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Prologue: Birth of a Hero

New York City. Perhaps the most well-known city in the United States, and one of the largest. Sporting such famous landmarks as the Empire State building and the statue of liberty, many viewed this city as a metropolis. Clearly none of those people had ever been to New York themselves.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a mess or anything. Well, it was, because the city was full of crime. Though they say the city had cleaned up a lot on crime since the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11, nowadays it was still not uncommon to suddenly find your wallet missing or to be mugged when going down an alley, even in the daytime. Heck, if you kept your eyes peeled you would notice the police chasing a car full of masked gunmen shooting wildly at anything nearby.

The rise in crime in recent years was often thought to be a result of a man known solely as the Kingpin. A supposed crime lord who run the whole criminal underworld in New York, and according to some reports even run a worldwide criminal empire. The police had never been able to prove that such a man existed, but whenever a serious crime occured, people always thought it was his doing. Could a man really exist who could turn a whole city into crime-central?

Of course the police fought valiantly to keep the city safe, in fact since George Stacy was named a captain the level of crime seemed to have dropped ever so slightly, or at least it had stopped rising. But as the good captain told the press just last Saturday "It'll be a long time before we make any real impact, but we've got a lot of fine men and women on the force that're giving their all to keep the city clean. And I promise you all, I will not rest until our city is safe for everyone"

But no matter what the police did to stop crime, the sad fact was they couldn't do it alone. They wouldn't admit it, the people of the city needed some hope, but with all the crime that was going on at this moment, they couldn't control it. What this city needed was someone who could go further, do things the police couldn't in order to catch the criminals. The city needed someone strong, someone persistant, someone who could handle anything that was thrown at him. New York needed a guardian, it needed...

A Hero.

The sun rose slowly into the air on the morning of October 14. Light crept through the curtains of the houses of Pinetree Corners, a neighbourhood located near Forest Hills in Queens, New York. All over the neighbourhood, the students of Mid Town High awoke to the annoying buzzing of their alarm clocks. Well... almost all of them.

Charlie Brown had forgotten to set his alarm clock the previous night, and thus he just lay there in his bed, content in some rare pleasant dreams. He just slept away for a good twenty minutes after he was meant to awaken. Under normal circumstances the Brown parents would have gone to wake him up. But today they were beaten to it by Charlie's sister, Sally.

"RISE AND SHINE, IT'S REALITY TIME!" Sally announced in a voice so loud it made Charlie Brown leap up out of his bed, hit his head against the ceiling and then fall face first onto the floor.

"So how was that for a wake-up call, I even made it rhyme" Sally commented proudly on her shouting.

"Good grief" Charlie Brown groaned.

Satisfied with her brother's state of consciousness Sally skipped out of the room, leaving Charlie Brown to force himself up to his feet.

"What time is it?" Charlie Brown thought, stiffling a huge yawn. When he saw he was already twenty five minutes late waking up Charlie Brown's eyes widened in fright and, forgetting how tired he was, the round headed boy sprinted across the room, stuffing his school books and other equipment into his backpack and getting dressed in his usual yellow zigzag t-shirt and black jeans.

It was 8:15 when Charlie Brown was finished preparing for the day. The school bus was due in another fifteen minutes, meaning he would have hardly any time for breakfast. He cursed his luck, and despite the shock it gave him he was really grateful Sally had come to wake him, he couldn't afford to be late today.

Today Charlie Brown's class was due to go on an important field trip. Charlie Brown thought it seemed a bit odd, considering school had just started the previous month, to be going on a field trip already, but he wasn't one to complain. His class had just been assigned to write an essay on Agate industries, a large company based in New York which made weapons, performance enhancers and a wide range of high tech gadgets, mostly for use by the government. Thus, to give the students a better idea of what they were writing about, the school board had arranged for the class to go on a day trip to the company. They were to arrive at a fortuitous time, since Agate industries would be demonstrating some of it's latest projects to the public today.

Charlie Brown was never much interested in science, it wasn't one of his better subjects and his desk was located right in font of those used by Violet and Patty, the most popular and snobbish girls in the whole school, who's greatest pleasure in life was ridiculing Charlie Brown.

On top of that he didn't much like the thought of visiting Agate industries, the reason being that it's owners son, Joe Agate, was a bully at Mid Town High. A bully that had held a grudge against Charlie Brown since he beat him at a game of marbles, one of his very few victories in life. Joe's father Alexander Agate was a strict business man who got by in life by crushing his competition. Considering many of the people who got in his way had an unfortunate habit of vanishing off the face of the earth, it was unsurprising that many people feared him, and the police kept a close watch on him. Charlie Brown hoped Joe Agate hadn't told his father about the marbles game, he didn't want to find out whether that would be enough to merit his disappearing, and most likely his death.

Charlie Brown knew he would have to go on the field trip anyway, he couldn't afford to fail his essay. But he still had his concerns over the whole thing. However, most of those concerns where currently being pushed to the back of his mind in Charlie Brown's rush to eat breakfast.

Before Charlie Brown arrived in the kitchen, his father Richard Brown had been reading the days issue of the popular newspaper, the Daily Bugle, the headlines and first twenty pages of which detailed a recent battle between the super hero Iron Man and a giant dragon called Fin Fang Foom. Weird name I know, but I didn't come up with it.

"Well, once again the Invinsible Iron Man has saved the world" Richard Brown began pleasantly, though he had a distasteful look as he continued "Meanwhile, here in New York there are still thugs robbing banks, stealing cars and mugging little old ladies"

"In other words, life goes on" Supplied Charlotte Brown, Charlie and Sally's loving mother and Richard's devoted wife, who was currently in the middle of washing dishes.

"Exactly. You know, I appreciate everything super heroes do to keep us safe, but in the long run, defeating a few world threatening super villains isn't enough. These people have been bestowed great powers, and like I always say, with great power comes great responsibility" Richard said knowingly. Mrs Brown chuckled lightly, Richard did indeed say that phrase a lot. It was his favourite saying, he would fit it into almost every conversation he had with people. It was his firm belief that if you have a telent, you should always use it for the betterment of mankind.

"So what do you suggest they do?" Charlotte asked, storing a few plates into the cupboard as she did so.

"Well, I'm just saying that while Iron Man's battling the Mandarin, the Fantastic Four are off confronting Doctor Doom in Latveria and Captain America's battling the newly revived Red Skull, none of the heroes seem very focused on tackling common crime. I'm just wondering, where are all the neighbourhood heroes helping keep our streets clean of crooks and robbers. I appreciate that there are plenty of super villains running amok, keeping the heroes busy, but at least one of them could take the time to help us out with local crime, which New York is bursting with at the moment" Richard explained seriously.

"I agree with you dear, but there's nothing we can do about it. We're not super heroes. We just have to rely on the police" Charlotte said with a sigh.

