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So I've decided that this is sometime after Sam and dean meet Anna and casteil and before all the confusing Anna killing Sam and dean, and the casteil and this purgatory stuff so um yeah, hear is the second part and not that important part of the authors note.
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Dang I've gotten weak, you know what, I'm going back to my old self, the one that can and will fight for her life.

Fang POV

I've been in a dog crate for five hours, every member of the flock is here but Max.


Man I miss her, I don't know why we ever split up, maybe I should've went with Max. Just then a white coat came in and said "well well well, looks like we finally got you, after so many years, Finally!" he laughed, then an eraser came in and said "we got her" the white coat smiled "But..." said the eraser, the white coats smile faltered "Something happened" said the eraser. Stupid eraser stupid white coat, why can't they all just die, the eraser whispered "WHAT! TAKE HER TO THE E.R. NOW!" the white coat yelled, I hope he's not talking about Max, because if he is, I'm gonna kill someone, and trust me, it won't be pretty.


No no no! Melanie! She's gone! And it's all my fault! Maybe Casteil can do something, and what the hell were those things that took Mel? "Sammy calm down! I know your angry about Mel but calm down, we are going to find her, I promise" dean said " Promise. You promise. Dean don't say you promise when you don't even know if Mel is even alive right now!" I yelled " well stop yelling, let's see what Casteil can do about this. CASTEIL!". After a minute no one came I looked around the room and yelled " see he's not even here!" "Sam turn around" dean said in a bored voice, I did, "hu, Casteil hey, now let's get down to business, do you know were Melanie is?" "Sam how very formal of you" dean said sarcastically "Yes, but I am afraid you will not like were" Casteil said "What do you mean I won't like it! Were the hell is she!"
"In a desert in Arizona, inside of a building, surrounded with guards"
"and what makes that bad?"
Casteil looked at me hesitantly and said "that building is a place where scientist do illegal experiments on people, and those guards are human wolf hybrids that are stronger than humans and could kill you in one hit if they really wanted to"
"well I don't give a S***, I'm going after her, Dean pack your bags, cuz were getting Melanie back."
"Sam do you really want to do this?"
"Hell yeah. Now let's go" and with that Dean, Casteil, and I were in the building.

Chapter 3


I woke up on a table, my stomach was sore, like incredibly sore, oh wait of course I'm gonna feel soar, I've been shot "Yes you have Max, oh and your boyfriend is here for you." the voice said "Oh look after five years you finally show up again" I thought back harshly "Take her back to the crates" I immediately opened my eyes to see a white coat and an eraser, I quickly closed my eyes and waited as the eraser carried me back to that stinking miniature hell hole dog crate

Fang POV

I waited and waited until an eraser came in carrying Max to a dog crate next to mine, as soon as the eraser left Max sat up straight, then looked at me and said "Hey"


I turned to Fang and said "Hey" then I looked around the room. Fang to my right, angel to my left Iggy left of Fang, Nudge next to Iggy, And Gazzy right to Angel. Then the person I dreaded the two white coats came in, "Well Max I see your quite the singer" a white coat said, I'm gonna call him bob, and the blonde one Billy "your point" I asked coldly. The white coat played a video of me singing freak the freak out and said "let's just hope you don't lose that beautiful voice of yours after this surgery, it's a 40% chance you won't go mute after it " he said with a sly smile on his face "you know what?" I said in a cheery voice "Hell to the no" I said with a little girls laugh at the end, Billy came closer to my dog crate and said " if you don't come with us willingly we will have to sedate you" " we'll let me say one thing then" I was so angry but I don't know why but some violence fixes some stuff, sometimes at least "burn" I said, then Billy went up in flames, I laughed and said " burn baby burn" I laughed again and said "hey bob you didn't see or hear anything, and you have no idea were in the world you are" bob walked out the door carrying Billy with him, "wow, I feel like I'm going insane" I said. I noticed how quite it was and looked around the room the whole flock was looking at me with wide eyes, and then out of no were Sam came in, thank you voice for telling me! "Sam!" I yelled happily "I'm gonna get you out of here alright" Sam said "um, Not just me right?" I asked "wait do you smell something burnt?" Dean asked "No, not at all ." I said then I noticed a guy behind Sam and Dean "who's that, and how come we haven't been trying to open these cages yet?" I asked "oh that's our good friend Casteil" Dean said while unlocking my cage door and I jumped out the cage and opened everyone else's, It's weird because I blinked my eyes and we were all in a hotel room "when did we get here I asked

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