Raven and Nightcrawler

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Warnings: Slash, Language, Smoking, Alcohol, and Violence.

Bashing: Bobby, Kitty and James Potter.

Pairings: Harry/ Kurt ( Nightcrawler), Logan/ Remus, Rogue/ Pyro, Jean/ Scott, Bobby/ Kittty and more to come.

Side note: Kurt will not look like he did in X2 but like in cartoon show X-Men Evolution, so he is not blue in public. Kurt has just turned sixteen and Harry is about to turn seventeen in this fic. Lily died in childbirth. Remus isn't a werewolf he's a wolf shifter mutant. Not following the storyline of X2 or X3. I have never read any of the X-Men comics so the story will mostly be AU with bits of the first movie.

Chapter 1

Clouds Below The Raven

Harry looked away from the window to his right to see that his uncle Moony had finally relaxed enough to fall asleep on the plane. Even though his uncle has been on a plane many times before he still stresses out on the take off.

Remus and his mate Logan try to visit him every other month for a week since he was six. It was around the time he turned six that his father James found out he was a mutant. Soon after that discovery he found out that Remus was a mutant too so started to blame Remus for tainting his son. Remus soon after moved to America with Logan.

Harry quietly asked one of the flight attendant for a blanket for his uncle, before quickly turning back to look out the window. Harry noticed that the flight attendant was staring at his face a little too long for his liking.

He had scar running down from his left eyebrow all the way to the top of his left cheek. The scar and many others that weren't physical ones were one of the many reasons why he was currently on his way with his uncle Moony to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in New York.


When Harry walked into the living room his sensitive nose could pick up the still strong burning odor of the firewhiskey that James was so fond of from earlier. He had just came home from his job at the zoo to find out that James was still passed out on the couch and not at work.

"James get your drunk ass up! Kingsley needed you at work an hour ago." said Harry giving the couch a hard kick.

"What the fuck do you want boy!" yelled James as he woke to Harry's voice. He got up from the couch and started his clumsy way to the kitchen.

"I wanted you to get your ass up so you won't get fuckin' fired!" Harry yelled back. Harry already knew that Kingsley was at his wits end on what to do with James's drinking problem.

"Don't take that tone with me you little freak." growled James as he went on with his search though the kitchen for another bottle of firewhiskey. Harry knew that James wouldn't find any since he got rid of all the alcohol in the house before going to work after seeing that James passed out on the couch earlier.

"You're not going to find your 'Power Juice' today James." said Harry casually.

"What did you do you worthless beast!" yelled James as he get into Harry's personal space. Harry could smell the alcohol on James's breath.

Harry eyes suddenly turned cat like before he closed his eyes and took a calming breath. He could feel his fingernails itching to grow into lethal claws. Harry could feel his charmed necklace starting to be canceled out by his magic in his anger. The closer his magic was to breaking the charm the more his true appearance was showing.

When he opened his eyes again he heard a loud slap before he felt a sharp pain over the left half of his face.

"I better not see your freakish face again or I'll do more then just give you a fuckin' scratch! Understand!"

(End of Flashback)

Harry was brought out of his dark thoughts by the pilot's voice over the intercom telling them that they are getting ready to land.

"Moony, hey wake up the plane about to land." said Harry giving Moony firm shake to wake him up.

"What I'm up? Stop it with the mini earthquake, Harry." said a ruffled Remus, his hair in all different directions from his nap.

"We're about to land uncle Moony so buckle up." said Harry while rolling his eyes at his uncle's earthquake comment.

After finally finding he luggage and getting feeling back into his arm from Moony's death grip that he had during the landing of the plan. Harry couldn't wait to get to the mansion so he could take off his charmed necklace.

The two soon exited the airport to find Logan outside with a black and blue Dodge Charger Mopar 2011(A/N pic on my facebook page). Harry could admit that he was drooling over the car.

Logan quickly walked up to them and helped put the luggage away. Once that was done Logan gave him a quick hug before gently grabbing his chin to look at the scar on my face. Wolverine lets out a soft growl his eyes turning a dark amber, he signed before saying.

"Let's go home cub."

It took only twenty minutes and not forty to get the mansion with Logan behind the wheel. Harry looked around after exiting the car to see a older looking man in a wheelchair, a young woman with all white hair and a young man with red tinted glasses.

"Hello Harry and welcome to my school for the gifted."

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