"They heaven't been quite as effective since you quit the force" Richard said with a frown. Charlotte threw him a stern look and scanned around to make sure her children weren't listening. She didn't like to talk to them about her life as a police woman, for many reasons.

"They're better off now that pompous swine Ricky Anderson got the boot. George Stacy was always a top-notch officer, his devotion to his job is rivaled only by his devotion to his daughter Peggy. And Jean Dewolffe is still around, together they'll help shape things up" Charlotte said firmly.

"But they won't go too far towards solving the problem, will they?" RIchard responded, Charlotte had no reply to that.

"Charlotte, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you" Richard said gently, noticing the disheartened look on his wife's face.

"It's not that. It's just... when I think of the world today, crime abundant and super villains running rampant, it makes me worry about Charlie and Sally. If anything were ever to happen to them..." Charlotte stopped herself there, she didn't want to think about that.

Richard sighed, standing up and patting Charlotte's shoulder comfortingly. He looked once more at the newspaper lying on the table, this truly was a dangerous world to grow up in. He often worried about his children's safety aswell. While he knew neither Charlie or Sally would ever even think about getting themselves involved in crime, there was still the threat of them being stabbed by a mugger, or murdered by some maniac. There was no way to assure that something terrible wasn't going to happen to one of them. If these super heroes really cared about saving people, then at least one of them should try to straighten out this city.

Charlie Brown scrambled down the stairs and into the kitchen the next moment.

"Good morning Charlie" The Brown parents greeted simultaniously.

"Good morning mom, good morning dad" Charlie Brown said quickly, he was about to hurriedly pour himself a bowl of cereal before noticing the plate of toast on the table "Thanks mom"

"You're welcome Charlie. Actually I'd made pancakes earlier for you, but they just disappeared off your plate a few minutes ago" Charlotte said thoughtfully. The family's dog Snoopy, who had just entered the kitchen carrying a suitcase and dressed in his lawyers hat, jumped in surprise.

"Wait, those were his pancakes? Oops" Snoopy thought awkwardly, anxiously rubbing maple syrup off his mouth before anyone noticed.

Charlie Brown sat down only for a minute to eat his breakfast, knowing time was of the essence. Richard Brown also retook his seat.

"Good thing you woke up when you did, wouldn't want to miss the big trip, would you?" Richard asked his son cheerfully.

"No" Charlie Brown replied simply, thinking it would be fine as long as he didn't meet mr Agate.

"I'll make Snoopy his breakfast today Charlie, you just go and enjoy yourself" Charlotte said, Charlie Brown heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"Thank you mom. I don't know what I'd do without you and dad" Charlie Brown said sincerely.

"Well, not long now and you'll have to figure it out. Seventeen now, and in senior year, boy how time flies" Richard lamented, then quickly adding "We'll always be here to support you though"

Charlie Brown smiled up at his father before biting into his second slice of toast. He knew he was lucky to have parents like Richard and Charlotte. Whereas so many other people in his life could be unsupportive and in some cases downright cruel, his parents always provided non-stop love and support, they were always there for him when he needed them and gave better advice than a certain "Licensed psychiatrist" He knew.

"By the way, you're going to Agate Industries right? It just so happens that my old college roommate is a scientist working there" Richard said, having only just remembered such now and wondering why he hadn't mentioned it before.

"Really? Who is it?" Charlie Brown asked curiously.

"Dr Nels Van Adder. Great man, Nels. If you see him, tell him Charlotte and I said hi. He has blond hair and always wears a red shirt under his labcoat" Richard explained.

"Ok dad" Charlie Brown replied. He didn't normally meet many of his parents friends, his mother's old friends were never really mentioned and most of Richard's childhood friends had moved away. Charlie supposed it might be nice to meet this Nels Van Adder, he'd feel safer knowing someone at Agate Industries could possibly like him.

Charlie Brown finished his toast and noticed the time on the kitchen clock. 8:25. Good grief, only five minutes to go.

"I really need to go, I'm sorry" Charlie Brown said, wishing he'd had more time to sit down and talk with his parents like he usually did.

"It's fine Charlie, you go along and enjoy yourself. And watch out for trouble" Richard emphasised that last part. Charlie Brown nodded, gave his mother a quick hug, clapped hands with his father, patted Snoopy on the head ("Don't they know how painful this is?") And ran to the front door, where Sally was already waiting impateiently, fully dressed and her bagpack a bit less packed than Charlie Brown's. She wasn't really concerned with her education.

Fortunately for the Brown siblings the bus stop was only a four minute walk from their house. When they arrived they noticed they weren't the only ones there, their friends Linus, Peppermint Patty and Marcie had already arrived.

Charlie Brown smiled when he saw his three closest friends. Out of the three of them, he probably had the best friendship with Linus. Though Linus was a year younger than Charlie Brown, he was many years wiser. As well as being a straight A student (He'd been bumped up a year when still in middle school) Linus always gave good advice, was extremely thoughtful and comforting, and an all around nice guy too. Heck, he'd have to be, Charlie Brown though, if he could put up with having the worlds biggest blockhead for a friend. Sally had also had a HUGE crush on Linus since they were practically in diapers, and when she saw him she immediately skipped up to his side and placed her head on his shoulder. Linus looked deeply embarrased, but had learned by now it wasn't worth the effort of shoving her away.

Charlie Brown suppressed a chuckle at his sister's display of affection for his best friend and turned to Peppermint Patty and Marcie. It was a funny thing, his whole life he'd been terrible around girls, yet Patty and Marcie were some of his dearest friends. They each had their own little nickname for him, the formal "Charles" From Marcie, and Peppermint Patty's informal "Chuck". The two girls were the best of frends, you hardly ever saw one without the other. Charlie Brown's stomach lurched as he thought about some of the things people at school said about the girls, very rude and inappropriate things. Sally on the other hand seemed convinced they were both madly in love with her brother, to the point that she would refer to them sometimes as Charlie Brown's weird girlfriends, and yelled at him to kiss one of them during tender moments. Charlie Brown simply couldn't believe that any girl could like him, let alone two.

Peppermint Patty was probably the complete opposite of Charlie Brown, whereas the round headed boy was meek, shy, lacked confidence and was useless at sports, and most other thing, Peppermint Patty was outgoing, brave, brimming with determination and confidence and was an expert at any sport she played. And she played a lot of sports, she was captain of the school's baseball and football teams, she played tennis and basketball, and was an accomplished ice skater. Despite all her talk about how her huge nose and "Mousy blah" hair made her look ugly, when she skated around the ice rink in her lovely silk dress, Charlie Brown always found that he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Marcie was a very sweet and friendly glasses-wearing girl. As opposed to Peppermint Patty, who was famous for her D- average, Marcie was one of the smartest people Charlie Brown knew. It was impossible to tell whether her or Linus were the school's top pupil, so they agreed to share the position. Marcie wasn't much for sports, and despite her smarts she could be pretty naive (She ate easter eggs with the shell still on) but she was a loyal friend, Charlie Brown was glad to know her.

