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She was sitting next to him. They were on the bank of the black lake, pants rolled up, shoes off, feet barely touching the water. It was night and the stars glimmered. The only way they could be together was if they went out in secret. Not that Draco was ashamed of her, but that she didn't want everyone to know.

Truthfully, Draco had had a crush on Hermione for a long time. He always admired the way her curls bounced as she walked, and her hand shot up to answer every question. He also admired her sass and ambition. She would have made a good Slytherin.

He reached out and pulled her to lay down on his chest and started to point out the various constellations that patterned the sky, when a scream was heard from the castle. They both jumped.

Glass was shattering and bright jets of light flew everywhere. They ran hand in hand into the black forest where they were greeted by a group of hooded black figures. One of them grabbed her out of his arms, pinning her hands behind her back.

"No- Hermione!" He shouted as they dragged her away.
He struggled against the man holding him back. He didn't even remember himself being bound.

Suddenly the forest was ablaze with enchanted fire. It flickered every colour of the rainbow. In the distance high pitched shrieks could be heard...

Draco woke with a start, skin clammy, and stomach turning. He ran to the dormitory bathroom and threw up into the toilet. He had never had a dream like that before.

It was still dark outside the dormitory windows when Draco crawled back into bed. He was scared to go back to sleep, Hermione's terrified face was burned into his eyelids.

He had been screaming for his name, tears streaming down her cheeks. The usually feisty girl was utterly helpless in her captor's arms. Draco vowed right then and there to never let anything happen to her.

Giving up on sleep, he showered quickly before going to the mostly emptying Great Hall. He grabbed a stack of toast and bacon and trudged the path up to the owlery.

The owlery was one of his favorite places in Hogwarts. Maybe even the world. Draco loved the way the morning sun would sparkle off of the few and the frost. He loved the way you could see all of Hogwarts and the people below. Sure, it didn't smell too nice up there, seeing as there were owl droppings littering the walls and floor, but it was still his favorite place.

He had come up here this morning for no particular reason other to avoid the morning rush of people. Although it was a nice day, people were bound to stay inside. It was only early December, but frost was already sprinkled across the lawn. It got cold fast in the mountains.

The Black lake was smooth as glass and fathomless as ever as Draco surveyed the horizon. The silence of the owlery (as quiet as an owlery gets) was broken by the echo of footsteps. Draco turned to see none other than Hermione Granger walk up the stairs with a letter in her hands.

She blushed deeply when she saw him, steeling herself to stay calm and collected. Hermione walked to the wall to coax a school owl down and tie the letter to her leg. She took off out the window, disappearing over the horizon as a black dot.

Draco broke the silence first.

"This is my favorite place to be." He turned to look at her. Hermione was surprised. She didn't think he'd offer this bit of information to her.

He smiled lightly. Hermione walked over to him and laid her head against his shoulder.

He kissed her forehead.

"Because it's quiet. Calming. I like the view from up here. It's better if you share it with me."
Draco turned to look into her caramel eyes. He smirked down at her before leaving in to place a kiss on her perfectly soft lips.

"Draco.." she whispered, "I don't can do this."

Draco took a step back, hurt flooding his countenance.

"No!" Hermione said, grabbing his arm. "You misunderstand. I just don't think we should go... Public... With our.. Relationship (?) yet."
She looked thoughtfully at the floor. "Is this a relationship?"

He sighed, winding his hand back around her waist.
"You scared me there for a minute, granger. Yes. I suppose this is a relationship."

Hermione smiled, nuzzling his shoulder.
"Good." she breathed, tiptoeing to captivate his lips in hers.