Katniss Everdeen means the world to me. I would look into the sky every night and pray that her face wasn't up there, prayed that it wasn't her who's cannon was being blown. If I have to die in this game so she can win, so be it. And if she was killed horribly I will slaughter the person who did it. Sick and dying or not. I sit here in the mud. The cool soothing mud waiting for hope, waiting for her.

I want to tell her so desperately that everything I said at the interviews was and still is true. And always will be true.

I want to wrap my arms around her and keep her safe. Not just for the audience but to be near her, to protect her. If I could I would give her the world. I took a beating to feed her and I would take a thousand more to save her.

Another cannon goes off and I stiffen, scared that it could be Katniss who is dead and I wasn't there to protect her. But the only thing to do is sit here and wait. Wait to see her face in the sky.

My leg aches and I try to relax it when I hear another cannon.

I wouldn't be able to take it if she is dead. If I see her face in the sky.

The sun is slowly setting and the anthem will be playing soon.

I decide to try to take a nap but realizes that it seems impossible. Instead I think of other things.

I remember the day when I gave her the bread, when my mother hit me because I dropped it in the fire to give it to her.

I came out to see who my mother was yelling at this time when I saw her. Katniss Everdeen. She looked weaker than ever, only eleven years old. The girl who I fell for when I first saw her, -starving to death- had resorted to digging through the trash for food. My mother walked back in and was grumbling to herself when the idea popped in my head. I looked around and dropped the bread that was almost done into the fire and burnt it. Of course this was a stupid idea seeing my mothers temper but I needed to help her. If she died of starvation it would be my fault and I couldn't take it. Living another day without her.

Then it hits me. I can't kill her. And if she's dead I can't live without her.

Soon the anthem was playing, showing a boy's face. I forgot his name but I knew he was in district One. Then I saw Rue's face. Sweet little Rue who used to follow Katniss and I around. I let out a sigh of relief. Then the trumpets sound. Usually this is a sign that a feast is going to happen. Then I hear Claudius Templetine's voice.

"Dear tributes! There has been some rearranging of rules and there has been something added! If two tributes from the same district are still alive than they will both be crowned victors! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!" Then it was black again. Wait, so that means Katniss and I can both make it! I smile in the dark, my heart pounding. We can both live, so I don't have to live without her. Now I just wait for her to find me. I let my eyes close finally and fall asleep.

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