Charlie Brown was delighted to have such great friends as he did, but sometimes he didn't feel like he deserved a place in their group. Though they all had their quirks, they were each great people with lots of talent. And who was he? He was Charlie Brown, blockhead extrordinaire, the worlds number one failure face. As if the fact that he could never succeed at anything wasn't enough to get poor Charlie down there was also the fact that everyone at school hated him. They all say what a loser he was and treated him like an outcast, like a joke. It seemed they all thought the world would be better off without him. And Charlie Brown silently agreed, they were all probably right.

"Morning Chuck, morning Sal! How you doing?" Peppermint Patty asked, giving Charlie Brown an unintentionally painful bump on the shoulder.

"Alright" Charlie Brown winced, clutching the spot Peppermint Patty had bumped with her fist.

"Excited about the field trip today Charles?" Marcie asked enthusiastically. She definitely was excited, she had been anticipating this trip since it was first announced. She loved learning, a fact that Peppermint Patty attributed to her being weird.

"I guess it'll be alright, so long as I live to talk about it" Charlie Brown replied nervously.

"Don't worry Charlie Brown, I'm sure there'll be enough police patrolling the area to assure you don't "disappear"" Linus said pleasantly. He frowned slightly as Sally rubbed her head on his shoulder.

"Isn't he the cutest thing?" Sally asked, more to herself than any of her friends.

"Sally, would you please take your head off my shoulder. It was alright when we were little kids, but I just don't like you fawning over me" Linus said as politely as he could.

"Aww, but I really like you Linus" Sally said with puppy dog eyes, Linus began to sweat nervously "You're my sweet baboo"

"I'm NOT your sweet Baboo!" Linus screamed, all gentlemanly-sense forgotten. Sally looked taken aback for a moment, but then smiled and rubbed her cheek into his neck. Linus blushed, sighed in defeat and pulled out his security blanket, which he rubbed against the other side of his face. Even at sixteen Linus was not completely cured of his dependency on that blanket, which was now very worn and had been patched up dozens of times. Lucy still threw a fit when she saw him carrying it.

"By the way, where is Lucy?" Charlie Brown asked, only just now realizing her absence.

"She decided to drive to school today" Linus replied, rolloing his eyes "I'm certain the only reason she got her license was because she threatened the driving examiner"

Everyone had a good chortle at Linus' remark, it was common knowledge that Lucy was the most dangerous learner driver since Spongebob Squarepants. She had gotten a bit better since she'd received her license, but it was still safer to use public transportation than hitch a ride with her.

"I just hope she steers clear of the orphanage" Marcie said, concern etched in her voice.

Normally in the mornings Charlie Brown would have struck up a longer conversation with his friends at the bus stop, but the bus was just arriving now, so he thought he could just do so on the ride to school and then to Agate Industries.

Charlie Brown stepped aside to allow his friends to hop aboard the school bus first, he was about to get on before he noticed his shoes were untied. Knowing how likely he was to trip over and cut his forehead open, Charlie Brown asked the bus driver to wait a moment while he tied his laces. When he was done he straightened up and prepared to step onto the bus, but the doors had already shut and the school bus was driving away.

Charlie Brown stared blankly after the bus, when it was about twenty feet away he let out a shocked exclaimation and ran after it.

"HEY, WAIT UP! You forgot me!" Charlie Brown screamed urgently, his friends stared sympathetically out the back window and Peppermint Patty went to have a word with the driver, while everyone else on board just pointed out the window and laughed.

Alexander Agate sat back in the chair at his desk, a bottle of wisky in his hand. Today had been a good day for him, he'd seized control of five smaller companies, yelled at a record of twenty people in one hour and best of all, according to all charts, his company was now making just as much money as Stark Industries. That wasn't enough for him of course, Alexander would not rest until Agate Industries was the number one business in the world. But hey, at least now nobody would be able to say they were just second best.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Agate yelled, thinking that it better not be bad news. If it was, Alexander would assure whoever it was would pay for ruining his good mood.

The door opened, and two men in labcoats entered the room. The man with blond hair was Nels Van Adder, head of the genetic research devision and forerunner of the super soldier project the company was working on.

The other man was the companies top inventor, dr Otto Octavius. Alexander had given him the nickname of Doctor Octopus, because he always wore a harness on his back with four machanical arms attatched to it. The arms were Otto's most cherished creations, they could survive in conditions that human hands could not and had a million uses. They also had a high artificial intelligence, so much so that Otto had had to invent an inhibitor chip to retain control of them, so that they didn't start influencing him.

"Ah, Van, Otto" Agate said, seeming to welcome them with open arms. But it was with a cold smile and a dangerous voice that he said "Good news?"

The two scientists exchanged grim looks. This was not really good news for their employer, and when he heard it they expected him to throw a fit. It was about a certain serum called the Oz formula, which Van Adder had been working on for two years, since the day dr Mendell Stromm was arrested for embezzling funds. It was really only he that needed to present the news to Alexander, but Otto had been generous enough to come with him, keep Nels safe if things turned nasty.

"Well, sir-" Nels began, quaking under the gaze of his employer. Agate grinned wickedly, oh how he loved the way they all feared him, oh how he loved watching inferior beings squirm "It's about... it's about the Oz formula, sir"

"Not having trouble with the spiders, are we?" Alexander asked.

"No sir, all's well with the spiders-"

"Then what's the problem?" Agate demanded, banging his fist on his desk. Nels gulped, and Otto placed a machanical hand to his shoulder in comfort. Nels wasn't sure how four claws at the end of a metallic tentacle were meant to be, but it did calm him down a little.

"We've been doing some calculations and theoretical tests" Nels replied, taking a moment to catch his breath "And while Oz has demonstrated extreme physical improvement in the spiders... well, we've determined that our current serum is not safe for human testing. Rather than create super soldiers, we believe the formula would... we think it might drive a person insane and turn them into... well, we're not quite sure what it would turn them into, but it certainly wouldn't be human. We're going to-"

Nels cut off at that point, terrified that Agate was going to get up and strangle him. The thought was certainly swimming through the CEO's head.

"We're going to have to go back to formula, completely rework the serum" Otto Octavius finished for his friend. Alexander roared in frustration.

"Oh, that's just perfect! Go all the way back to formula. Two years I've given you, all so you can just start over again" Alexander bemoaned, Nels stared at his feet, fearing his time here at Agate Industries was up "I don't take well to failure, Adder"

"With all due respect sir, it's not entirely his fault" Otto interrupted. He wasn't the bravest man on Earth, but he had worked here long enough that he could handle Agate's temper. And he wasn't likely to get fired, Agate would probably never find anyone who could suitably replace him, so Otto felt free to speak to his employer like he was any other man.

