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Dissolved Girl

Chapter 1: A Business Transaction

"Couldn't you have picked somebody a little less… conspicuous? Draco looked at the teenaged girl leaning on the desk opposite him, then turned towards his mother in dismay.

"I hardly picked her, Draco, she's simply the most qualified to fit the position." Narcissa replied disapprovingly. "And you will not speak about her so brusquely, as for not the first time, we are not in a position of power here. She could turn the job down."

Draco looked contrite. His mother was worried to death over him, to the point where she had gone this far. They were in America, in an almost impossible to find office, of an agency that offered magical protection. Still, he wasn't sure how he'd go about his mission unnoticed with a bodyguard who was hardly built to blend in.

"Mother, surely you see how this will make things difficult…?" Narcissa was about to snap back when they were interrupted.

"Excuse me?" Draco jumped, nervous as he was lately, the girl had appeared out of nowhere, without having even appeared to have crossed the room. This didn't help his nerves, but it boded well. "Even if I couldn't hear you, which of course is a ridiculous notion, I don't think I'd appreciate being blatantly spoken about behind my back under my nose like that."

Now Narcissa looked sheepish, while Draco merely smirked. The girl arched a single eyebrow at him. She had been pleased for the work, and reading over the case file, these people were paying through the nose. She hadn't, however, expected her new client to be so annoyingly attractive.

"Chryssa…" The gentleman sitting at the desk that she'd previously been leaning on looked reproachful. He couldn't have been older than thirty, to look at him, but his history; credentials and manner of weary confidence said otherwise. Chryssa tried not to roll her eyes as Luke - the man in charge, began his 'pitch'.

"I assure you, as I would be held personally liable should my provided services prove to be lacking, you can trust in my judgement. You may be paying a considerable amount, but from your story Madame, your son is not the classic 'rich kid born into paranoia' case. He is going to be trouble, and a risk to any Guardian. Chryssa is a born warrior. She far surpassed other pack members of her age, and was the first to complete her training. Your son will be in the safest hands I can offer." Draco looked at her, a less than innocent gleam in his eyes. Chryssa's lip twitched. "Not to mention, I am giving you one of my favourites here." Chryssa gave him a bemused smile.

"I don't see that we can turn this down Draco." Narcissa turned to her son. "She's the right age for Hogwarts, and unless you want me to insist upon accompanying you to school this year…" She trailed off, considering this. Draco mastered his features, lest they become a mask of horror.

"If you make your decision promptly, we can have all of the papers signed today, and briefing can begin." Luke was pure professionalism, but Chryssa knew as well as she knew that he didn't want to assign her to this case, that he thought the deal was done.

He'd had little choice, she was the best candidate. She gave her Alpha a reassuring smile, hoping that that would be enough to convince him that it was the right decision. Natural pack instincts to keep one another safe had to take a back seat in a business. She knew that wouldn't stop him worrying.

Draco's eyes moved over Chryssa as he considered the offer. He knew any guy in his place would call him crazy for not immediately accepting the proposal that would have this girl following him around. She was the kind of girl guys would dream of having on their arm. Or would lock up in a tower, depending on the competition, he supposed. He took in her slim figure, pale but very lightly tanned skin and straight hair, whiter even than his own. She didn't look like a bodyguard. She was only about 5'7". Long legged, and above average height for a girl certainly, but not exactly a ruffian. Then again, Draco had read up on Guardians enough to know that her fragile appearance would not be even remotely proportional to her strength. He looked at his mother and nodded. Relief broke out on her face.

"Okay then. Draco Malfoy, your Guardian is Chryssa Soleil. I'm going to present you both with some documents to sign." He looked at the Malfoys. "I can assure you, there's nothing remotely untoward in there, and you can skip to the signature. Then again, you aren't the ones who can smell lies…" His smile grew. Draco skimmed the parchment.

"What is this about a bonding proof? And necessary marking?" He looked at Chryssa, but Luke answered.

"Don't worry, you aren't going to be covered in garish scars Master Malfoy, we simply need to manufacture… a pack bond, if you like, between the two of you. Without actually initiating you into the pack."

Looking slightly less concerned, Draco took the quill, and began signing the documents along with Chryssa. They both reached the final line simultaneously, and Draco leapt up in alarm, as smoke began to rise from his hand in a slow, steady stream. Seeing Chryssa was watching her own equally smoky hand unconcernedly, and the fact that it wasn't actually causing him any pain calmed him quickly. He was surprised that his mother hadn't outright attacked the Agent, but clearly she had been forewarned, and had barely reacted. She might have warned me. He thought mutinously.

As the smoke desisted, he glanced at his hand to see a small black emblem there. It wasn't as unsightly as he'd feared; it was barely noticeable, slender lines crossing to form a small sunflower. Hardly masculine though. He grimaced.

"Well it's purpose isn't to impress your macho friends, it's to prolong your life." Chryssa told him irritably.

He looked over at her in shock. She smirked. Clearly this was the reaction she was used to.

"Don't worry Master Malfoy, it's not a constant connection. Just try not to think so loud. We can practice at your home later on, without distractions." This time he raised an eyebrow, and upon hearing her own phrasing, she blushed.

"It's Draco, Miss Soleil, may I have permission to call you Chryssa?" His mother seemed pleased by his sudden flair for manners, and oblivious to the flirtatious undercurrent. Luke wasn't, however. He frowned slightly.

"Chrys." She corrected him. "Like 'Chris'. And you may." She smiled slightly, showing off her slightly abnormally sharp canines. He seemed more interesting than her previous charges at least. In total, she'd had four, since the completion of her training around three months ago, an impressive amount. Two of the others had been wizards, also around her own age: sixteen, and they had both been ridiculously wimpy, sheltered guys. Draco seemed to have more of a bite to him. He didn't recoil.

They stayed in the office of Luke awhile longer, to make arrangements, and iron out the details. Draco was sure his mother would have preferred to use a formality, but the Agent had insisted they 'call him Luke', whilst seeming perfectly happy to continue referring to Narcissa as 'Madame' and 'Mrs Malfoy'.

"Accommodation is verified. Mrs Malfoy has made it clear she wishes for you to stay at the Malfoy home, for the sake of convenience, continued security, and to avoid suspicion." Chryssa offered a less intimidating smile to the poor, nervous woman, and Narcissa returned it gladly.

"You will be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Naturally it would be much easier to guard Draco if you are placed in the same house: Slytherin." He broke off, looking a little doubtful. None of his pack were currently in wizarding schools, as they were trained as witches and wizards at the 'campus,' but some of them had attended Hogwarts, and he knew plenty about it, houses included.

"You understand your mission, of aiding Draco, with whatever tasks are deemed necessary," Luke tensed at this. Narcissa hadn't elaborated, at least, not enough for his liking. It wasn't easy having faith in his clients not to abuse this perk, when they were paying for it. "You will keep him safe, and remember you will keep yourself safe too." He looked stern at this. "No unnecessary risks."

Narcissa finalised the payment, and they left to be seated in a relatively luxurious lobby, to wait for Chryssa to pack up necessary belongings. They were only waiting for about twenty minutes before she appeared again, suitcases in tow. She nodded to the Malfoys and re-entered Luke's office briefly.

Draco peeked to see Chryssa leaning down to hug Luke.

"Don't worry father," she murmured. "I'll keep him safe. And I promise not to die, unless I absolutely have to."

The Alpha chuckled, and pushed his hair out of his face absentmindedly as she exited his office.

"Stay safe."

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