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xXInvader Sin-Chapter 2: Earth ArrivalXx


Ivy and I flew above an Earth city, observing the humans and searching for a suitable base area.

"That one's empty!" Ivy pointed to a dark house beside a dilapidated shack. The house wasn't much better looking, but it would be simpler to say we just moved in than for a house to appear out of nowhere. It'd be too suspicious.

I turned on the Voot's cloaking device and landed in the back yard of the house.

"You know the drill. First we need disguises. I'm thinking you could be...a cat."

"I want to be a ferret. Can I be a ferret-cat?"

"No, Ivy. Earth doesn't have ferret-cats. That was Sector 9."

"Awe. I wanted to be a ferret-cat," Ivy pouted.

I found a disguise body for her and placed her by the pod. I clicked the button, and after a few minutes, Ivy stepped out as a black cat with a silver collar that had small purple gems around it.

"Ivy, normal Earth cats' don't walk on their hind legs. They walk on all fours," I looked around before turning back to her with a playful smile. "But seeing as no one's around, you can walk normally."


"Now, remember to keep your collar on at all times. It's what keeps your disguise up. If you want to turn it off, just push the middle gem. Never take off your disguise in public."

"Yes, my Mistress!" Ivy's eyes flashed red and she saluted me before they went green again.

I choose my own disguise and quickly stepped into the pod. After a few painful minutes, I stepped back out as an ordinary thirteen year old human girl.

I had long curled blonde hair with sidebangs that fell over my right eye, icy blue eyes, and pale skin. My uniform had turned into a pair of tight black pants the Earthlings' called 'skinny jeans' and a purple and lavender horizontal striped long-sleeve hoodie shirt, the end pulled below my hips. My boots had turned into a pair of knee-high black converse boots. A silver bracelet similar to Ivy's collar was on my left wrist.

"I'll have to get some actual Earth clothes soon." I like to collect fashion from the planets I've been on, Irkens' only get their uniforms. Seeing as how we're stuck here, I'll be getting a lot of Earth stuff.

Ivy and I walked into the house from the back door. The inside was in even worse condition than outside. The wood looked rotted and I didn't trust using the stairs to the second level.

We walked to the lowest level of the house, the basement. I went to the middle of the room and programmed the little base-pod to only change the appearance inside the house before dropping it to the ground, where it burrowed under to work its magic. Ivy and I would have to fix the outside ourselves.

When it was done creating the underground lab it made quick repairs to the house. The basement brightened, and Ivy and I went to explore the new surroundings.

Upstairs, the walls were now painted a pale cream, individual rooms were different in color and style, but the overall house design turned modern Asian. The attic had been enlarged to fit the Voot and the roof could now open and close.

"How do you like the new house, Ivy?"

The little bot was so giddy with smeetish excitement, she was literally jumping in place!

The only reply I got was a high pitched squeal as she attacked my head in another hug.

"I'll take that as a positive sign," I smiled. Earth already felt like a home. I still wished I had been able to say goodbye to Ryu, though.

I walked over to a section of wall and flipped the nearby switch. The wall pushed back and revealed an elevator to the lab.

I hurried over to the computer when we arrived in the depths and got to work admitting myself to the local skool. I had to go to the education facility to avoid suspicion, after all.

"I start my first day of Earth skool tomorrow!"

xXChapter EndXx

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