"What are you talking about Otto?" Alexander asked, not at all likeing Otto's tone.

"Van has only been working off the original notes of Dr Stromm, and we only had a portion of those notes anyway, as he took most of them with him after you got him arrested. Only Mendel knows how the formula was supposed to go, and as much a genius Van is it would take great time, skill and luck for anyone to figure out the full formula from what little we have to go on. So I urge you to listen to reason for once in your life, do not blame your own employees for making a perfectly reasonable request to start over" Otto explained.

Alexander sighed, he hated it when Otto made sense.

"Fine. Restart the formula and squish the spiders, they're of no use to us now" Alexander demanded. Nels looked taken aback.

"Squish them?" Van Adder asked meekly. He was a man of morale, he respected all life and always worked to improving conditions for people. That's why he had been working on this super soldier formula, in hopes it would someday be made well available to the public, so that everybody could live a longer, better life. And the Oz spiders were ones he had hatched from their eggs, he didn't want to kill them.

"We'll get right on it" Otto replied calmly. Nels looked flabbergasted at him, and even the machanical arms made a shocked exclamation. Otto caught the saddened look on his friend and colleague and gave him a look that said "Just go with it, I'll explain later"

"Good" Alexander replied, not at all concerned about the lives of the spiders. Why should they matter, they were just insects (No dummy, they're arachnids), they were made to be squashed. And besides, if they were demonstrated to members of the press today at the exhibition, then he would have to admit soon after that his staff were being forced to restart the project. He would not allow his competitors a chance to laugh at the screw up of his underlings.

"Well what are you still doing here, get the f### out of my office" Alexander suddenly spat, the two scientists were more than happy to leave. Agate glared at the door as it closed behind them and took another swig of his wisky. So much for his good day.

Charlie Brown and friends arrived at the parking lot of Mid Town High. Turns out the bus driver loved causing Charlie Brown grief as much as any of the students, Charlie Brown had run ten blocks to catch up with the school bus before Peppermint Patty managed to "Persuade" The driver to stop the bus and let the guy on. After that, it only took three minutes to reach the school.

"Why does God hate me?" Charlie Brown asked hopelessly.

"Sometimes I wonder how I grew up to be so normal with you around" Sally said thoughtfully.

The group of five joined the rest of their class standing outside the front doors to the school. Five minutes later the class was joined by Aaron Warren, their biology teacher, who would be escorting them on their trip to Agate Industries.

After taking a roll call to make sure everyone who had handed in a permission slip was present, mr Warren cleared his throat and began "Right students, today will we'll be embarcing on what may be the most informative and impotant field trip of your lives. Now I want to make one thing clear to you all before we go, do NOT make fools of yourselves. As students of Mid Town High you represent the entire school on this trip out into the wider community, and I shall not tolerate you tarnishing our school's fabulous reputation by acting like a band of baboons. I want no-one causing trouble on this field trip. Agate, mr Thibault, I'm looking at you two" Mr Warren concluded, eyeing the two boys at the back of the crowd.

With his little speech out of the way, Aaron Warren directed his class to the exact same school bus the majority of them had just ridden. Sally gave hugs to both her brother and Linus before skipping off to attend her classes. Linus was beet red.

"Why can't she just leave me alone" Linus moaned.

"Oh come off it, blockhead" Came the ever familiar voice of Linus's older sister, Lucy Van Pelt. Charlie Brown took a step back, Lucy had been one of his oldest friends. When they were about four Charlie Brown often acted like a bit of an older brother to Lucy, who naive as she was actually seemed to look up to him as such. As she got older however, Lucy had become increasingly crabby and mean. She found various ways to make Charlie Brown suffer, such as providing terrible psychiatric advice and always pulling a football away before he could kick it, so that he landed hard on his back. It was a miracle his spine still existed. But as opposed to some people who just wanted to spite Charlie Brown, Lucy actually did care about him as a friend, and had genuinly helped him out on many occasions. He wouldn't admit it, but he also thought she had become very pretty in her rise to woman hood.

"What do you mean?" Linus asked, confused by his sister's statement.

"Admit it Linus, you don't mind Sally's lovey-dobey actions at all, you're crushing on her as much as she is on you" Lucy said slyly. Linus's face turned, if possible, even redder.

"I AM NOT!" Linus screamed in a panic, everyone within ear shot laughed.

"Oh don't deny it, I see the way you look at her when you think nobody's watching. And why else would you have a picture of her as your screen saver" Lucy said, immensely enjoying her brother's humiliation.

"She's only in that picture because it's one of her with me and Charlie Brown at the carnival!" Linus replied hotly, shooting a concerned look at Charlie Brown, as though to say he didn't have anything but friendly thoughts about his sister.

"So then why'd you crop yourself and Charlie Brown out of the picture so it's just her?" Lucy asked victoriously, Linus whimpered and started sucking on his thumb. Charlie Brown thought he should say something, but remained silent. He had often thought over Sally's devotion to Linus, and he wondered how he would feel if they were a couple. He wasn't really sure he wanted his sister to be dating anyone, but then again, he trusted Linus with his life. He would much rather she end up with him than some abusive jerk. And come to think of it, it might be nice to have Linus for a brother in law someday. He wasn't sure how he would feel about having Lucy be part of the family though.

Lucy was the first to hop on board the bus after mr Warren, still laughing at her flustered brother. Once more Charlie Brown was last in line, and before he got on he noticed his shoes were untied. Not wanting to make the same fatal mistake twice however he got onto the bus first. Of course he tripped on the laces and banged his head against the drivers seat.

Most of the students on the bus laughed their heads off at Charlie Brown's slip up, while Aaron Warren just shook his head and told Charlie Brown to take his seat.

Everyone who had a free seat next to theirs hastily stuffed their backpacks into them, glaring at Charlie Brown to tell him they didn't want him sitting with them. Charlie Brown sighed, he was used to this treatment, so it didn't borrow him too much. Charlie Brown walked up the bus, being tripped over at least twice and enduring rude remarks.

"Boy Charlie Brown, if being clumsy was an Olympic event, you might actually have a chance to win" Sang Violet Gray, she and her best friend Patty Roberts burst out with the giggles. Charlie Brown stared at his feet and carried on. Violet and Patty were once his very best friends, he had had crushes on both of them when they were very young children, and sometimes it seemed like they returned his feelings. Of course, pretty soon after they became popular and turned into snobs, after which they treated him like dirt for the rest of their school lives. Violet seemed to find no greater joy in life than to ridicule him, but Patty was slightly more fair. In fact, more than once he thought he saw her smile at him. Must have been his imagination.

