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and just so you know this a naruto cross over with beyblade metal fusion but no metal fusion characters except Dj jazzman , element from beyblade and metal fusion will be in here . Most of this will be original story. i"ll update this by friday or monday and if don't update for more then 3 months you can have this story just ask for my premission final fantasy XV will come out in a year

Naruto: all right it's naruto uzumaki here and this a new story fill excitement and adventure and I course at get love of my life sakura-chan

He gets punch and fall down on the floor


Sakura:not on your life baka now anyway lets start naruxxsaku20 new story


"naruto" spirts thoughts


Naruto Metal adventures


Beys content powerful energy inside them. They cause war and destruction. There are 9 legendary tailed beys, each with own special power ,but thousands year ago theses beys were destroy,and turn in to sprits,only a few remains. But the same beys that cause war and destruiction was from meteorite

that hit earth and created 15 other beys these beys are said to be just as strong as tailed beys and they are also said to be legendary but only chosen ones can control them. it is said a bey call thunderbird and his blader was nickname the flying thunder god and he got the nickname the yellow flash. He had many adventures and defeat many enemies but one day the kyuubi spirit attack there village but yellow flash with cost of his life seal it into a infant the flying thunder god bey was piece of a meteorite that created storm Pegasus a bey that yellow flash had when it was pass down to him but he couldn't control it so gave it to his master so bey chose something who worthy to control it.

"that was a good story perv sage" said a young naruto

"ah yes it is"said jyraiya

"one day i'm going be best blader ever and surpass all other bladers" said a young naruto

"yes maybe you will you little gaki "said jyraiya

next time on naruto metal adventures

naruto: oh crap i'm going be late iruka sensei good to see

iruka:naruto your going miss your tournament

naruto:your right i better hurry see you iruka sensei i know i control this time believe im going be number 1

next time chapter 1 :Enter naruto uzumaki

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