I Would Have Come with You, by Elliania

"I would have come with you, you know," she mumbled.

Edward looked astonished; he must've heard her wrong, "What?"

Bella only nodded. "To L.A. For your music," she clarified, more resolved, "I would have come."

—A companion fic to You Came Too Early.


X Hi. I have really no idea why I'm doing this, lol. But a few months ago, I went over all of my work and rearranged the form, erasing old author's notes, and making all my stories look a bit alike; the kind of polishing one only does for themselves, you know. Anyway, I'd just finished with You Came Too Early, and going through *that* story again made my brain and heart frizzle a bit, and from that was born this little ficlet, that I'm going to post soon.

X It's related but not following the events of You Came Too Early as it is more of a 'what would've happened if Bella had indeed followed Edward to L.A'. Here is a little snippet, don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled. But if you do, I hope you like it!


I Would Have Come with You


Edward was so grateful that Bella had decided to follow him that he would show it to her in the most desirable and sensual ways.

One night, after some heavy lovemaking, Edward turned his head towards her and looked at her in a way he never had before.

"What?" Bella asked, feeling self-conscious a bit. "Do I have something on me that shouldn't be there?" She giggled, amused, for she was as naked as the day she was born.

Edward moved closer to her and caressed her face with his palm and thumb. "Thank you, for doing this with me."

"Oh—" Bella breathed, stunned under his gaze, but feeling a bit like she was lying by omission, for she didn't dare sharing with him everything that still troubled her.

"I know that what I'm asking from you is a lot, and that it is frightening," continued Edward, kissing her lips with a soft touch. "I have no word to express how grateful I am that you didn't give up on me."

A look of outrage passed over her features; she would never!

Edward smirked at it. "I love y—I love what you're doing for me. I won't forget it."

Bella smiled softly, all her worries forgotten for a few blissful moments. "Of course."

But then, the day after, she'd met with Sue and her dad who didn't hold back in letting her know their opinion.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion!

Esme. "It's so risky."

Angela. "What are you doing, Bella?"

Seth. "You are completely out of your mind! You and Edward both!"

Charlie. "I don't get it, Bells. Why not stay here and let him go alone? He'll see that this plan of his doesn't make sense, and when he returns, at least you won't have uprooted your whole life for chasing a foolish dream."

Bella decided to look at all of their different options, then. Perhaps it would've been more sensible for her to keep her job here, in Seattle, and let the girls stay in the only home they'd ever known, making certain Edward and she had a plan B if his dreams were to fail. But when she'd talked to Edward about it, he'd looked destroyed that she didn't fully believe in him – "That's not what this is, Edward. I'm trying to look at all our alternatives." – and then he'd pleaded that he didn't want to be away from the girls, and from her.

Bella could hardly argue with that. It would be the worst kind of torture for all of them.

"Come with me, next week," he'd pleaded, his voice soft, charming, his fingers laced through Bella's soft curls.

He was going to be making another trip to L.A., to meet Aro's team and visit the city. He would also be missing his ABA exam; there would be no going back after this. "Let your brother babysit the girls for a few days, and come with me."

Bella liked to think she was a rational woman with a strong head on her shoulders, she didn't want to be swayed by large promises, but Aro and his team were really set on wooing them! Hotels and restaurants and shows and night clubs and tours of the city. It turned out to be one of the most amazing weeks of Bella's young life. The people were charming, the city was alive, and Edward—

Oh, my! Edward? He was living the dream! It was what convinced her heart.

But more than all that, what truly persuaded Bella's more rational side to give this crazy dream a shot was how Aro and Demitri would talk about Edward's raw talent. To them, there wasn't a doubt that this man could make it.

And so, Edward and Bella took the leap. Together.