Charlie Brown noticed Lucy had taken a seat next to her long time crush Schroeder, a piano prodogy and another lifelong friend of Charlie Brown's. Schroder grimaced at Lucy's wide smile and mouthed "Help me" to Charlie Brown, who shot him an apologetic look before carrying on.

Among the other few students who would actually call themselves were Pigpen and Franklin. Pigpen didn't know his own name, people called him by his nickname all the time. The reason for people calling him Pigpen was that he was a literal dust magnet, no matter what anybody did to try and clean him he would always remain filthy, dust and dirt would just separate from the ground and attatch to his skin and clothes. Pigpen was not as disliked as Charlie Brown, but he was still a frequent target of ridicule. Though unlike Charlie Brown, Pigpen was indifferent to their teasings and was quite happy about his mess.

Charlie Brown had not known Franklin quite as long as most of his friends, but he was still a valued pal. One of the only two African American students in the class after Randy Robertson, his slightly older and more hot headed brother, Franklin was a nice guy, really easy to get along with. He had few insecurities and was more than willing to accept Charlie Brown's faults, sticking up for him when others bullied him. Franklin was also a key player on the schools football and baseball teams, mostly because Peppermint Patty had gotten him into the game when they were still kids.

Both boys greeted Charlie Brown in a friendly manner, Charlie Brown bid them a good hello and went back to looking for a seat.

"Brown old buddy, good to see you" Came the voice of Thibault, a short and unpleasant looking boy "Have a seat" He said, patting the empty bus seat next to him.

Charlie Brown shuddered and rushed passed, he wouldn't sit next to Thibault if he was paid a million dollars. Being one of the main bullies in school was enough reason to distrust him, but there was also the fact that he thought Charlie Brown was an arogant snob and was constantly trying to beat him up, only to be stopped by the interruption of Peppermint Patty. Charlie Brown didn't know what Thibault would have done if he'd sat down next to him, and he didn't want to know.

The next bully he saw, Joe Agate, did not offer his seat to Charlie Brown, but mearly sent him a death glare. He wouldn't have been able to offer him a seat anyway, the seat next to Joe was filled by his girlfriend Charlotte Braun. Charlotte Braun, oh yes, the human megaphone. Charlie Brown had known her for a brief time when he was five, then he'd spent much time trying to avoid her. As well as having a voice so loud it could break glass Charlotte Braun was equally as crabby as Lucy in her younger days, and as a result of being Joe Agate's girlfriend for several years had turned into a cruel bully herself. Despite her ear-splitting voice however, she did attract a lot of attention from her male classmates, seeing how she dressed like a tramp. Joe Agate would often brag loudly about bringing her to his room and... well, you know.

Charlie Brown gave a friendly wave to Peppermint Patty and Marcie, and also greeted two other classmates named Roy and 5. Yeah, 5. Apparently his dad was so paranoid about how everyone was being defined by numbers that he changed all the family names to numbers to suit his hysteria. 5 had two younger twin sisters named 3 and 4. Charlie Brown supposed 5 was alright, he'd never had much to do with him, and people often said he was extremely boring and dull. Roy was a boy Charlie Brown and Linus had befriended at Summer camp on separate occasions, Charlie Brown hadn't usually had much to do with him, though he seemed fairly good friends with Peppermint Patty, Franklin and maybe Marcie.

Charlie Brown then noticed Shermy making conversation with Jose Peterson. Shermy was a decent guy, one of the most popular boys in school and the boyfriend of Violet's friend Patty. Shermy was Charlie Brown's best friend as a kid, but for reasons Charlie Brown couldn't quite explain they'd just... well, they'd sort of drifted apart, he supposed. They rarely talked to each other these days. While Shermy did occasionally join into the laughter when Charlie Brown screwed up at something, he never insulted him and was genuinely friendly on the rare occasions they were made to talk to each other. As for Jose Peterson... well, he was a star baseball player with a batting average of .850, but Charlie Brown didn't really know anything about him other than he was half-Mexican, half-Swedeish.

One more person Charlie Brown noticed was Freida, a pretty girl with naturally curly red hair, of which she would always go on and on about. Charlie Brown had been friends with Freida for a while, but by the time they entered High school he hardly had much interraction with her, especially considering his awkwardness around pretty girls. Freida was a nice girl, a bit of a chatterbox and her bragging about her naturally curly hair may have made her seem like a vain snob, but she was actually very kind and sweet. She was perhaps the only girl in the in-crowd who actually treated Charlie Brown fairly, even right now she smiled at him as he passed, but did not offer him a seat as the one next to her was filled by one of her friends.

Charlie Brown ignored a few more snide remarks and finally reached where Linus was sitting. However, the seat next to him was filled by Janice, a girl who was friendly with Linus and had been diagnosed with leukemia when she was eight (Thank God she was cured now). Linus didn't seem to notice she was there, he was staring at the seat in front of his, still looking embarassed and clutching his security blanket for dear life.

Noticing there were no other free seats except next to a beautiful brown haired girl, who he supposed hadn't had a chance to put her bag up next to her yet, Charlie Brown grabbed hold of a pole and prayed the ride wouldn't be too bumpy.

"Hey" Came a soft voice, Charlie Brown saw it was the brown haired girl "Don't you need a seat?"

Charlie Brown mumbled inaudibly, with a friendly smile the girl patted the seat next to her, indicating he should take it. Charlie Brown smiled weakly, not sure if he was hallucinating but feeling he must have been. He wasn't sure why she was allowing a loser like him to sit next to her, but eventually he accepted the invitation.

The bus ride to Agate Industries seemed to take an eternity, and Charlie Brown's heart was thumping all the way. Never in his life had a girl as beautiful as this one, with her long brown hair and bow, her purple shirt and striped green jeans, showed him such generosity. He occasionally sneak glances at her face, which was kind and perfectly positioned, so that it showed her full beauty. Why on Earth would a girl like her want anything to do with him!

Charlie Brown tried hard not to hyperventilate, the girl just smiled sweetly the whole way. He had never done well around girls, though he had been able to talk to most girls as a kid, as a seventeen year old he was clueless. His entire romantic life had been a failure... well, he couldn't say that, he'd never even had a girlfriend. He had been madly in love with a little red haired girl when he was eight, but he could never get anwhere near her because he was so nervous. And then she moved away, and his heart shattered. But here was a girl just as beautiful, and while most other girls in the class would shout at him to bug off, she had actually offered to let him sit next to her on the bus.

Charlie Brown wanted to say something, this was his chance to actually talk to a girl that wasn't strictly a friend. He just had to get better acquainted. He knew he would have absolutely no chance of becoming her boyfriend, but he could at least experience the joy of talking to her.

