Raven and Nightcrawler

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Warnings: Slash, Language, Smoking, Alcohol, and Violence.

Bashing: Bobby, Kitty and James Potter.

Pairings: Harry/ Kurt ( Nightcrawler), Logan/ Remus, Rogue/ Pyro, Jean/ Scott, Bobby/ Kittty and more to come.

Side note: Kurt will not look like he did in X2 but like in the cartoon X-Men Evolution. Harry and Remus are both mutants and wizards. All mutants that have animal characteristics "Feral" like Logan, Harry and Remus to name a few have more animalistic side in their thinking at times.


Animal within talking- ∞ Pretty kitty.∞

Parseltongue- •~ Weirdo in pink.~•

Thoughts- ' The tree will tell your future.'

Chapter 3

A Feral Rocking Good Time

(Last Chapter)

"Sorry Kurt but I just remembered that I have to meet Logan and Remus after I was done unpacking. Talk to later bye." said Harry over his shoulder as he ran out of the room leaving behind a hurt and sad Kurt.

Harry quickly ran all the way to Logan and Remus's room, while at the same time trying to control his Feral side that just wanted to go back to Kurt and claim him as their mate.

Come on Harry you know that Kurt will be ours in the end so why fight it?∞ Raven whispered in a husky voice.

'We will court him. And not just jump him before we're all ready for that step. We are seeing Wolverine and Moony and that's final.' growled Harry his eyes now two separate colors, the left one a deep ruby red and the right one was his natural dark green eye color.

Fine we'll start courting ours little demon after talking to Wolverine and Moony.∞

Glad that that battle was over Harry opened Logan and Remus's door only to wish that he had knocked first. He then calmly backed out and shut the door behind him before putting a silencing spell around him and his uncle's room. Harry took a big lung full of air before yelling.

"Oi quit shagging my uncle and get dress so you guys can help your panicking nephew!"

A loud thud followed by a lot of cursing was his answer.

We could be doing that to our little demon right now if you won't so stubborn.∞ whined Raven.

"Shut up!" yelled Harry, right when Logan opened the door.

"I found my mate. Now help me!" said Harry while walking into Remus and Logan's room, before Logan could say anything.

10 minutes later Kurt POV

After seeing Harry run out of what used to be their room, Kurt decided to go talk to Professor Xavier. Hoping to see if he could get Harry a new room mate that would make him feel more comfortable.

Making it to the Professor's office in record time, Kurt was about to knock when he heard his name being called. He turned around to see Harry down the hall.

"Kurt can we talk for a minute." said Harry looking hopeful Kurt.

"Ok." I said thinking that he wanted to talk about getting a new roommate.

I'm sorry for the long wait and short chapter. Next chapter will be about Harry and Kurt talking about what Harry found out.

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