Another day, another wrap on the Shake It Up, Chicago set. Cece smiled triumphantly as she stepped off the stage and skipped over to her hook to grab her backpack. It never ceased to give her a triumphant smile when she got through with a successful dance routine.

She was humming to herself one of her latest pop song favorites, when she had the feeling that someone was standing behind her. Cece spun around and found herself looking into Gunther's blue eyes.

"Gunther!" she gasped. "What do you want?"

"Could you come outside for a minute? I've got something important to tell you," Gunther said all of this in a quiet, very-unlike-Gunther voice.

"I guess I could," Cece answered and followed him outside of the studio.

"Look, Cece," Gunther began. "My family from my home country contacted me. There's no heir to the throne and they said if I was willing, I could come back and train to be the ruler of our country. They already sent me airplane tickets. My father and mother think it will be a great opportunity and want me to go."

"What does Tinka think about it? Is she coming?" Cece asked. She was feeling a plummeting feeling in her chest. Through the years, she'd grown closer to Gunther. She didn't like him talking about leaving to rule a foreign country. That sounded like he would be gone forever.

"She knows we can't do everything together," Gunther explained. "We've been expecting to part ways for a while now. My relatives said that they would only permit one of our family to come back. But…." He paused for a moment. "What do you think about it?"

"I?" Cece's face scrunched up in a confused expression. "Why do you care what I think?"

"Because maybe I'm tired of pretending we're frenemies and maybe I realize that there's something more between us," Gunther leaned forward and gazed intensely into her eyes. "I don't want to leave if you and I have a chance."

Cece's heart melted by the desperate look in his eyes, but some deep part of her cried out in rebellion. This was Gunther! This was wrong! And who was she to keep him away from a glorious royal destiny? This was important; it could be his future life. And then there was Cece and her feelings. She was in constant turmoil with them. What if it didn't work out? She would have ruined his life for nothing. She decided to do the unselfish thing and blurted out, "What does it matter to me what you do? You're delusional to think there's something between us anyway."

Cece hate saying it the moment she said it. She hadn't meant to sound so defensive and mean.

Gunther was staring at her with a hurt expression, his mouth open a little in disbelief at her outburst.

Cece opened her mouth to take back those words, but Gunther interrupted her. "Fine, if that's the way you feel. My plane leaves at 6:00 AM exactly a week from today. If you care about me even a little bit, you can come say goodbye." Gunther spat the words out with venom he'd never used before.

Cece mentally winced, but remained stern on the outside. "Fine! Go back to your Goat Country! See if I care! Even a little!"

Gunther stormed off and slammed the door of the studio behind him.

Cece was left standing outside, wondering what to think and feeling betrayed by herself. Gunther was leaving and she'd basically told him to go.

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