"Um..." Charlie Brown mumbled. He felt like slapping himself, now she was looking right at him and he didn't know what to say. He had to think, think, think. He had to say something, anything! "Thank you"

Thank you. Thank you! Charlie Brown felt like slapping himself, THAT was the best he could come up with? Maybe it would have been fine ten minutes ago, but after such a long silence it was just really awkward, and bound to have made him look weird and pathetic. He'd just blew his one chance!

"You're welcome" The girl replied, and Charlie Brown was shocked and relieved to see she was smiling, as though she didn't find him weird or anything. He couldn't help but smile. Now if he could just think of a good follow up...

"I've never seen you before at school" Charlie Brown said, once again he wanted to slap himself. That was no good, it would either offend her or make him look like an oblivious idiot.

"Yeah, I just transfered here last week. I'm surprised they let me come on a field trip so soon, but I'm not complaining, this should be fun" The brown haired girl said pleasantly. Charlie Brown smiled ever wider, he couldn't believe he'd gone so long without goofing things up.

"Are you alright, you look a bit red" The girl asked, concerned. Charlie Brown realized his face had gone rosy red with blush.

"Oh, nothings wrong it's just... pretty faces make me nervous" Charlie Brown replied. This time he did slap himself, talk about embarassing himself.

"But you should never feel that way" The girl said seriously "Pretty girls are human too you know"

"You are?" Charlie Brown said cluelessly, mentally cursing himself and feeling certain he had offended her. But she laughed, not an insulting laugh or one that meant she thought he was a fool, but just a plain happy laugh.

"You're funny. I like that" The girl said sweetly "And do you really think I'm pretty?"

His face gradually turning fifty new shades of red, Charlie Brown averted his gaze and nodded.

"Aww, thank you. You're sweet" The girl said. Charlie Brown felt he must have been walking on air. He was talking to a beautiful girl, and she didn't think he was a disgrace. She said he was sweet, and that she thought he was funny. The good kind of funny! He'd never gotten this lucky in all his life!

So of course at that moment the bus had to stop and Mr Warren had to call them all off the bus. Charlie Brown sighed, after they got off this bus he would never have a chance to talk to this girl again, and pretty soon people would tell her what a failure face he was and she'd make fun of him too. Life just wasn't fair. But hey, maybe if he could stay with her just a bit longer after they got off the bus, maybe he'd be able to talk to her for longer and... no, as soon as they got off the bus two girls were calling for her to join them, and they certainly wouldn't want anything to do with him. This was it.

"By the way" The girl began before going off to join her friends "I never got your name? Could you please tell me so I'll remember it?"

"I'm... um... uh..." Charlie Brown mumbled, his nerves getting the better of him once more. She was staring imploringly at him with her big round, beautiful brown eyes... "I'm... Brownie Charles"

From behind Charlie Brown there came four loud cries of "AAUUGH!" Apparently Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty and Marcie had been listening intently on their little conversation.

"Brownie Charles?" The girl repeated, looking uncertain. Charlie Brown whimpered, fearing he'd finally managed to ruin it for himself. But remarkrably, to Charlie Brown's utter astonishment, her frown turned into a smile and she said "I like that, it's a good name"

Four sets of jaws hit the floor behind Charlie Brown, who was walking on air again "My name is Peggy "Jean" Stacy, though most people just call me Peggy Jean. It was nice meeting you Brownie, I hope we'll be very close friends at school"

And she flashed Charlie Brown one last smile before skipping away. Charlie Brown stared after her long after she'd disappeared among the crowd of students entering the giant building, his heart still racing "Peggy Jean... what a beautiful name"

Charlie Brown felt someone nudge his shoulder, and turned to see Linus giving him a sly grin "Wow Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty's right, you are a sly dog"

Charlie Brown's blush returned in full force, he looked over to his three other friends. Lucy's jaw was still on the floor, she was in utter shock over the fact that Charlie Brown had successfully talked to a pretty girl without making her despise him, and Peppermint Patty and Marcie looked... disappointed? No, it couldn't be, it had to be his imagination running wild.

Charlie Brown's mind was still on Peggy Jean as Aaron Warren led the class into the building, down a few hallways and into a large auditorium-like room filled with displays of fabulous inventions and experiments. Charlie Brown didn't even hear a word of Warren's strict speech to the class about behaving themselves and not wandering off, the only thing running through his brain was the thought "I just talked to a pretty girl"

Professor Warren's distant voice droned on for a full three minutes, every second of which Charlie Brown spent trying to identify Peggy Jean among the crowd. When Warren finally declared that the students could wander around the room to read up on the many wonderous technological advancements, Peppermint Patty dragged Charlie Brown off to look at a ten foot robot.

Charlie Brown had to confess, for a company run by Joe Agate's father they sure made some pretty cool stuff. In one corner of the room there was a pair of gauntlets the descriptions said could shoot blasts of compressed air at intense frequency, in another corner a man was demonstrating something called the "Goblin Glider" Which was like a small rocket with a pair of wings large enough to stand on, and a mechanism that resembled a demon's face at the front. Charlie Brown was the only one glad they weren't allowing students a ride on the glider, he just knew he'd crash into something and cause a series of explosions. And in the centre of the room was Doctor Octavius, giving a speech on his machanical arms.

"Now these beauties are my latest and, if I may be frank, finest creations. I came up with the idea when my wife mentioned that old saying about us only having "One pair of hands" and I thought, how much could we accomplish if he all had extra pairs of arms. I know it's ironic to make four new machanical appendages, considering my name, but I never really thought about that while building them" Otto commented humourously, few people chuckled along with him, though the clawed arms were clapping wildly together.

"These mechanical arms have a wide range of uses, which I will be glad to demonstrate to you in a moment. Normally at this point I would be going into an explanation into how these arms work but... well, old Alex grumpy pants-" All but Joe Agate laughed this time "-Doesn't want me telling you that, doesn't want anyone stealing his companies ideas (Like he doesn't steal from hundreds of other inventors) So I'll just be giving a practical demonstration. Flo"

At the mention of that name the upper right tentacle flashed a light in it's palm, as though it were blinking, and extended itself all the way to the edge of the room to pick up a stray soda can and then drop it in a dust bin nearby. The stoodents clapped excitedly, a few of them even wooped loudly.

"Good work Flo" Dr Octavius conplimented, patting the tentacle's glass palm tenderly. The tentacle made a squeaky noise a bit like a dog enjoying a belly rub. He addressed the curious stares of the crowd by saying "I name all my tentacles. As you might have heard, this darling is called Flo, because she's the most motherly. This fellow here" Octavius gestured to the upper left tentacle "Is named Moe, he's the big tough guy" Moe made a gesture that seemed to simulate flexing arm muscles.

"This tentacle on the lower right is Harry. Watch out ladies, he's a player" Octavius joked, noticing that Harry the tentacle had approached Violet and tapped it's palm against the back of her own hand, as though kissing it. Violet backed away looking disturbed.

