Chapter Six

Another day, another night alone

Stepping out into the great unknown


Even God knows, baby, that ain't right!

If God Could Talk - Meat Loaf

Ginny was out for a night run. She usually dragged Hermione alone with her. Lately she'd taken to bringing Pansy with her. Unfortunately Hermione was tutoring and Pansy had opted out in favor of fencing with Draco and Blaise.

Not that Ginny blamed her. Running sucked and Ginny was alway sore the next day. But she felt good when she ran. And she knew her legs looked good.

Unfortunately, running also left her a lot of time to think. About Draco.

She definitely liked him. No question about that. He was the human embodiment of sexy. She wanted to drag him into a little corner and finally lose that V card. She could think of a lot worse guys to give it up to.

But did she love him? She wasn't so naive as to think that you only had sex with people you loved. She also knew that girls obsessed over their first time. The chances of her seeing Draco outside of school once he graduated were slim to none. He would get a cushy Ministry job and she would go and get a job in the research department.

It was the perfect plan. If she gave it up to Harry or any of Ron's friends she'd have to deal with that awkward all the time.

Unfortunately, getting Draco to have sex with her was going to be difficult. He did not seem to like her all that much. He was constantly ignoring her or else making fun of her. He had gotten better at defending himself though.

And he was getting there with that whole fencing thing. Ginny still bested him every time but the boy was learning. And he seemed fascinated by her alterego. That was part of the reason she wanted to get him in the sack.

And it was annoying. Because Draco was obsessed with her alterego.

"It's messed up," she muttered. "I'm jealous of myself."

She tripped over something and went sprawling. She caught herself but it wasn't her best effort. She rolled onto her side then to her feet. "Bugger," she muttered. When had she gotten into the forest? She never paid attention during her runs but usually she just stuck to looping around the lake or the grounds.

She looked around. She wasn't far into the woods but even so she didn't dare go further.

She spotted the castle glimmering through the trees and started that way, taking care of her footing.

"What have we here?"

She looked up. Five figures stood in the semi clear of the outer woods. The light was poor but she recognized the gang leader.

"Theo Nott," she crooned. "Thought I already kicked your ass this month. You want I should do it again?"

"It'd be fun to see you try," he said.

"Five against one ain't fair odds," she said.

"Six," someone said behind her. She started to turn when an arm snaked around her neck. She started to elbow back when something struck her in the lower back. Pain errupted through her back. Some detatched part of her mind understood what had happened. Her attacker had hit her in the kidneys.

She collapsed onto the ground, curling in on herself.

"How are you handling this now, Weasley?" Theo asked.

Ginny braced herself as they closed in. This was going to hurt.


Where was your watchman then?

Guardian - Alanis Morriset

Theo pulled back. The others did too. On the ground, the Weasley bitch wasn't moving. Blood was pooled around her face.

"What now?" Devon Astleton asked. His knuckles were bloody.

"Let's leave her here," Astoria Greengrass suggested.

"Sounds like a plan. Just one thing I have to do first," Theo said, reaching for the zipper on his jeans.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," someone said.

Theo turned. Magic filled the air. Pain took over everything and he was on the ground before he knew it. The others fell like dominoes.

Theo looked around, even the slightest move of his head hurting everything. The cloaked figure knelt beside the Weasley girl and lifted her into his arms.

"What are you doing?" Theo asked when he caught sight of who it was.

"Just be happy I'm letting you live," the man said. "It's more than her brothers will do. I can promise you that."


Walk on

If you think it's gonna make you strong

If God Could Talk - Meatloaf

Hagrid looked up at a knock on his door. It was much too late for it to be any of the kids so he grabbed his shotgun before answering it.

A cloaked figure stood on the stairs. He held a young woman in his arms.

"Ginny!" Hagrid gasped and took the girl. "What did you do?"

"I saved her," Lucius Malfoy said, pushing back his hood.

"You probably shouldn't'a moved 'er," Hagrid mused. He still did not like Lucius but he knew when the bastard was lying. Lucius wasn't. Not now.

"Probably not. Get her to the infirmary. Do not mention my involvement."

"Who did this to 'er?"

"They'll be dealt with. See you around, Hagrid."

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