash who finds us?" I prompted. "What do we do then?"

James faltered. "We umm… we…" James trailed off as he paled. He was obviously thinking the same thing I was.

There was no way we could beat the Flash.

"We got lucky at the museum…" I sighed sadly. "He was still in shock then. But now he's determined to drag me back against my will. He's lost it, he's completely insane –I mean think about it, he's willing to resort to trying to brainwash me now. We can't beat someone like that…"

"Well we can't just give in to him either!" James objected. "Remember, you're not the only one they're after. They also want to take me so they can get back at the other Rogues –and I'm not about to go down without a fight!"

I grinned at my friend's enthusiasm. "Then let's give 'em a fight they'll never forget!" I declared, pushing myself to my feet.

I will not be afraid.

I will get my revenge.

Let's just see them try and take me.


I really shouldn't have thought that. I jinxed myself.

Not long after James and I decided to put up the biggest fight of our lives should someone try and take us, we heard the doorknob jigging. Someone was trying to open it.

At first I allowed myself to hope that it was only one of the other Rogues coming the check on us to make sure we were doing as we were told, but a mumbled curse quickly crushed that dream. I immediately recognised the voice, and it wasn't one I wanted to hear.

Red Arrow was here.

Before James or I had the chance to respond, the door was kicked open –nearly hitting me! Actually, it would have hit me if I didn't have super speed.

"Dude!" I squeaked. "Watch where you're kicking that thing!"

Red Arrow looked at me with a relieved expression on his face. He was obviously glad that he had found me.

Well good for him, because I'm freaking terrified!

Despite both of ours earlier determination, James and I found ourselves simply staring at the intruder. Guess we were both hoping it would be one of the weaker members who would find us. Just my luck…


{A while ago}

(Third Person POV following Hartley)

Hartley growled in annoyance as he raced down the stairs to join the battle. It was bad enough that his control on his little Wally was fresh and therefore weak (meaning Wally kept on thinking, even though his mind was already gone) but now these annoying idiots were ruining a perfectly good day! Hartley had even begun practicing remotely erasing little Wally's thoughts without having to use an instrument.

Then these distractions showed up…

Of course, Hartley knows that they're simply wasting their time. Even if they manage to get their hands on one of his little ones, it wouldn't make any different. Neither child had a mind left to be saved after all.

But then again, Wally's constant thinking was beginning to bother Hartley. He's checked the boys mind over and over again –and there's nothing left of it. No free-will. No free-thinking. Just an empty, clouded over area for Hartley to control.

So what made the child think?

This puzzled, and irritated, Hartley to no end. The little one had no way, or reason, to think. Yet he continued to go on as though he still had a mind left.

Hartley pushed it to the back of his mind for later. Right now he had sidekicks to beat up…

He opened the door to the main room and swore at what he saw.

The Flash.

The damned scarlet speedster was right in the middle of the room combating Captain Cold.

Hartley immediately ran into the room. He could handle sidekicks going after his playthings… but the Flash was another story entirely. Flash had a deep connection with Wally, one that could prove dangerous is not severed soon…

He was so engrossed with his thoughts that he forgot to shut the door behind him. He also didn't notice when a certain red archer snuck passed him and began heading upstairs –straight to Wally's room!


{Earlier that morning}

(Third person POV following Roy)

"Hurry it up!" Roy growled at Artemis as she was stringing her bow.

Artemis shot a glare at him. "Shut it, Red," she growled right back. "Not everyone's been up since five in the morning."

Roy rolled his eyes. "Actually," he said, "I haven't slept at all."

"Isn't that unhealthy?" Robin questioned him.

Roy shrugged, not really caring about the comment. "I couldn't sleep," he repeated. "I kept on thinking about Wally, and what those lunatics might be doing to him. All this worrying has been keeping me from getting a good night's sleep since he went missing."

"Join the club," Flash grumbled.

"We'll all sleep better once Wally is safe and sound once more," Aqualad said wisely.

"Then let's go get him!" Roy demanded, a determined look in his eyes.


The battle was… difficult, to say the least. No matter how hard Red Arrow tried he couldn't manage to land a solid hit on any of the Rogues. He wasn't used to firing in such a confined and cluttered area. He was certain that in a matter of seconds he was just going to say 'screw it' and switch the melee battling –AKA beating the shit out of the Rogues.

But before he could get to that point he heard the sound of a door opening.

He looked to his side and saw the Pied Piper hastily entering the fight –leaving a door wide open behind him!

Seeing his chance, Red Arrow raced over and stuck past the door. He found himself at a set of staircases and quickly climbed them. He saw many doors, but the sound of talking lead him to one in particular. A door with the words 'Blitz's Room' written on it in paint. Much to Red Arrow's annoyance he found that it was right across from the Pied Piper's room.

"Guess the bastard wanted to keep him close…" he growled as he tried to open the door with the sound behind it. When he discovered it was locked he cursed under his breath.

And this is when he decided to say 'Screw it'.

This came in the form of him simply kicking the door open in frustration.


{Back to the present}

(Wally/Blitz's POV)

I stared at Red Arrow as he observed me. It was making me feel nervous. Yet I couldn't help but take a minute to wonder how exactly he had known to go to this specific room…

Red Arrow smiled ever-so-slightly. "Hey Wally," he greeted me. "Are you lucid right now? Are you still you?"

It took me a moment to comprehend what he meant, but when I did a plan formulated in my mind. "I'm fine," I responded with a fake smile on my face. "Are you here to rescue me?"