"And last but not least-hey wait, where'd Larry go?" Otto questioned, noticing the tentacle's hand wasn't hovering down on his left hand side. Moe pulled the final tentacle out from behind the good doctor's back, Larry looked like he was struggling to get back into hiding "Yeah, he's a bit shy"

"Question, doctor Octavius" Piped up a man with a fedora who was carrying a notebook and a camera, Charlie Brown supposed he was from the Daily Bugle.

"Go ahead" Octavius replied, Flo and Harry gestured for him to do so while Moe continued to grapple with the nervous Larry.

"You speak of these arms as if... well, as if they have feelings. But, how can that be?" The reporter asked, many more people with camera nodded between snaps of the arms.

"Very good question, I'm glad we got around to it. Now again, I'm not allowed to tell you how it works, but you see these arms have their own artificial intelligence. Not to insult anyone, I think you all look very bright, but I think it would be safe to suggest that my metal limbs here are actually a teensy bit smarter than most of you here. I can actually communicate mentally with them via my harness. Now I'm dying to tell you how that one works, but, you know, grumpy pants" Octavius explained, a few of the immature students took to laughing once more while everyone else looked highly impressed.

"But wait a minute doctor" Linus spoke up, not quite realizing what he'd done until everyone was staring at him. Knowing he had to ask his question now he said "Isn't that kind of dangerous. I mean to say, if these arms are that smart, how do you keep control of them, and stop them controlling you?"

"You're sharp young man" Dr Octavius complimented, the arms nodded in agreement "Now while you can't really see it under my labcoat there's a mechanical spine that works with my harness, and at the tip of it there's a special inhibitor chip which helps me maintain absolute control over these arms. They still have a spark of personality of course. I might tell you about the chip, but heck, even I don't know"

"Now-" Octavius began, glancing over to Aaron Warren "Who wants to see these arms lift kindly old professor Warren above my head?"

Charlie Brown's classmates cheered wildly for the amrs to do so, while professor Warren let out a frightened cry of "WHAT?" Before being chased all around the room by the tentacles. Everyone laughed, even the reporters. Dr Octavius didn't really mean to lift Warren above his head, he wasn't that mean, he just thought it would give everyone a good laugh. It was sure giving him a fit of the giggles.

"This is a riot, ey Chuck" Peppermint Patty said, laughing like mad and unknowingly wrapping her arm over Charlie Brown's shoulder. Charlie Brown was blushing wildly and trying not to panic.

"We should really be taking notes sir, we're here to learn after all" Said Marcie, who was struggling not to join into the laughter at her teachers expense.

"Always have to take the fun out of things" Peppermint Patty complained, pulling a notebook and pen out of her backpack "How do you spell Octavius?"

While Marcie was sighing in exhasperation and giving Patty the correct spellnig, Charlie Brown was reaching hand behind his back to... to... oh good grief, he felt like shouting. He'd left his backpack with all his stuff on the school bus.

While Charlie Brown was being forced to ask Linus to share his notebook, Nels Van Adder was facing his own problems. He had complied with Alexander Agate's demands of removing the exhibit featuring the Oz spiders, but following Otto's advice he had not squished the spiders, but had hidden them away so he could take them home, where he could hide the poor creatures. Unfortunately, when hiding them away he realized there was one missing from the container.

Now this was a serious problem. Poor Nels had almost hyperventilated when he realized the spider was loose, especially since the room it was last known to be found was so full of people, mainly teenagers. He didn't know what he'd do if someone got bitten, those spiders were his creations, if someone were to suffer any dangerous mutations it would be all his fault. And he just couldn't live with the guilt of... well, he didn't know exactly what would happen if someone was bitten. They would either be fatally poisoned, or they would inject some of the formula mixed with their own spider DNA into the victim. If that happened, it would either turn them into some kind of abomination or.. or do something much worse.

Nels tried to look casual, insisting to anyone he noticed him that he was an inspector doing some last minute checks to make sure everything was running smoothly. He was searching every nook and cranny, he was examining every inch of the inventions, scanning the ceilings for cobwebs, whatever he had to do to find the spider before there was an accident. He didn't care if he was fired or arrested, but he would not allow anyone to suffer from a faulty formula of his own design.

Van Adder was in the middle of checking under the air blasting gauntlets when Charlie Brown, still moping over his lost backpack, glanced over in his direction. Noticing the blond hair and the red shirt visible under his labcoat, Charlie Brown summarized he was his father's college roommate.

Excusing himself from the presence of his friends, Charlie Brown strolled over to Van Adder, who hastily placed the gauntlets down when he saw someone coming.

"Nothing to see here, just making sure everythings ship shape" Nels said, trying to hide the panic in his voice.

"Um, excuse me, are you mr Van Adder?" Charlie Brown asked politely.

"Er, yes" Nels replied. He was confused about how a seventeen year old boy knew him, he had no nephews or younger cousins, and his wife had yet to give birth to their first child. He wasn't really a sociable person outside of work, so how did this kid know him.

"Well, I'm Charlie Brown. I'm Richard Brown's son" Charlie Brown replied. Van Adder's face lit up. He certainly knew a Richard Brown, in fact, now that he thought about it, he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed the resemblance, what with the boy's white blond hair so short it made him look bald.

"Ah yes, I remember Richard telling me before he had two children. How is he, doing well?" Nels asked.

"He's doing fine, he wanted me to say hi from him and my mom. She's doing well too" Charlie Brown said, Nels chuckled.

"Glad to hear it. I haven't seen Richard in over a year now, boy how time flies" Nels said, remembering all the fun the two had had together in college. It was a shame Richard had gone on to cut hair rather than join him in becoming a scientist, he would have enjoyed having a business partner "It's nice to meet you Charlie"

"It's nice to meet you mr Van Adder" Charlie Brown said politely.

"Oh please, call me Nels" Nels said jovially. For a moment he had forgotten him mission to find the Oz spider, until he saw something that made his heart leap. A cobweb on the wall next to the glider's display area.

"Erm, I'm sorry Charlie but I really must be going!" Nels said very suddenly, too nervous to hide his panicked look. Charlie Brown stared cluelessly at the blond scientist as he tried to hobble away "Not to seem rude but I just remembered I'm in a hurry, gotta inspect these machines quick so I can get home early, my wife's due to give birth any day now and I don't want to take any chances"

"Um, ok" Charlie Brown uttered, feeling that Nels was lying to him and, in his depressing mind, thought he just wanted to avoid associating with him "I'll see you again, maybe"

"Yes, hope so. Bye" Nels said shortly, rushing to examine the web and every inch of wall near it while Charlie Brown stared uncertainly at him. If only one of them realized that the spider had long left the web, that it had been crawling along the floor, and was now crawling up Charlie Brown's shoe.

