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Note: Ah, so here's a new one for you to enjoy. I'm not sure why, but I think this song works for the Sam/Rory pairing. This is the first real big Sam/Rory story that I've written, and I hope you'll like it! Rated M for future sex scenes; don't like, don't read.

Oh, life is bigger
It's bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that I will go to

"Oh, darn it," the new boy mumbled. "Oh, not again…"

Sam had never seen this kid before; he must be new. Still, he felt bad that this kid's books had just been knocked to the floor, and knew how that felt; it had happened to him before. He immediately walked up to him. "I suggest crouching so they can't do that, or getting a bottom locker," he said. "Here, let me help you."

"Thanks," the kid mumbled as Sam handed him his books back.

"Hey, you're new here," Sam smiled warmly. "I'm Sam Evans. I went here last year, but I left for a while when my dad got a new job in Kentucky."

"I'm Rory Flanagan," the new boy said in a quiet, shy voice. "I'm a foreign exchange student from Ireland, and I'm staying the year with Brittany Pearce."

"Ireland?" Sam grinned. "Wicked accent. Sean Connery and all that. Hey, aren't you in New Directions now? I thought I saw you hiding in the choir room."

"Yes," Rory whispered. "Finn Hudson got me to join. He's real great."

"Finn's…well, Finn's something else," Sam laughed. "I still can't believe that he and Kurt are brothers! Talk about an odd couple."

"They're brothers?" Rory looked confused. "But…they have different last names."

"Stepbrothers," Sam corrected. "Kurt's mom died when he was little, and Finn's dad died in Iraq or something like that, so he never really knew him. Their parents got married last year. Actually, New Directions performed at the wedding! It was so cool."

"Finn never told me that he and Kurt are brothers," Rory said softly.

"They don't talk about it much," Sam shrugged. "They didn't get along all that well back when their parents started dating. I think Kurt had this like, mega-crush on Finn, and Finn didn't really like that. Something about Quinn and baby-daddy drama."

"Wait, baby?" Rory looked even more confused, and Sam had to laugh at how adorably lost the kid looked. "What baby?"

"Quinn and Puck had a baby, back in sophomore year," Sam explained. "A little girl, named Beth. They put her up for adoption. Actually, Rachel's birth mom adopted her. Isn't that crazy or what?"

"Rachel's birth mum?"

"They didn't fill you in very well did they, new kid? Rachel has two dads."

"Oh," Rory said softly. "I…I didn't know." He looked vaguely uncomfortable, so Sam decided to change the subject.

"So how old are you anyway?"

"Fifteen," Rory replied. "I'm a sophomore. Kurt…Kurt told me about you."

"And what did he say?" Sam smirked, amused.

"That you're a very nice boy," Rory quietly said. "And that you dye your hair."

Sam gave a hearty laugh. "Just a little lemon juice," he confessed. "Look, I know what it's like to be the new kid here, and it isn't fun. Why don't I be like, your mentor or something? I can tell you who the hottest girls in school are," he nudged Rory.

"Um, that sounds nice, thanks," Rory mumbled. "That's nice of you, Sam Evans."

"Please, call me Sam," the blonde said. "Well, catch you around, Rory."

"Okay…bye…" the blue-eyed boy whispered as Sam rushed off to his own class.

Sam couldn't help to wonder about this new boy in school. His accent was wicked, just like Sean Connery, but a bit younger. His hair was styled sort of like Kurt's: short and a bit tousled, but neatened enough so that it didn't resemble bed head. He hadn't smiled, but Sam could tell that if he had, it would be a dazzling smile, with big white teeth and everything. But what drew Sam in the most, what intrigued him more than anything, were Rory's eyes. They were the purest blue that he had ever seen outside of nature. They were bluer than Brittany's eyes, or Kurt's, but they weren't as green as Quinn's. Rather, they were a remarkable blue-green that Sam had never seen before.

Sam could see a sort of pain behind those eyes, and it pulled him in even more. Was it the pain of being a new kid and having his books knocked out of his hands? Was he just shy, and avoided eye contact? Had he reminded Rory of someone that he used to know? Was it something deeper, something inside that was tearing Rory up into little tiny shreds?

Sam didn't know, but he wanted to. He approached Rory at lunch the next day.

"Hey," he smiled. "You wanna sit with me?"

"Um, sure," Rory shrugged, carrying his tray over to a table near the windows.

"I saw you sitting alone, and, well, I totally know how that feels; it sucks. Why weren't you sitting with the other kids?"

"Well, you know, Mercedes and Santana and Brittany left us," Rory said sadly. "They're in that new all-girl group that Shelby runs."

"Rachel's mom works here now?" Sam bit into his sandwich. "Interesting. Go on." He didn't want to dwell on his ex-girlfriend at the moment. Well, ex-girlfriends.

"Rachel's on probation 'cause she rigged the class president election so Kurt would win," Rory pushed his food around his plate.

"Wait, what?" Sam asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," Rory mumbled. "Rachel stuffed the boxes so Kurt would become class president. But she turned herself in and now she can't perform at Sectionals."

"Oh man," Sam groaned. "And she's our best! Okay, what else?"

"Tina and Mike had some sort of Asian lunch thing," Rory said. "Finn went to talk to Mr. Schue about something. Artie and I don't get on very well. Kurt and Blaine have a lunch date, too. And Puck grabbed Quinn after class to talk to her about something. So it's just me, really. I don't know," he sighed. "I just don't feel like I fit in here."

"Aw, that's not true," Sam clapped him on the shoulder. Was that…electricity?

"Half the time, they can't understand what I'm saying. Or if they do, they choose to ignore me. They all know each other so well, and I'm just…well, an outsider."

"Well, you have me," Sam said graciously. "I'm your friend."

"You are?" Rory's head snapped up. "You mean it?"

"Of course," Sam smiled warmly. "Me and you, we're friends. You wanna come over to my place later? We can watch a movie or something. Well, when I say 'my place', I really mean 'Kurt and Finn's house'. I'm kind of staying with them for a while."

"That sounds…nice," Rory said finally.

"Great," Sam stood up as the bell rang. "Well, I'll see you…"

"Sam," Rory said. Sam turned around to face the younger boy. "You're the only person who's been genuinely nice to me here." He too stood up and walked away without another word, before Sam could say anything else. Sam watched as Rory walked off, his shoulders slumped in some sort of defeat.

How could anyone be mean to such a sweet boy?

To be continued...