Red Arrow let out a sigh of relief, convinced that I was on his side. "Ya, I am," he answered me as he stepped towards me. "Everyone's here to save you –including the Flash. We're all been worried sick about you…"

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. "Is that so?" I asked him, trying to keep the bitterness out of my voice.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw James trying to contain snickers. He's obviously already figured out what I'm doing. Hopefully that means he'll know to go along with it when I take it to the next step.


I walked over to Red Arrow, keeping the false smile on my face.

"Are you ready to finally come home?" the older boy asked me.

I allowed my smile to morph into a smirk. "I am home," I told him, taking off past him in a blur –not even bothering to wait for a response. The idiot had been so convinced that I was still one of them that he had failed to notice that he had been fooled.

Without a second thought I raced down the stairs and into the main room.

I froze in place at what I saw.

Everyone was here… the whole team was fighting against the Rogues –battling harder than I've ever seen them battle before…

And the Flash.

He's right there in the room, dodging attacks and trying to disarm Captain Cold. His face is devoid of his usual confident smile; instead his features were dominated by a determined frown. I've never seen him like this before… It's so strange. His fighting also seems desperate; he's trying so hard to take everyone down as fast as possible.

But… why?

I know he wants me back, badly. But why is he fighting like this? Why is he fighting so hard for me?

Footsteps alerted me that Red Arrow was catching up, so I quickly entered the room and locked the door behind me. Now is Red Arrow wanted to follow me he'd have to go around to the other side of the building.

That should give me enough time to figure out the scene in front of me.

No one's noticed me yet, they're all too focused on their battle.

My former friends… they're fighting just as hard as the Flash is. Determined and desperate. Trying so hard to win…

'Why?' I asked myself as I watched the fighting, 'Why won't they leave me alone? Why are they fighting so hard to get me back?"

Because they care.

This thought confused me; where did it come from? Did I think it? Did M'gann notice me and is trying to manipulate me like last week?

They're fighting to save me…

'Stop it!' I hissed in my head. 'Traitor thoughts! The team is trying to kidnap me, not save me! I'm a Rogue! Not a hero…'

But do I really believe that?

My head feels like its splitting in two again… the pains unbearable… I have to stop thinking! I just need to shut out my mind… relax… no more free thought… just do as Hartley says…

Fight it!

I don't want to. I want to give in…. it hurts too much to fight!

Suck it up! You'll lose everything if you give up!

Great… now I'm fighting with myself… Maybe James' insanity really IS contagious.

The only thing contagious here is brainwashing! Remember who you really are! Let your REAL friends help you!

The Rogues are my friends!

You are Kid Flash!

I'm Blitz!

Uncle Barry's your family!

Flash is a lying, manipulative JERK!

Hartley brainwashed you! Twice!

You're a liar!

I'm you!

I clenched my head in my heads as the pain began to overwhelm me. Why is this happening to me? Just what are those jerks doing to me? Why won't it stop… I just want it all to stop!

Look at your friends. They're fighting for you. To protect you.

They don't really care about me. They never did.

After everything you said and did they still came to help you.

'That's because they don't know when to give up,' I countered against the voice, but found myself looking back at the fight in spite of myself. 'They aren't winning; I can see multiple injuries on all of them –so why aren't they retreating?'

Because they refuse to leave you.

"Why?" I whispered out loud, steadying my gaze on the Flash.

You already know the answer to that.

My breath hitched as I tried to breath. The pain is unbearable. "Hartley…"

Is the one doing this to you. Remember!

I gasped as horrible images flooded my mind. Scenes of yelling and fighting. Hartley getting mad at me for trying to think for myself. Words, threats, ringing in my ears –filling my very core with fear. Hartley's heartless glare. The meaning behind the strange look in his eyes when he catches me thinking. Hartley telling me to give in…

Then images of the team and Flash filled my mind. Scenes of jokes and laughter. The Flash and I working on a science fair project. My old friends and me beating up bad guys, making bad puns along the way. My aunts smiling face. My uncle encouraging me to do my best. Late night stakeouts with the others that turn into junk food-filled sleepovers. Being happy just because I have them with me.

Then… my friends showing up to rescue me. Bringing me back to the cave. Uncle Barry hugging me the second he saw me. M'gann going into my head…

Finding out the truth.

"Oh my god…" I gasped out loud as the final images ended. Finally all the memories that Hartley had been suppressing had returned to me.

I collapsed on the floor, barely conscious.

"I… I'm such an idiot…" I muttered to myself as I attempted to sit up. "I shouldn't… I should've… what was I thinking? Confronting the Rogues on my own… I walked right into a trap. But they still came to rescue me…"

I looked back at the fight, trying to get a lock on Uncle Barry so I could get to him. But to my horror I saw Hartley looking right at me. The older boy had a furious expression on his face. I had a feeling that he knew that I wasn't under his control anymore…

I shakily managed to get myself to my feet, but in that time Hartley had begun making his way across the battle ground and towards me. I felt myself beginning to panic and I worried that I would faint from fear. Then I remembered that Hartley could break my mind again if he managed to get me unconscious –so I forced myself to stay up in spite of everything. I can't let him get me, not again! I won't!

He's getting closer.

I have to get away from him!

I tried to super speed away from him, but it wouldn't work! I –I can't access my speed! I'm too weak from breaking free from the mind control!

I have to think up something quick! He's getting closer and closer…


My only instinct is to run. Surely I can get far enough away from him at my regular speed, right? It's fast enough. It has to be…

So I ran.


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