Still feeling like Van Adder didn't like him very much, Charlie Brown made to rejoin his friends, who were now looking over "Project: None of your beeswax" when he was tripped over by Joe Agate.

"Having a good time Brown?" The heir to the company asked, mercilessly tripping Charlie Brown up again as he tried to stand up.

"Hello Joe" Charlie Brown groaned, praying he was just going to bully him and nothing more. Joe Agate raised his cap and glared at Charlie Brown as though he were something filthy staining the floor.

"I suppose you think it's a real privelidge, getting to stand here in my father's company?" Joe asked off handedly.

"Well, I'm not really standing" Charlie Brown replied irritably, kneeling up. Once more Joe had fun tripping him up.

"I don't like your tone, you think you're at my level of importance, well your not. One marbles game does not make it ok for you to talk rudely to me" Joe Agate said firmly.

"I wasn't trying to be rude" Charlie Brown said incredulously.

"Yeah, well, you sounded it" Joe replied, this time kicking Charlie Brown in the stomach to push him down. None of the staff bothered to stop him, considering he was the employer's son. Otto looked like he wanted to step in but was being blocked by reporters, while Nels Van Adder was too distracted by his desparate search for the missing spider to notice Charlie's pradicament.

"You know Brown, I hear you were chatting up this Peggy Jean girl. That true?" Joe asked. Charlie Brown blushed and spluttered incoherently, this was enough answer for Joe Agate however "Well listen here Brown, she's way out of your league. A chump like you don't deserve love, and besides, my buddy Thibault's already got his eyes on her"

Charlie Brown wasn't quite sure he believed that. Thibault was known for his extreme chauvanism, he had a very early twentieth century attitude towards women, believing them inferior to men and undeseving of certain privaleges, such as having glasses and being able to vote. Any interest he had in Peggy Jean must have been purely physical, he would treat her terribly if she agreed to date him and he'd probably use any excuse to get under her shirt. Something inside Charlie Brown's stomach was bubbling angrily at the thought of it.

"It's not like I have a chance with her anyway" Charlie Brown admitted, feeling downhearted as he said it.

"Well keep that in mind and stay away from her. Can't blame you for trying though, she's smokin'. If I weren't already with Charlotte I'd do her any day of the week" Joe Agate said with a perverted grin. Charlie Brown had to fight back a sudden, unusual desire to punch him in the nose. "So, we got a deal Brown. See you around, and try not to kill yourself" Joe Agate said coldly before strolling off. It was lucky he passed into such a big crowd, because Peppermint Patty had sprinted to the spot he just stood with every intention to pound him for picking on her friend.

"That son of a-"

"Censorship" Marcie cried, clapping a hand over Peppermint Patty's mouth. She pulled it away and joined Lucy in lifting Charlie Brown to his feet.

"Chuck, are you ok?" Peppermint Patty asked in concern, Charlie Brown nodded weakly.

"Just what brought that on?" Linus asked, outraged at his best friends mistratment, but not issuing steam from his ears like Patty.

"He just warned me to stay away from Peggy Jean and let Thibault have his way with her" Charlie Brown answered, surpring even himself when it came out as a snarl.

"Figures, huh. The first girl in all of recorded history that shows signs of liking you and you can't ever speak to her again without getting clobbered. Ain't that just the story of your life?" Lucy said sarcastically, Charlie Brown gazed sadly at the ground while his other friends threw Lucy looks that said "Not helping"

While Linus, Marcie and Peppermint Patty tried their best to cheer up a dejected Charlie Brown, they all failed to notice the red and blue spider now crawling down his sleeve. It was so small and light that Charlie Brown didn't even feel it crawling onto his arm. And when it reached his arm, the spider raised it's fang and, acting purely on instinct, bit down hard into his wrist.

Charlie Brown cried out in pain, a burning sensation erupting from his wrist. Seeing the unnaturaly coloured spider on his wrist he swatted it away. The spider flew over the heads of several students and the clawed hand of Moe the mechanical tentacle, before landing directly on Nels Van Adder's shoulder.

Van Adder noticed the spider almost immediately after it had landed on him. he quickly extracted a glass jar from his pocket, scooped the Oz spider into it and stowed it away once more. But he didn't care too much for the spider right now, because he had heard someone yell, and it made his heart skip a beat because he knew that meant someone was bitten. And then he saw Charlie Brown across the room, his face contorted with pain and clutching his wrist.

"Oh God, no" Nels gasped, he ran to reach Charlie Brown, but was blocked off by the crowd that was still gathered around doctor Octavius. As politely as he could, he tried to push his way past the Midtown High students and the news reporters.

Charlie Brown had no idea what was happening to him. He could see his friends concerned faces looking at him, he could see their mouths moving. But their voices were so far away he couldn't make out a word of what they were saying. And his vision was beginning to distort, his friends and everything else he could see was shaking, as though it were an image in water and there were ripples forming. He could still feel the burning in his wrist, and it was spreading-spreading up his arm and all around his body, as though his insides were on fire. He thought he might have heard people screaming his name, but Charlie Brown never knew. He never even knew he had hit the ground, because while he was still falling his eye lids fell and his mind slipped away into a deep slumber.

Tiger Lover 16: Ok, here's a few things I'd like to clear up before I do anything. Nels Van Adder is not an OC, he's a character from the comics who becomes the Proto Goblin. He's a very minor character in the comics, but I like him, so I wanted to use him here. Peggy Jean is a love interest in this story, yes. But she's not playing the role of Mary Jane, if you all haven't figures it out yet she's taking the role of Gwen Stacy. I know it may seem odd to reference other super heroes, but I like to think they're living in an expanded universe, like Marvel but different. We saw a lot of important characters here, try to remember as many as you can, they'll all play a role in the future. As for why Doc Ock has such a big role in this chapter... well, I don't know, I just enjoy writing for him. The names are something Alfred Molina, who plays Otto Octavius in the film came up with, they're what he called the machanical arms on set. And the Kingpin is going to play a key, but mainly behind the scenes role in the story. And as for Franklin being brothers with Randy Robertson, that's mainly so Charlie Brown will already be acquainted with his dad, Robbie Robertson. There's plenty of other points, but I'll save them for later. I want to emphasise again that this story isn't set in stone, I won't continue it if people don't want to read. Let me warn you that it will get dark at times, but it'll still have plenty of Peanuts moments. I want to write this story, but it's up to you to deside. And feel free to make any suggestions on who you would like to see become which comic character, unless I've made concrete plans for said role already (I'm still planning a lot of things) I'll take it into deep consideration. Just so you know I'll probably move this to the crossover section if I do continue it. Well, that's all I can say for now, have a nice day. Hope I didn't make too many stupid mistakes here. Please Review.